Tuesday, April 09, 2013

04/09 (Louisville) Quickie

Here is some classic Quickie "Instant History":

Last night's game was the most entertaining NCAA hoops title game ever.

Others have had more dramatic final sequences and maybe even more memorable single signature moments, but last night's game tops them for sheer end-to-end enjoyment -- college basketball played at a high level, with many (many) "shining moments," plural.

That is the lead of today's USA TODAY Sports "Morning Win" column -- from Spike Albrecht's first-half barrage to Luke Hancock's answer to Montrezl Harrell's alley-oop to the Siva-vs-Hardaway dueling takes to the rim (bridged by Siva's dad celebrating in that awesome tank-top) to Trey Burke's block-that-wasn't to Chane Behanan's relentless offensive rebounding spurt... play after play after play.

Rick Pitino becoming the first coach to win titles with two teams? Novel.

Kevin Ware cutting down the nets? Feel-good.

But it was the game, from tip to final buzzer, that superseded the easy narratives and made us all affirm how awesome college basketball can be.

Check out the column here, if you have a minute.

Meanwhile, my bracket finished just shy of the 75th percentile nationally -- way better than the past few years, and basically tied with President Obama. If I had used the National Bracket, of course, I would have finished better than 90% of the country. (And, true to form, Mrs. Quickie out-performed me with her bracket -- she was the top finisher among folks near the top who didn't pick Louisville to win it all.)

Let's do it again next year.

-- D.S.

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