Friday, November 15, 2013

11/15 Weekend Quickie

*I'm taking Gabe to see No. 1 UConn play No. 8 Maryland in College Park tonight. Should be an awesome atmosphere and a great experience for Gabe (and me).

*That Warriors-Thunder ending was as amazing as it gets.

*A few weeks after thinking the Colts were a darkhorse contender for the AFC title, I think they'll be lucky to win a playoff game. Maybe they only show up versus the good teams.

*While Miguel Cabrera was more deserving of AL MVP than he was last year, he still isn't as valuable as Mike Trout.

*Andrew McCutcheon as NL MVP caps a dream season for Pirates fans. What a wonderful player.

*The college football weekend slate is a relative dud, compared to last Thursday night. I guess Georgia-Auburn is the big game worth watching, if only to see if Auburn stays relevant in advance of its game with Alabama.

*Also a slow weekend in college hoops (especially relative to last Tuesday, which will be a recurring theme all season long). Ohio State-Marquette on Saturday, I guess? But not really.

-- D.S.

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