Friday, September 01, 2006

Weekend in Gator Nation

I've never really been a sports-gambler, though I respect and admire those who are -- and as a "Wisdom of Crowds" devotee, I appreciate the aggregate wisdom of the betting line.

Last night, I was out with a couple of sports-writing types, and one of them (whose college football opinion I really respect) pointed out that USC was a 9-point favorite at Arkansas. "ONLY" a 9-point favorite, I should say.

This writer was convinced this was the mistake of the week – that USC was going to easily cover.

Again, I'm not a sports gambler, so I'm not endorsing this. I just found it interesting that there seemed to be such a discount toward USC (and apparent inflation of Arkansas).

But what it's done is intrigue me enough to try to pick Top 25 games against the spread – just for fun. I know I've got my "Daily Quickie Readers" College Pick 'Em group on, but that's not against the spread. Maybe I'll just keep track of it on the side.

Meanwhile, I'm off to Gainesville with Margery and Gabe for an in-law family function. The trip wouldn't be complete without going to the Gators' home opener tomorrow night at the Swamp – by far the best college football environment I've ever experienced.

It'll also be Gabe's indoctrination to Gator Nation. Yikes. Hopefully, I'll have a few photos of that next week.

(I'm enjoying the blog so much that I'm going to try to post over the weekend from the road.)

Have a great long weekend, and I can't thank all of you enough for your support this week. (The comments are great.) We're off to a great start!

-- D.S.


Anonymous said...

Tell little Gabe (Kapler) not to stare at any FSU girls that are there...


Jake C said...

Notre Dame also has a small spread as well.

Just keep Gabe away from the boosters...don't want to ruin his eligibility yet.

Brien said...


I hope that after you have been blinded by "big-time" college football, you'll actually take some time to watch some mid-major football.

Namely, the MAC. You regularly dissed the MAC in the DQ, and if you watched Central Michigan's valiant effort vs. Boston College, or the 3OT game between Iowa State and Toledo, you'd see that the MAC Daddies can hang with the big boys ... and not just be their whipping boys every year.

When my Huskies of NIU play Ohio State tomorrow, I will be rooting for them, not just because I am an alum, but because a win over the #1 team in the country, coupled with the amazing run the team has had the past four years, might actually get people to realize that "big-time" college football is anywhere there is a good team ... not just in South Bend or Happy Valley.


Anonymous said...

What other college environments have you experienced?
I have been to:
Notre Dame
Penn State
Ohio State

All three rock, but since I am a Buckeye fan, I have to say that being at the 'Shoe is the best.

Oh wait, I can't forget my alma mater...Ohio University! HAHA The bars are much more fun than a football game there.

So glad you're still around Dan! Don't let Gabe around any of those Florida college hotties!!

Anonymous said...

You can pick against the spread if you want on Yahoo. They run a college pick em like espn but with the spread. Good luck! I'll make sure to bet USC with that spread =)

Jake C said...
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Anonymous said...

jake c is such a fag

Anonymous said...

So, when is Gabe's first trip to Dyche Stadium...sorry, Ryan Field?

Anonymous said...

Dan, glad to see you're already anticipating the weekend and introducing the young ones to the Gator Nation.

Unfortunately this will be the 1st time I won't visit the Swamp for a game during the season since my freshman year at UF in 1998.

Enjoy the game again.

Anonymous said...

Florida is going down

Anonymous said...

florida blows.. nobody cares about the bastard child of florida.

-u of miami
-central florida
-miami college of lawn maintenance
-fort lauderdale high school
-pensacola christian college
-u of florida

that is the correct list of most important FL schools.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Arkansas and despite a 70-17 nuclear bombing last season, these Razorback fans (and homer media) think USC will lose Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

OK, so I'm facing just the sort of the dilemma the MQ was made for. What's the protocol for wearing a "Basketball National Champs" shirt to the game today? Since the shirts they gave us are... um... inaccurate, I guess the basketball one will work.

Anonymous said...

I am from Arkansas and I do bet on football games, and I don't think Arkansas has a chance. Everyone I have talked to in central Arkansas feels the same way. It's not too late to make some money on tonight's game.
Before I saw the line, I thought Arkansas would consider the game a victory if they were lucky enough to lose by 2 touchdowns. An 8 point spread? I'll give the points gladly.