Thursday, January 17, 2013

1/17 (Te'o, Cont'd) Quickie

Let's review: This is the strangest sports story I can remember -- it makes the first day of Tiger's scandal look buttoned-up.

Here's where I net out, at least for the moment:

*I do believe that Te'o GOT hoaxed, mostly because it is unfathomable to me that Notre Dame -- an institution that knows a thing or two about paving over scandals -- would get behind this in the way that they did if they thought they could get hung out to dry.

*I think that there was still some deception involved on Te'o's part, and we'll get more details about that as this unravels. After he found out he was hoaxed, I don't blame him for wanting to cover it up, rather than make an announcement about it, but he clearly was ready to let the world continue believing the myth-defining g/f story in the absence of the news coming out.

*There are some incredible peculiarities that might make a conspiracy theorist think that it wasn't quite the "he's 100% the victim here" situation -- namely, that he would have a multi-year (seemingly romantic) relationship with someone and not just never see them in person, but never even get on Skype? How about the origin story reported in the South Bend Tribune?

There is NO way that it is as neat-and-tidy as Notre Dame has presented it.

It is the understatement of the sports year to say "Tracking..."

-- D.S.

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