Saturday, January 26, 2013

1/26 (Catch-Up) Quickie

Unclear that I've ever gone this many days without writing here -- it's been one of those weeks -- but I guess the week before the week before the Super Bowl is a pretty light week anyway. So: What'd I miss?

*Best thing last night: A Heat fan hitting a half-court hook shot to win $75,000 -- and LeBron mobbing the guy with as much sincere joy as you would ever see from a superstar athlete.

*No charges for Crabtree: Suspect it might come up at Super Bowl Media Day, though.

*Azarenka wins Aussie Open: Back-to-back. Still wish it was Serena.

*So Te'o talks with Katie Couric and Tuiasosopo talks with... Dr. Phil?

*Hey, the Lakers didn't lose. That's a start.

*NBA All-Star Reserves: Excited for Joakim Noah, a first-time All-Star. The most notable snubs were Brook Lopez and Steph Curry. Kyrie Irving being picked for the first time feels like the start of a decade-long run as an All-Star (even if he won't ever win the fan vote over Derrick Rose).

*So this whole "Andy Murray is for real" is... for real?

*Nothing symbolizes some sports media's "mall cop" relationship to the NCAA like this Shabazz Muhammad "Gucci backpack" situation. His family gave it to him, says the school.

*Will A-Rod miss the entire MLB season? I don't think the Yankees will miss him -- at least in whatever limited capacity he would be in, even if he could play. Cutting that paycheck will sting a bit.

*Would you give Darrelle Revis a monster contract? I wouldn't.

*Tiger is in the lead. I'll always contend it is more interesting when he struggles, but it is clearly more popular when he is not.

*Most intriguing college hoops game of the day/weekend: Louisville at Georgetown (Noon, ESPN)

*Do you enjoy watching the ads during the Super Bowl? Of course you do. USA TODAY has opened up its famous "Ad Meter" panel to anyone who wants to join, so if you're interested, sign up here, then get ready to rate the ads on Super Bowl Sunday (including picking the winner).

-- D.S.

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