Thursday, March 13, 2014

3/13 Thursday Quickie

*Thanks to the University of Maryland's Merrill College Povich Center for Sports Journalism for having me out last night to talk about Entrepreneurial Journalism.

*I'll be back on campus tonight to watch my alma mater Whitman HS play in the boys' basketball state semifinals against Annapolis HS. Go Vikes!

*Yesterday, I also got to sit in on an Aspen Institute "Project Play" session with a bunch of really smart people talking about redefining youth sports. I'm super-intrigued by Dick's Sporting Goods' #SportsMatter concept that created a crowd-funding platform to help youth teams that need it.

*My favorite deal of NFL Free Agency week wasn't even a free-agency move -- it's the Eagles trading for Darren Sproles. Chip Kelly is going to do ridiculous things with him.

*Four days until Selection Sunday -- today is annually one of the best college hoops days of the year, with a slew of conference tournaments going all day and bubble teams in must-win positions.

-- D.S.

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