Friday, December 29, 2006

At the (End-of-Year) Buzzer!
My Annual New Year's Hot/Not List

What's out with 2006? What's in for 2007? Thanks to the folks at Deadspin for publishing my annual "What's Hot, What's Not" List for the new year, maintaining my streak through the 21st century. Here's the link.

Some of my favorites:

Free agent
2006: Daisuke Matsuzaka
2007: Bill Simmons

Monday Night Football gimmick
2006: Tony K.
2007: Tiki

Courtside Groupie
2006: Britney Spears
2007: Carrie Underwood

Sports city
2006: Pittsburgh
2007: Las Vegas

2006: Titans No. 10 (Young)
2007: Nuggets No. 3 (Iverson)

Human mascot
2006: Jason McElwain
2007: Rory Fitzpatrick

Oh, Just STFU Already
2006: Michael Irvin
2007: Joe Buck

2006: The Daily Quickie
2007: Quite Frankly

Click here to read the rest. (Sorry for the freaky formatting.) And, for the first time in Hot/Not List history, use the Comments sections to suggest your own!

PS: And here's a link to last year's edition, which has links to the previous five years, too. (If you're an Insider, you'll have access. Otherwise, you're s.o.l., I'm afraid.)


Brave Sir Robin said...

Uhm, Pittsburgh? Really?

Also, Joe Buck's already leading the STFU category.

And, they can't cancel Quite Frankly because then Stephen A. would unleash his super sonic shriek and destroy the ESPN complex.

Mega said...

I'm glad Shanoff isn't with ESPN anymore. Its allowed him to open the witty gates of fury.

Happy New Years Dan. Thanks for giving us this blog everyday.

Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for the Simmons free agency so that we can finally hear his commentary on ESPN, especially the broadcasting teams.

Anonymous said...

Forget phasing out What about saying sayonara to ESPN altogether? Just like bloggers and some big boys (Yahoo, AOL, etc.) has replaced pretty quickly, NFLN already is killing them in football. (I really feel sorry for you people who can't substitute ESPN with Total Access. I really, really do.)

And thanks Dan for your hard work. You're better in the blogosphere. If ESPN won't let you curse every now and then, they don't deserve you.

Anonymous said...

Dan, how about adding this to your list

ESPN Ombudsman
2006:George Solomon
2007:Jason Whitlock

Mikepcfl said...

Hey Dan, I like the new blog so keep it up. Have a great New Year.

Big D said...


After watching the BC/Navy game, I gotta ask - what's the over/under on how long it takes for the "feel good movie" to be filmed on BC kicker Aponavicious' season?

From the stands to the bowl-game hero. Too bad the bowl game didn't matter.

Brian in Oxford said...

I wonder what guys like Berman and Ley, who've been there almost all the way, think of what ESPN has become....yeah, they're richer and actually famous....but do they like the direction the network has gone in?

TJ said...

Hurray SEC. We need Georgia to finish pulling off this game against Va Tech. That, combined with Kentucky's whupping of Clemson and (hopefully) wins by UT, LSU, and Arkansas, could cement the SEC's reputation this season and relieve at least the 'prove the SEC were what we thought they were' sort of pressure.

TJ said...

remove that pressure from UF i mean. as in, they wouldn't need to beat OSU to prove the SEC was the toughest conference.