Tuesday, April 02, 2013

04/02 (Bryce Harper) Quickie

Call it East Coast Bias or my own Nats fandom or the fact that Bryce Harper is -- less than a year into his MLB career -- my favorite baseball player right now, but what Harper did yesterday is more impressive than what Clayton Kershaw did (although if you're a West Coaster or a Dodgers fan or just a smarter baseball fan than me, I appreciate why you might side with CK).

Today's "Morning Win" column for USA TODAY Sports positions Bryce Harper as the most "must-see" athlete in sports right now -- ahead of LeBron, ahead of Messi, ahead of surprising No. 4 Russ Smith (remember, I qualified the list as "right now"). I honestly believe that, and here is the money line:

"LeBron offers the thrill of the expected, honed to near-perfection; Harper offers the thrill of the unexpected -- we have no idea what might happen, and that's the point."

If, like me, you are a little obsessed with Bryce Harper, don't forget to follow @harperatbat, the best Twitter feed ever.


*Andy Enfield to USC: Over-under of 3 years until he is the coach of the Clippers.

*Clayton Kershaw and Felix Hernandez: The best two pitchers in baseball at the top of their game, already.

*UConn women's hoops: Sixth straight Final Four. So why do I find myself more fascinated by Cal?

*Jackie Bradley Jr.: Boston sports fans love their phenoms -- look for him to be a top-selling shirsey.

Read the whole column here -- thanks for the support!

-- D.S.

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