Wednesday, June 04, 2014

6/4-5 "50" Quickie

*Super Bowl "50": Bigger "50" issue this week: 50 Cent's first pitch... or the NFL ditching Roman numerals for Super Bowl "50" (presumably because "L" directly correlates to vividly to "loser").

*Colin Kaepernick: Worth the record-breaking (guaranteed) price tag? Sure! (Just makes you wonder what Russell Wilson is going to get -- let alone Andrew Luck. And why Marcus Mariota would push off by a year the ability to cash in like Kap just did.)

*All-NBA: Forget the usual suspects like LeBron, KD and CP3 -- the breakthrough is Joakim Noah making 1st-team all-NBA. What a spectacular talent.

(OK: How many 1st-team all-NBA players also won a college hoops national title? If you go back 40 years, the list is VERY short: Noah, Jordan, Grant Hill, Ewing, Magic, Isiah, Walton, Kareem.)

*World Cup lead-up: The more I read about Jurgen Klinsmann (in the NYT here and WSJ here), the more I like his style.

*Rangers in 7.

-- D.S.

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