Monday, June 09, 2014

6/9 Monday LeBron Quickie

*OK, so maybe "Spurs in 5" was misguided. Game 2 was the difference between "no LeBron in the final 2 minutes" of Game 1 and "Yes, lots of LeBron in the final 2 minutes."

(And that pass into the corner to Bosh for the game-winning 3? Go figure: The same "right basketball play" he was pilloried for when Bosh missed the shot against Indy.)

*California Chrome denied: It's easy to feel for Chrome's owner, but he managed to rip/steal the storyline from his horse, with his griping.

*Rafael Nadal: Best ever? It's hard to imagine we could so swiftly be moving from "Federer: Best ever" to someone that would replace him. But isn't it amazing that we can have that discussion?

*I'm not a fan of "why doesn't he/she play the game 'the right way?'" scolds -- but I also think that acts of retribution (or whatever it was) like the one by Manny Machado are dumb, because he could have injured the player and his (likely) suspension will hurt his team.

-- D.S.

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