Thursday, March 14, 2013

3/14 (Ugh, No Internet) Quickie

Internet service got bonked, so tapping this out on my phone, which ain't ideal. Nevertheless...

*Big East quarterfinals: The quintessential Big East moment - bloated with nostalgia, brash, gluttonous, likely overrated.

(And vastly overrated in the grand scheme of "But how many of these 6-8 teams actually make the Final Four, let alone win a national title?" Steel yourself for yelps of "1985!" which is all well and good but nearly 20 years old, and I say that as both a yelper and someone who thinks the '85 Final Four was more important than any in history, including the over-exposed Bird-Magic '79 edition. So, yes, I am both conflicted and self-loathing.)

Regardless, it IS a quadruple-header of college basketball featuring a half-dozen "big-t" Tournament teams. Meanwhile, the Big Ten is asking what the fuss is about....

*Welker to Broncos: Of course. The "Ray Allen from the Celtics to the Heat" of NFL deals.

*Amendola to Pats: Makes the Welker "of course" above look like the surprise move of the year.

*RBs on move: In order of effectiveness for the acquiring team - (1) Bush/Lions, (2) Greene/Titans, (3) Mendenhall/Cards (unless Arizona gets itself a good QB).

Caveat: Steven Jackson signing with the Packers would trump all of those.

*Kobe hurts ankle: Ankle hurts Laker playoff run. (Yes, should've been a foul.)

*Carmelo returns to Denver: Unlike Dwight Howard in Orlando, Melo couldn't actually win, which is the sweetest of all comebacks to bitter fans.

*Heat win 20th straight: Can excellence be boring? We are reduced to "Well, at least the Sixers made it interesting."

*Jeter tries SS: Proof ain't in March.

*Pope x Sports: Apparently a huge fan of Argentina's San Lorenzo club. Presumably, he has a string rooting interest in next year's World Cup.

*Is today the final day of Northwester's Carmody Era.

- DS

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