Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday 6/26 USA! Draft Day! Quickie

*Typically, NBA Draft day would be one of my favorite days of the year. This year, it's eclipsed by today's US-Germany game, which will obliterate all known viewing records (especially streaming).

*Prediction: The US advances to the next round. That's all that matters, really. The "how" is kind of incidental -- would you really be THAT bummed if the US lost to Germany but still advanced?

*Personally, I think that the "collusion draw" is going to be the result -- even if no one ever admits to the "collusion" part. If you want a binary pick, I think we are more likely to lose than win.

*However! The conditions necessary for Portugal or Ghana to advance ahead of us if we don't win or draw are fairly severe -- it would take Portugal lighting up a Ghana in disarray... wait, what?

*Anyway, keep in mind the upshot: All that matters is advancing, full stop.

*Meanwhile, the NBA Draft! And every indication is that it could get kind of wild -- the Cavs could trade the top pick?! Where does Joel Embiid go?! Who do my Wizards draft at 46?!

*Restating from a few days ago: I'm very bullish on Dante Exum and not bullish at all about Jabari Parker.

*Yesterday's trade action was an appetizer -- Tyson Chandler back to Dallas prob'ly means the Mavs are making a serious run at Melo... and the Knicks are hitting the re-set button.

(Here's my Knicks theory: They are going to sign Pau Gasol, then use Pau to entice brother Marc to sign next summer.)

*And then the Rockets -- trying to clear cap space of their own for a run at Carmelo (or, less likely to work, LeBron) -- traded Asik to New Orleans. Houston gets more flexible; NOLA gets better.

*All that doesn't even consider Tim Lincecum's no-hitter, the second of his career. Hard to argue that Lincecum isn't the most fascinating pitcher of the post-Maddux/Clemens/Big Unit era.

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