Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday 11/22 A.M. Quickie:
What are YOU Thankful For?

This year it's easy: I'm truly thankful for all of you who were readers of the Quickie who followed me over here to the new blog. I can't begin to express my appreciation, and I hope you've enjoyed reading (and interacting) as much as I've enjoyed putting it together every day. Now, with that out of the way, in the Comments section, I'd like to hear your nominations of what in the SPORTS world to be thankful for. (And, yes: Clever trumps earnest.)

On to the spin on today's top storylines:

Morneau tops Jeter for AL MVP: Doesn't this just reaffirm your faith in humankind (and the usually wacked BBWAA voting system)?

It's always fun to see the "extreme outlier" voters. This time, it was Joe Cowley from the Chicago Sun-Times, who voted Jeter 6th. When he next visits New York, he'll either get a punch (from Yankees fans) or a free drink (from everyone else). Check out this must-read voter analysis from FanIQ.

Is anyone really surprised that T.O. would refuse to send a get-well message to Donovan McNabb?

What does it say when it's news that the Giants aren't going to bench Eli Manning?

College Hoops: Marquette beats Duke. File that away for next March. This Marquette team was underrated, and Duke was... well, Duke was ranked like Duke. But it's a young team not yet ready for prime time. Marquette should be in the Top 10.

Plus: GA Tech beats Memphis, to face No. 5 UCLA tonight. When Tech beats UCLA and becomes everyone's favorite "young team to break out," just know that you and I were already there last week.

(No. 1 Gators win 94-33: I watched this on ESPN Full Court, and it WAS as ridiculous as the score implies.)

NBA: Sizzling Mavs win 7th in a row. Unfortunately, it came at the expense of my Wiz. I'll be home in D.C. for Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll swing by Gilbert's house to try to cheer him up. Plus: Is Kobe ready for an explosion? Scores season-high 40 in win over rival Clips. Plus-plus: Rising prep-to-pro JR Smith has career-high 36 in Nuggets win, which should completely mystify both his fans and haters alike.

The best position to be in? The top remaining free agent available in an exceptionally frothy MLB hot-stove market. Carlos Lee is going to get p-a-i-d by someone. The O's, Phillies and Astros are hot for him.

CFB Awards Finalists: For the Doak (Top RB), give my vote to Arkansas' Darren McFadden, who should be getting more Heisman love. For the Thorpe (Top DB), any choice other than Florida's Reggie Nelson is insane. Obviously, I'm biased, but I've never seen a better defensive player ever.

-- D.S.


Unknown said...'re obviously biased on the Thorpe. I've never heard of the guy.

Honestly, I'm thankful that I don't have to go work and can go home and stuff myself with good food.

not clever...but that's the truth. heh

Jon said...

I'm thankful for Alabama football.

TBender said...

Thankful for: A surprise World Series title for St. Louis.

GT. WOW. 62 in a half...over a legit team. Just WOW.

The BBWAA MVP voting reaffirms that the writers still don't understand the game they cover.

I'm thinking about declaring myself as a MLB FA just to see if a team will offer a couple million as a Pavlovian reflex.

Anonymous said...

Reggie Nelson, best defensive player ever??? Obviously you're biased since no one outside of Florida, save maybe the SEC, has even heard of the guy.

Stewart said...

I'm thankful Joe Gibbs finally found the smarts to start Jason Campbell at quarterback. Now, if he'd just hire a REAL general manager....

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

I am thankful for Michigan being a shithole. It's fun to beat up on that craphole of a state.

"That Derek Jeter is so hot!"
-David Wells

"Nah, he doesn't do it for me. It's as if the Rock and a muppet had sex."
-Derek Jeter

Anonymous said...

Where's the "Romo is thankful for Jessica Simpson's dad" quip?

Im thankful for 4 days off.

Mikepcfl said...

I'm thankful that Peter Angelos cant live forever.

Jon said...

The sad part about that Florida game is that the scored was tied at 15 at one the Gators went on a 79-18 run. I hope Donovan had the walk ons in with about 10 minutes to go.

Why are people calling the Marquette win an upset? Wasn't it 8 vs 13?

How about Cincinnati losing to Wofford and Rutgers losing to Jackson State? That'll hurt the Big East's power rating.

Mauer should have been the Twin that beat Jeter.

Matt T said...

I'm thankful for being one of the few that has the NFL network.

Thank you Comcast.

Chris (CT) said...

Stewart stole my thunder, but I completely agree. I am thankful for Jason Campbell.

dawg gone round the world said...

I'm thankful Reggie Ball is still playing for Georgia Tech. I heard he might be hurt, so I sent out an email to all living UGA alums to add him to their prayer lists, wishing him a speedy recovery.

Re: Nelson for Thorpe, he's good, but he gets away with a LOT of contact downfield. He has all year and I haven't understood why he doesn't get flagged.

dawg gone round the world said...
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Big D said...

I'm thankful that I'm not a Boston-area broadcaster getting screwed for the next 3-4 years trying to pronounce Daisuke Matsuzaka

Geo B said...

I'm thankful that I have my health, my kids, my wife and a good job.

Oh - sports? Those are important after that? ;-)

OK - thankful for my Steelers SB XL win, even if I'm suffering karmic payback this season. I'm thankful for the Penguins finally collecting enough very high draft picks after four years of being horrible to be a good team. I'm thankful for Joe Paterno and hope he either recovers or uses his broken leg as a good excuse to give Tom Bradley the job. I'm thankful that being stuck in Houston the teams here are still bad enough that I can enjoy hearing the fans groan after another blown game ;-) (I know that's wrong, but it's fun). I'm thankful for Gregg Easterbrook, Peter King, Football Outsiders and yes, Dan Shanoff.

Sorry it's not that clever. All you guys have a great holiday, enjoy your after dinner football and nap!

Jeff said...

Going by the numbers and scouts. Leon Hall is hands down the winner for the Thorpe award.

Of course, since nobody ever throws his way he never has the flashy play and never gets any pub.

Big Smitty said...

I'm thankful I get to read this blog everyday at work, I'm thankful I can say I'm at work, And I better stop posting this or I won't have any work...

Richard said...

One of my fellow GT alumni called me to say that Tech is "the best sports school in the country."

I don't know about that, but I'm thankful that he can at least make some semblance of an argument to support that.

Crittenton is a beast.

Richard said...

dawg gone round he world,

I'm thankful Reggie Ball is leaving Tech shortly.

Josh said...

It is an absolute crime that Daymieon Hughes is NOT on the Thorpe finalists list. But let's think about why...hmmm...player at Michigan, player at Florida, player at Texas...player at Cal?!...wait...Cal doesn't play football does it? He's the definition of a lock down corner and will probably be the first corner taken in the draft, yet he's not even a finalist. PATHETIC!

Brien said...

I am thankful for NIU offensive coordinator John Bond, who managed to ruin a potential Heisman Trophy for RB Garrett Wolfe by refusing to modify his offense to prevent the "eight-in-the-box" schemes that prevented Wolfe from leaving the backfield.

It would have really, really sucked to see Garrett at the Heisman ceremony, so I am glad that Bond did what he could to prevent that from happening.

Brien "Oh, but I'm not bitter, or anything ..."

Kevin said...

I'm thankfull that John Mellencamp constantly reminds everyone whose country this is.

setherton22 said...

Why is FLA playing Prairie View A&M. I know you need to play a few cupcakes, but this os one of the worst teams in THE WORST conference in Division I, the SWAC.

I'd like someone to talk about freshman Daequan Cook of OSU who is averaging 18.0 ppg in 23 minutes! That is beyond sick! Oh and "throw-in" Mike Conley Jr has a 2.8 to 1 assist-turnover ratio. Even without Oden this team can compete with anybody in the country. When Oden comes in, it's going to be scary.

I am thankful for the Dolphins 3-game winning streak and the high comedy of Joey Harrington leading them to a win over the Lions on Thanksgiving Day!

Lenny said...

I'll bet Freddie Mitchell is still thankful for his great hands!!

Anonymous said...

Is anybody else thankful that "the Manninghams" aren't around anymore?

ndyanksfan05 said...

My favorite part about all this MVP stuff is that Jeter doesnt care - yeh it would have been nice, and he would have liked it, but all the guy cares about is winning championships...and he already has four and its still all he cares about.

Everyone lets their morbid hatred of the yankees take away the fact that Jeter was easily the first or second best player in the AL last year - no contest, he put up monster numbers (just because he didn't hit home runs doesnt mean he doesn't produce - he produced the most runs out of anyone in the AL last year {RBIs+Runs-HRs}) he played gold glove short stop - like it or not, he did, and he led a team that was injury plagued and couldn't pitch its way out of a paper bag to the top of their division with clutch hitting and, yes, leadership. Just because you all hate the yankees (just like that idiot - and i mean huge idiot Cowley (or whatever the hell his name is) doesn't mean you should screw a guy who had a monster season.

I am thankful that all my beloved sports teams, either through geography growing up (Yankees, Giants, Rangers) or through alma mater (Notre Dame) are despised and detested by everyone on this blog so I can have something to fight about during a long day at work...

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful that I won't have to hear that Brett Favre needs to step down so we can see what Aaron Rodgers can do for the rest of this season.

Eric said...

Sports world – I’m thankful for Bill Simmons, the best Sportswriter in the business. I’m thankful for David Stern – single-handedly saving the NBA. And I’m thankful for athletes like Gilbert Arenas (is there anyone crazier?), LaDanian Tomlinson (who calls himself LT when he’s not LT, he’s LDT), and Curt Schilling (let’s play celebrity jeopardy!). Finally, I’m thankful for idiot announcers, like Joe Buck and Bill Walton, who turn every game into an unintentional comedy stand-up act (“that was DISGUSTING, Randy Moss” “Throw it DOWN, Big Man!”)

Gary said...

if Jeter was second best, then he is in his rightful place. Right?

Ftrain said...

I'm thankful that I don't have the NFL Network and therefore I don't have to pay for something I will not watch. Premium Sports-Tier channel is where you belong!!!

Thanks Time-Warner.

OH thankful for Barry Melrose.For his awesome hair and His '3 out of 4 major sports MVPs are Canadian segment on ESPN was gold

And for the Knicks losing ways. See Ya Isiah!!

Sheldiz said...

I'm thankful that the Ravens are winning, that the Steelers are losing, and that I have a roof over my head under which i can watch both.

Unknown said...

I'm thankful for Michigan fan tunnel vision.

Noone throws at Leon Hall? I'm pretty sure he got burned several times against OSU...

Gary said...

I am thankful that my cable providor in RI finally gave us ESPN2 in High Def and NFL Network in High Def...a nice early Christmas present!

Lenny said...

I'm thankful that Jeter didn't win the MVP. He is on a team full of All Stars. No one on the Yankees should ever be MVP.

I'm thankful for watching commercials on Sunday afternoon. It's strange, they happen to show clips of football every once in a while.

I'm thankful for Dusty Baker and his amazing managerial skills.

Ok, in all seriousness, I'm thankful for my family, my friends, my job, my school, and most of all, I'm thankful for my fiance. She's an amazing woman that I don't deserve but somehow I managed to be with her.

Have a great Thanksgiving guys. Enjoy the commercials Thursday afternoon!!

john (east lansing, mi) said...

I'm thankful for 3 very strong regular seasons. Keep rocking until it matters, Detroit sports.

Ma4tt (the 4 is silent) said...

Definitely thankful for "One for the Thumb." It's been a long time coming - I was 3 when the Steelers won SB XIV.

Florida fans: Be thankful for your schedule! Football team wins by 62 in November, basketball team wins by 61 in early-season action. A good week to be a Gator, if you're a sadist.

Josh said...

I am thankful that I don't feel the same hate in my heart for their teams that Ravens, Bengals, and Browns fans feel for my Steelers.

Five time champs by the way.

Generik said...

I just learned yesterday that my wife's grandfather has been deemed cancer free. As of 4 months ago the doctors wanted to cut out his colon and he was faced with living with a colostomy bag for the rest of his life. He opted to pass on the surgery and go with some treatment that would slow the cancer and avoid going down that road. Lo and behold, he gets checked out yesterday and the cancer is completely gone. I know DS wanted sports related here.. but that's too f'n awesome not to share!

Mikepcfl said...

I'm also thankful for Steve McNair being the greatest Quarterback in Ravens history (of course that is like being the smartest Simpson sister).

Travis said...

I'm thankful for an Apple Cup win. hey, we the Dawgs may have watched a once promising season go downhill, but at least they salvaged something by winning in Pulman (and possibly knocking the Cougs out of a bowl).

I am thankful for the 74" base at Mt. Baker. May it double by the time I get back home for Christmas.

I may be thankful for the return of Matt Hassleback and Shaun Alexander... I'll check back after a game or two.

I'm thankful for the internet and my dish which allows me to follow my teams from 3,400 miles away.

Happy Thanksgiving

oh yeah, I'm thankful for my new wife, family, paycheck, health, etc... and this blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for helmet-to-helmet hits against Troy Smith that keep drives alive.

I'm thankful that Chris Berman once said "you're with me, leather."

I'm thankful that Carl Monday is not patrolling the streets of my city.

nyc-steelers fan said...

thankful my inlaws got NFL network.

Manada said...

I'm thankful that Brett Favre came back and ruined the chance for my Packers to actually do something this we'll be in the TOP 10 in the draft and get a REAL QB.

I'm also thankful that I'm a Canadian

Jizzy McPoo said...

i am thankful for the Tribune Company willing to let Cubs fans suffer by not opening up their coffers for 20 some-odd years to field a winner; yet now that it appears they may sell the team and won't have to pay for the multi-multi-multi million dollar contracts they are throwing out during this off season.

Thank-you Tribune Company for taking the time to spend the money only when you know that you won't be the one who has to foot the bill.

God Bless America

lljbone4 said...

I'm thankful for people who actually think Reggie "freakin" Nelson is the best defensive player, "ever." You're a joke.

Jason said...

Ray Rice deserves the Doak.

Precourt said...

Here's what I USED to be thankful for:

A somewhat UNBIASED article/column/blog from Dan. Obviously we all have our favorites, but come on dude. Nelson as best defensive player ever??? He's good and I think he deserves the award this year. But EVER? Did you watch college football before 2006?

Here's some others that were really tough to think of.

Deion Sanders
Roy Williams
Julius Peppers
Lavar Arrington
AJ Hawk
Brian Urlacher
Charles Woodson
Derrick Johnson
Paul Posluszny
Terrell Suggs

OK you said the best YOU'VE ever seen so I guess you've been too busy slurping the GAYtor's ball sacs to watch other teams. So....

Mike Peterson
Lito Sheppard
Keiwan Ratliff
Eric Wilbur

I used to look forward to reading the quickie every morning, and enjoying a unique perspective on the hot stories. Now I'm scared to click on my bookmark every morning.

Keep up the good work Dan.

Precourt said...

Javon Kearse
Dan Morgan
Sean Taylor

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone knocking UCLA?!?! The only piece lost from last year's team is Farmar, and his replacement, Collison, might be a better. I'll admit he's not as good of a passer (though has 24 AST in 3 games), but he's faster and has a better shot (13.7ppg). Everyone is also overlooking the return of Josh Shipp who sat last yer with an injury and has added 13ppg of his own. I expect a DQ apology Wednesday night when the Bruins win the Maui Invitational.

Anonymous said...

McFadden will be on the short list of Heisman candidates at the beginning of next season.

Trey (formerly TF) said...

I think Reggie Nelson might be the best defensive player every to come out of UF, but ever? Not just yet.

For those who need some names of other UF Defensive players:

Jack Youngblood
Wilbur Marshall
Jevon Kearse
Alex Brown
Lito Sheppard

Nelson will be a force the NFL, could be an Ed Reed type safty in a few seasons.

I'm thankful for him being in our defensive backfield.

Also Thankful that I get to go home to Florida this weekend to not only 70s with sunny skys, but see all my friends and family. Then watch the Fins win Thursday, the Gators win Saturday (at noon and 11pm; gonna be a LONG day).

Have a good Thanksgiving all.

Joe (dayton)

Unknown said...

I'm thankful for...

The elixir of life not hitting the market and therefore the knowledge that Peter Angelos will die

Derek Jeter not winning the MVP

The Yankees spending a billion dollars to not win a world series

the prospect of the new super-duper-slow-motion camera catching Daisuke Matsuzaka's gyroball in all its glory

idea that a 38 year-old can sign a 3-year 30 million dollar deal

the fact that there are two real players named Milton Bradley and Coco Crisp

being able to watch the development of the careers of verlander, liriano, weaver the younger, papelbon, lester, sanchez, johnson, and zumaya


being able to watch barry bonds, one of if not the best hitter of all time

jason campbell not sucking

the possibility of eli manning getting benched

Brett Favre doing just well enough this year so that he can REALLY MAKE A FOOL OF HIMSELF NEXT YEAR

the vikings stopped taking boat rides

the in inevitability of reggie bush rocking everyone to sleep this year and then absolutly dominating next year

steve mcnair stickin it to the titans

the prospect of little joey harrington sticking it to the lions

the ocho cinco

the exposure of the suckitude that is big ben

the inevitability that peyton will find someway to blow it again

the comedy that is the art shell face

the comedy that is the oakland raiders

being alive in time to watch the greatness that is LeBron James

the invention of the 720 dunk

Gilbert Arenas and all the voices in his head

the idea that the Indiana Pacers might soon have team branded firearms

the comedy that is Isiah Thomas

the return to no one going to, caring about, or watching hockey after last season

Duke losing

Greg Oden's existance

the ability to see full games of OJ MAYO on espn this year

Maryland being a good basketball team again

the Missuori Valley Conference

the fact that there are TWO hiesman candidates with the first name "Colt"

Rutgers losing a football game

the vanishing act the "manningham"s pulled

the feeling I get when I see that there's a new Sports Guy or DJ Gallo column

marcomarco said...

I'm thankful for Momma Shanoff, giving birth to a fine young lad who fills my day with useful sports information.

I'm tankful for Momma Shanoff, who polishes my johnson on occasion.

Jokes aside Dan, great job on this and the Quickie, a staple of my morning surf for 4 years and counting.

Kevin said...


After seeing how poorly Rodgers faired Sunday, I'm not sure I understand how you think the Packers would be better off in his hands.

Big D said...

I'm also thankful for the fact that I will not be the person responsible for signing the paychecks of Alfonso Soriano and Gary Matthews Jr. when their respective contracts are in the final two years.

5-years, $50M for Matthews... This vexes me. I'm very vexed.

I’ve still got a strong arm, I can hit (occasionally), and I play pretty good defense.

That oughtta be worth at least 3 years and $12M guaranteed. Maybe I'll declare for free agency next week, just in case.

Kevin said...

Holy crap...5/$50 mill for Gary Matthews, Jr?

That was quite a catch, but eight digits per year is way too much.

Anonymous said...

My Michigan-themed list:
Thankful that my Ann Arbor fans and friends love their team more than they hate their rival *ahem*OSU*ahem*

Thankful that the press, even if they hate Michigan, even if they want to see them play in the Bluebonnet Bowl before they play the NC game, still admits for now that they are the number two team

Thankful for Bo

Thankful that Troy Smith will graduate this year

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for the Buckeyes. Ahhh. Imagine if you hadn't won a National Title in 20ish years like ND.

Ingrid and Jim said...

I'm thankful that my fantasy team sucks ass yet is still in 2nd place.

Unknown said...

Thankful that Clarret will be in jail for a long time.

Seriously, do you want that deranged MFer walking around free?

Thankful that an American won the Tour de France for the 8th straight year (even if he did test positive).

Anonymous said...

thankful for:

Bill Simmons and Dan Shanoff;

the resurgence of the LA Clippers;

and Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao

Jennifer said...

"the return to no one going to, caring about, or watching hockey after last season"

I Care!

I am thankful for the confetti that fell in my hair as the final buzzer buzzed in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Yes, they are currently being out shot 200-1 by the Islanders, but it's a holiday, so we won't cry :)

Daps84 said...

I'm thankful for Steve Nash, Joe Thorton, Justin Morneau, Georges St. Pierre (MMA is the REAL fastest growing sport in the world, not NASCAR!) and all the other great Canadian world-class athletes who put smiles on our faces up here in Canada

Mike said...

Miami haters are thankful for the win-win scenario on Thanksgiving...

Miami loses, they miss bowl season.

Miami wins, they go to Boise.

R. Crowe said...

Thankful that UCLA Bruin basketball is strong, given my having to sit through all of the wife's USC football games/wins...

ShackII said...

I'm thankful for the love and support of my family during the last nine years after enduring a life changing disability.

I'm thankful that my Marquette Warriors (I will never accept the Golden Eagles. There have been many cultures that have produced warriors, not just NA's) beat Duke and are relevant again after D-Wades departure.

I'm thankful that my Packers found out how brittle and ineffective Aaron Rogers is (breaking his foot on a rollout?). That and the fact that Jed Tedford has yet to furnish the NFL with a quality QB.

I'm thankful for the fact that is probably going the last year of the Bret Favre era. Pack it in, Bret, you've got left to prove even if you don't break Marino's TD record. I don't want you to suffer the ignominy of being the all time leader in interceptions.

I'm thankful that Morneau won the MVP, Mauer the batting title and Santana the Cy Young. Now if the Twins had Liriano for next season..... just wishful thinking.

Manada, you're Canadian, be loud and proud. I've been fortunate to have been able to make 30 fishing trips up there since 1978, the last three in a wheelchair. Canadians are some of the nicest and most polite people I've ever met in my life.

I hope everyone here has wonderful Thanksgiving. Eat until you explode if you must. Me, I just want to stay awake after dinner.

Unknown said...

it's funny cause i think you will soon have to sit through your wife's usc basketball wins

but enjoy OJ MAYO's crazy talents while you can, i doubt he'll stay more than 1 year

Jen said...

I'm thankful for:

-Jimmy Tressel and my beloved Buckeye football team
-My healthy family and friends
-My wonderful son
-The win my high school alma mater had Saturday night with 33 seconds left to put them in the state championship game for the first time

marcomarco said...
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