Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sunday 12/31 Quickie:
New Year's Eve Edition!

In classic Quickie style, my 2006 Superlatives:

Best personal moment of the year? Birth of first kid.

Best sports moment of the year? Florida wins NCAA Tournament.

Worst personal moment of the year? Cancellation of the Quickie.

Worst sports moment of the year? Um... cancellation of the Quickie. (Can that count for both?)

Wow, talk about your highs and lows! So: What were YOUR best moments of '06, either sports or otherwise? (I won't make you describe your worst moments. Let's hope they weren't as public as mine.)

Meanwhile, you can talk NFL in the Comments, too, but what's the point when Week 17 is so otherwise meaningless? (Say this for college football's controversial set-up: At least the final week of the regular season meant something -- and it dominated the conversation.)

If I don't connect with you later today, have a safe and enjoyable New Year's Eve, and I'll catch you here tomorrow for Bowl mania.

-- D.S.


Christian Thoma said...

Today's not meaningless! If Detroit and Arizona and Minnesota and ... ah, forget it.

At least the AFC has a semblance of a race today.

TJ said...

I'm late for Festivus, but since it's the end of the year, I'm going to air my major grievance anyway. The Rose Bowl countdown clock may have made me snap.

ESPN really started to piss me off this year. The straw that broke the camel's back may have been the instant history coverage of the OSU-Mich game. Every word spoken on ESPN after that game sounded like it was written in advance. It wasnt even good fun instant history like we used to champion on the MQ--the kind of thing ESPN actually did a decent job on after Rutgers-Louisville. It's just that they were so desperate to be able to call OSU-Mich one of the greatest games of all time that they said, 'hell, if we repreat it enough people will believe it. let's go for it.'

Actually, it was probably the fact that the only ESPN I could watch on Monday was PTI--the rest of the day was pretty much a 12-hour countdown to MNF. That was annoying too. Super annoying.

OR, you know what, maybe it was that I finally started reading sports blogs this year. That may have done it.

TJ said...

OK, ranting aside...

Favorite sports moments of the year:
1) Watching Gators win the national championship game with 10,000 people in the O-Dome in Gainesville. That was cool.
2) Being there for Jarvis Moss.
3) Seeing my first game from the bleachers at Wrigley Field. And the Cubs even won.
4) Being in Minneapolis for the regional rounds of the NCAA Tournament. Corey Brewer's shot to beat Georgetown happened about 30 feet in front of where we were sitting in the band.
5) All day the day after the SEC Championship game was really fun. The transition from barely hopefull to nervous and hopeful, to hopeful and expectant, to downright giddy was fun. And kept me from doing a lick of studying all day.

Christian Thoma said...

Best Sporting Moment: Hurricanes win the cup, keeping it in the southeast where it belongs.

Best Personal Sporting Moment: Seeing the Stanley Cup live and in person.

Best Financial Sporting Moment: Florida Gators win the National Championship, securing for me about $200.

Best Olympic Sporting Moment: Kelly Clark's final run in the Snowboarding Halfpipe. Down by a huge margin, she put in a routine that would've put the men to shame. No offense to Hannah Teter, but if Kelly nails that last landing (which sadly she didn't), she deserved Gold. Best moment of the Olympics, and one which absolutely no one but me and (probably) Kelly Clark remembers.

Mega said...

Best sports moment of the year: Texas beats USC. No better game than that one.

Worst sports moment of the year: a mediocre St Louis beats Detroit for the World Series. Way to represent the AL, Tiggers.

Best personal moment of the year: broke up with my angry girlfriend!

Worst personal moment of the year: broke up with my girlfriend even though I was getting some at a steady pace.

Anonymous said...

Best Sports Moment(s):

1) One son's college baseball team winning their conference championship and getting a bid to the NCAA Tournament Regionals (in his hometown) in his senior year.

2) The same son earning a chance to play professional baseball.

3) My other son, a college freshman now, earning an opportunity to pitch in college.

Christian Thoma said...

Packers 1000-1 Chance of Making the Playoffs Update:

Need to Win
DETROIT -- Up 13-0 over Dallas(!)
ARIZONA -- 4 o'clock game
MIAMI -- 4 o'clock game
MINNESOTA -- Down 10-7
SAN FRANCISCO -- 4 o'clock game
GREEN BAY -- 8 o'clock game

Need to Lose
CAROLINA -- Tied 7-7
HOUSTON -- Tied 0-0
TAMPA BAY -- Losing 10-0

Christian Thoma said...

AARRGGHH! Damn you Reuben Droughns!!!!

...wait, am I actually following the Cleveland-Houston game? I've become everything I've ever hated!

Darn this Strength of Victory tiebreaker!

Anonymous said...

Best Sports Moment: The one I've been waiting for since I was born: The moment Adam Wainwright made Brandon Inge look like a fool to seal the deal for my St. Louis Cardinals.

Ingrid and Jim said...

Best Sports Moments:
1. My alma mater, Rutgers, beating Louisville
2. Winning $500 in my fantasy football league - with a margin of victory of half a point in the final
3. USA ties Italy in the World Cup

Worst Sports Moments
1. My other alma mater, USC, losing to Texas in the Rose Bowl
2. USA crapping the bed against Ghana to miss advancing in the World Cup
3. My former Hartford Whalers winning the Stanley Cup.. pieces of shit

nep1293 said...

Jacksonville has 3 Black Quarterbacks, I don't think I ever saw that before

Anonymous said...

Best Sporting Moment: Having a Stanley Cup champion

Worst Sporting Moment: NBA officiating deciding the finals (especially Game 5)

BobbyStompy said...

Shanoff, I can't believe you didn't address Florida b-ball's escape against UAB yesterday (at home!). You're so bogus.

I'm not even a UCLA fan, but I'm busting out the 'd' card.


Meanwhile, UCLA is thrashing #14 Washington as they continue their unbeaten season.

Again, I'm not a UCLA lover or Florida hater, I'm just sick of your bias.

Admit the Bruins are number one.

TJ said...

I can't believe you didn't address Florida b-ball's escape against UAB yesterday (at home!).

Actually, on a neutral court. Which, true, had mostly Gator fans, according to the radio announcers. But still, this team's never been particularly great (excluding last March, of course) away from the O-Dome.

mattie said...
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mattie said...

Best personal moment of the year?
-- Getting a new job that's so damn near perfect I didn't think I had any shot it, which allowed me to leave my HELL-HOLE of an old job.

Best sports moment of the year?
-- The entire Mets seasons except for Game 7.
-- The Jets (the freakin' JETS) making the playoffs, getting in under the wire on the last day of the year.

Worst personal moment of the year?
-- My brother getting injured in Iraq (he's alright) within days of my sister entering the hospital with an illness (also alright now).

Worst sports moment of the year?
-- Mets Game 7.
-- Damn near anything involving the words, "Isiah Thomas."

nep1293 said...

Is it possible that the "Win OR TIE" scenario could actually result in a tie???? Niners are driving

Mikepcfl said...

Hey, happy drunken new year to all the readers of this blog. You guys know your sports and keep me entertained.

Mikepcfl said...

oh yeah to Dan too

Anonymous said...

#1. So. Yadi. Soup. Wainwright. Eck. Rolen. Cards win! Cards Win! Unbelieveable.
#2. Everything else is a blur for me.