Monday, July 14, 2014

7/14 Post-World Cup Quickie

*Germany is a worthy World Cup champ. That winner by Gotze was superb.

Don't miss this awesome "One Shining Moment"-style kicker from ESPN:

*Looking ahead to 2018: Gedion Zelalem.

*The unexpected hangover from LeBron's decision to return to Cleveland is that he has almost entirely stayed off the radar, with the SI message being his only thing.

*NBA Summer League: The blueprint for Doug McDermott in the NBA was on display last night -- a bevy of 3s, plus 100% shooting on a dozen FTs.

*Still processing that my Wiz picked up Paul Pierce. The rest of the league really seems to like it, and -- more importantly -- it takes "KD to DC in '16" to the mainstream.

*Home Run Derby pick: Yasiel Puig.

-- D.S.

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