Wednesday, June 18, 2014

6/18 Wednesday Quickie

*Memo Ochoa is the MVP of the World Cup so far.

*Today's must-see game: Spain (in a must-win) vs. Chile at 3 ET.

*Should LeBron stay in Miami or leave? The answer is that he should stay in Miami if he had near-complete confidence the team can be constructed to remain a title contender. (Given that Wade is only going to decline further, he should not have that confidence and, thus, shouldn't stay. The problem: Where, exactly, could he go to satisfy that condition?)

*The Royals in 1st is the most delightful development of the MLB season.

*So many wonderful remembrances of Tony Gwynn. This one from his former bat boy, via Deadspin, is really amazing.

*The "Bitcoin Bowl" is absurd, even for bowl names and even for the bitcoin frenzy.

*So sad to hear of the passing of ESPN Dallas' Richard Durrett. He was only 38. Terrible.

-- D.S.

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