Monday, May 20, 2013

5/20 (Fun Times) Quickie

Had one of my favorite moments as a parent yesterday. We had Gabe's 7th birthday party at a local sports complex, one of those ones that has an indoor football field, soccer field, floor hockey rink, basketball court, ice rink, etc. There was a half-hour of flag football, a half-hour of soccer, a half-hour of bouncy houses and then a half-hour for the kids to sit exhausted and eat pizza and cake.

Anyway, the kids got set up for the football game -- football is Gabe's favorite sport (despite the understanding that he will never be allowed to play the tackle version himself). The sportsplex-supplied "coach/QB" gave Gabe the ball on the first play, a handoff where he was quickly surrounded by his friends.

Gabe juked outside, then inside, then bounced to the outside again... then just turned on the jets. I have never seen him run so fast - or look so happy. The whole thing happened so quickly, I didn't even have my iPhone set up to video it, but instead I watched it first-hand, and I am much happier with the mythology and the memory of him zipping down the sidelines.

My first thought was: "He looked like Tavon Austin! No, really!" But then I realized what I had just witnessed was the purest expression of joy I have ever seen from him -- it is a memory for a lifetime.

-- D.S.

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