Thursday, February 21, 2013

2/21 (NBA Trade Dudline?) Quickie

I used to love the NBA Trade Deadline, but then it fizzled and became a shell of its former self.

I just can't get worked up over where Josh Smith ends up, although more power to Houston if it can go from bupkis a year ago to Harden-Lin-Asik-Smith -- I am in the tank for Daryl Morey and support him 100% however he wants to go. (Was last night's Rockets win over the Thunder as good as it gets for Houston fans? Possibly/probably.)


*It was nice to be on the front end of the Victor Oladipo bandwagon yesterday.

*NFL Combine: It's basically Manti Te'o and then everything else, right?

*Lakers-Celtics last night felt sad -- maybe the franchises make themselves championship relevant again soon (I'd never put it past the Lakers), but it sure seems like puttering to the end.

*I'm not going to have a problem not picking Kansas to the Final Four.

*Revis vs. Sherman on Twitter is like the February sports swoon at its least interesting.

*Tebow Watch: Cancels speech at the controversial Dallas church -- could have told you this was coming.

*Last night's best thing in sports: Penguins-Flyers. All I caught were the highlights and it was still more thrilling than everything else wrapped together.

- D.S.

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