Friday, March 21, 2014

3/21 Tournament Friday Quickie

*What an entertaining First Thursday -- from Dayton at the very start to Harvard's upset (or "upset") to the slew of terrific endings/chokes last night, a great day.

*Luke Winn nailed it: It's not just enough to have an elite defense -- you have got to be able to score efficiently, too.

So here are the teams that are Top 10 in adjusted D and Top 20 in adjusted O: Florida, Louisville, Wichita State. (UVA is on the cusp, and Arizona, Kansas and Michigan State are Top 40 at least.)

*I was 12 out of 16 yesterday -- same as my 5-year-old, for what it's worth. I missed Harvard, Texas, Saint Louis and Dayton. My 7-year-old was 14/16.

*My favorite stat: 80% of billion-dollar brackets were busted after the very first game of the tournament. (I kind of love that people are focused on the billion-dollar bracket, despite its absurdity.)

*Today's best games: Duke-Mercer right at the top of the day, Oklahoma State-Gonzaga at 4:40, SF Austin vs. VCU in the early-evening and Kansas State-Kentucky in the late-evening set.

Enjoy it.

-- D.S.

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