Sunday, September 21, 2014

9/21 College Football Hangover

Welp, that Florida loss to Alabama was even worse than my low expectations...

If the playoff foursome was picked today:
(1) Alabama
(2) Texas A&M
(3) Auburn
(4) Oregon

(Oklahoma and FSU on the outside looking in. Normally, Oregon's trouble at Wazzu would negate all of the positives of its win over Michigan State at home, but let's give them another week.)

*FSU's close win at home gets an asterisk without Jameis, but your resume is your resume. (Doesn't matter what I think -- if FSU goes unbeaten, and they will, they're in the playoff.)

*Hard not to think that the next head coach at the University of Florida will be former Gators OC (and current Mississippi State miracle worker) Dan Mullen. Signature win at LSU last night.

*Florida fans think they have it rough, but Michigan fans may have it worse.

*I'm sure everyone had "Indiana winning at Mizzou" as the game that finally gets the conference off the season-long schneid nationally.

*That Arizona Hail Mary ending was awesome.

*Looking ahead to next week: It's kind of a dud week -- UCLA-Arizona State on Thursday night late, but Saturday's best is... Arkansas getting drilled at Texas A&M?

*About this Urban Meyer story coming on Real Sports this week: Wouldn't it be a social good if he would drop the vague tough-guy semantics and just call it what it was: a nervous breakdown. Like Brandon Marshall or Ron Artest, maybe Meyer can become a leader and spokesperson on behalf of mental health?

-- D.S.

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