Sunday, September 14, 2014

9/14 College Football Hangover Quickie

*If the playoff foursome was determined today, the teams should be (1) Oregon, (2) Texas A&M, (3) Alabama, (4) FSU. (Next team out: Oklahoma)

*What is most surprising is that a mere three weeks into the season, it's unclear if there are any more than a half-dozen teams worthy of the discussion (add in Auburn and, say, Baylor).

*And the best news is that A&M, Alabama and Auburn organically sort themselves out over the next two months (and Oklahoma and Baylor do the same thing on Nov. 8.)

*It's self-reinforcing, but it is laughable to look at the schedule the SEC teams have to play, then compare it to the cupcake schedule played by FSU and a would-be unbeaten Big 12 playoff rep.

*Georgia KO'ed from playoff race: They were a longshot anyway - it was unlikely they'd beat the SEC West champ in the SEC title game, and the SEC isn't getting two playoff teams this year.

*USC is out, too: Not that anyone thought they would be challenging Oregon for the Pac-12's title (and playoff spot). But - Transitive Property Alert - the loss at BC revealed a lot about Stanford, too.

*Speaking of Transitive, Ohio State is indeed mediocre: The same Virginia Tech that waxed them in Columbus last week turned around and was beaten at home yesterday by East Carolina.

*Charlie Strong deserves a lot of leeway in Year 1 at Texas, but he's off to a terrible start. (And sticking in Texas, that was a very tough, decisive loss for Texas Tech at home to Arkansas.)

*Florida: Welp, sometimes things go your way. If it makes Gator-haters happier, UF is going to get drilled at Alabama next week on national TV.

*Next week's best: Auburn at Kansas State on Thursday night, Alabama-Florida (ugh, not really), Mississippi State at LSU and Clemson at FSU.

*Set your fantasy lineups! It's a great Red Zone day today, with 5 games at 4 pm to go with the usual slew kicking off at 1.

-- D.S.

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