Tuesday, November 21, 2006

There is "Just-ice" in the World:
Morneau Edges Jeter for AL MVP

Sometimes you can believe that some things in sports aren't affected by karma -- a balance between good and bad. Then you see Justin Morneau beating favorite Derek Jeter for AL MVP and you realize that there might just be a force bigger than all of us making sure that, from time to time, shocking/amusing/wonderful things happen.


Unknown said...

i'm happy to say that i got all the postseason awards correct and that i didn't have to follow through with my comitting of suicide if jeter won

Anonymous said...

Santana should have won.

Christian Thoma said...

"you realize that there might just be a force bigger than all of us making sure that, from time to time, shocking/amusing/wonderful things happen."

Did Dan just try to equate the Baseball Writers of America with God? Now that's sucking up!

Unknown said...

i listened to that segment and i noticed a couple things

mike and the mad dog are morons

arguing that the red sox were not in contension was kinda retarded

arguing that jeter was great in the clutch and then when the guy answers with "better than papi?" and your answer is basically "ummm" is retarded

saying numbers don't count period is retarded, look at dyes numbers then look at jeters.. thers a BIG difference

then saying that its about whos a leader and not numbers is retarded, if that was true whoever is the captain of the best team wins every year

they then argued it was about who took the team to the playoffs to which he responded with the big hurt is much more important to the As making the playoffs then jeter was to the yanks, which is perfectly true, and there answer again was basically "ummm..."

the guy was right and they do yell because they want to

they are huge morons for saving the santana argument (which was their only really solid 1) till after the guy was off the air

i sure hope these guys were left off the debate team cause that was the worst arguing i've ever heard

not that i woulda voted jeter 6th

deffinitly not 1st, but the guy gave his reasons for all except santana which they didn't even ask about

MoonHopper said...

There were a few worthy candidates, and I'm just glad one of these actually won the award. Being an A's fan (among other actual valid reasons), I'm really glad someone other than Jeter did.

ESPN.com seemed surprised that the award came from somewhere other than the east coast. How many examples do we need of the Yankee love going on there. Its sickening. The little headlines on the front page I see right now talk of how Morneau isn't even the MVP of his team (Keith Law), how close the vote was, and how Jeter was the better choice (Rob Neyer). When I went to the ESPN MLB page I went from sick to outraged. The headlines of Law's story is in two places, one says "Morneau a laughable choice", the other says "Morneau awful choice for AL MVP". Laughable, awful? To retain my sanity, I should not read on. And I can't, because ESPN actually wants me to PAY to read his words? I think not.

Unknown said...

Actually, I don't have a problem with Cowley's rankings of candidates.

Kevin said...

Five writers left Mauer off their ballot entirely! What the hell is wrong with the writers?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


he was the only espn.com expert who picked liriano as ROY, and....



i was wondering how not believing jeter is the mvp and the face of baseball constitues being anti-jeter. clearly the majority of the basebal writers of america didn't think he was the mvp and i doubt they would label him the face of baseball. but i don't think i'd say that thet are all anti-jeter.

darprice said...

Dan - feeder is broken. I actually had to come see the direct site instead of just reading it...

Matt T said...

yankeefreude at its finest.

Big D said...

Wow. It took me 14.5 hours from the first time I read this post until just now, to understand why "Just-ice" was in quotes.

I really need a vacation.

kirby077 said...

I just want to say that the reigning, NBA MVP is Canadian, the NHL MVP is Canadian (I know, I know...) and now the AL MVP is Canadian. Not bad eh?

Anonymous said...

If Joe Mauer went by the nickname "Ivan Rodriguez" he'd have been unanimous choice for MVP.

Unknown said...

i think the face of baseball is still barry bonds

but there was an interesting poll last year

people who first answered that they didn't follow baseball were asked to name the first baseball player they could think of

the answer: Cal Ripken Jr., Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr. in that order

the ironic thing is that Cal was out of the game for 4 years already

which reminds me.... I heard this thing on the radio where they were saying that if a member of the BBWAA doesn't vote for Cal for the HOF this year that they should take the guy's vote away