Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sunday 12/24 A.M. Quickie:
Christmas Eve Hangover

My favorite holiday tradition? 24 hours of "A Christmas Story," which has to be the cleverest piece of TV programming of the last decade. Some exec says: "I know! We'll run the same beloved movie over and over for 24 straight hours!" Genius. I can't wait until 8. I'm not a "movie quote" guy, but that's one movie where I make an exception.

Florida stomps Ohio State: See below. I'm still hung over from the endorphin release throughout the second half. If -- huge "if" -- the Ohio State freshmen take a lesson from the Florida guys and all come back next year, combined with the '07 recruiting class, they will destroy people. But what's the chance of that?

Knight wins 879: Next one leaves him all alone at the top of the all-time wins list. Will Coach K ever top him? Will, say, Billy Donovan? I don't think Coach K will last long enough, and I think Billy D is destined for the NBA. Meanwhile, Knight will be around for a few years, making it a moving target anyway.

Yao out 6 weeks (knee): This is a shame. He had emerged as the top center in the NBA, fulfilling all the hype and promise from his No. 1 draft status.

SoFla wins Bowl: In lieu of a trophy, do they get free pizzas for life? (By the way, chalk another data point up for why the Big East was better than people gave them credit for this year. This SoFla team did whup West Virginia, too.)

College Hoops Parity Watch: USC beats Wichita State. What happened to Wichy? Two games ago, they were this season's mid-major to beat. Since, they've been beat... twice... in a row. Yes, the Pac-10 is the best conference in college hoops this season. Hell, USC isn't even one of its power teams.

Chiefs stomp Raiders: I didn't have my weekly NFL picks by yesterday's game, but everyone knows I would have picked KC over hapless Oakland. What will they do with that No. 1 draft pick? Or will the Lions give them a run?

NFL Picks: I'm late, but not TOO late...

Vikings over Packers: Uh, wrong.
Chiefs over Raiders: Credited anyway.
Falcons over Panthers: Weinke?
Titans over Bills: VY for ROY!
Bucs over Browns: Rattaygious!
Bears over Lions: Oy. See above.
Rams over Redskins: Still under .500
Saints over Giants: Saints re-track.
Ravens over Steelers: Balto bye/HFA?
Pats over (my) Jags: Bad timing.
Colts over Texans: Indy bye/HFA?
Cards over 49ers: Looking to '07.
Bengals over Broncos: HUGH!
Chargers over Seahawks: LT-watching.
Cowboys over Eagles: TO payback.
Jets over Dolphins: Mangini for COY!

Once again everyone: Happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

This will get you into the holiday spirit.

MP said...

VY for ROY is right.

Except Merill Hoge is coming to kill me for that comment.

starkweather said...

I'm not even a UF guy but I watched it with a friend who is. I got pretty amped on that one. And had a lot of fun at the expense of Greg Oden's 72 year old face. Oh, well, my NFL picks this week got submitted once again forgetting that Weinke is starting. So that's going in my airing of complaints...

starkweather said...

Oh, yeah, quick Merril Hoge impression from the future: "Sure Vince Young won ROY, but he didn't win a Super Bowl. It was a terrible pick."