Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday 8/27 Faves Quickie

*Finally broke the ice and published the first edition of my new email newsletter today. Sign up if you want it in your inbox. (I'm not quite sure why I wouldn't republish it here, too...)

*Mainly, I needed to just publish -- I was thinking WAY too much about it and WAY too concerned about it being profound or perfect (as if I have that capacity anyway).

*Anyway: What you'll find in today's email is a quick take on Twitch -- the money quote: "I'm not saying Twitch is the next ESPN; I'm saying Twitch looks a lot like the original ESPN."

*College football starts tonight, but things really feel like they get ramped up tomorrow night with A&M vs. South Carolina -- arguably the best game of the weekend. Get ready for the weekend via EDSBS.

*Best thing I've read so far today: Bill Barnwell on the mythology of the "It" factor in the NFL.

*And the best sports thing I read yesterday was Michael Kruse on Devaughn Darling.

-- D.S.

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