Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Living Well Is the Sweetest Revenge
(Vote For Me For the 2007 Bloggies!)

OK, so this is sort of shameless, but from NCAA Tournament pools through career, ah, transitions through comments-comments-comments, I have always been able to count on you all for enthusiastic participation. And that's why I'm putting this out there:

The 2007 Bloggies. The 7th Annual Weblog Awards. And I'm looking for your support, which means your active participation, which means your nominations of this blog for "Best Sports Blog." (Yes, whether it deserves it or not.) So check out the link and let's see if we can put together a grassroots effort that will have some kind of impact. Consider it a challenge!

In all honesty, I see it as much as an award for all of you who participate -- from taking the time to read to taking even more time to comment and become part of the action yourself -- than for me. It's for all of us.

So if I pimp this nomination thing over the next 7 days with reminders, etc, don't get too annoyed. It's for a good cause, right? Click here to check out the process and get into it!

And, again, apologies for the shamelessness.


Mega said...

Shameless! About as shameless as my vote for you! LMAO.

Hope you win.

Christian Thoma said...

No offense, Dan, but you've regressed since the DQ. A vote would just encourage you.

Sheldiz said...

i'd vote for you. it gives me something to do during the work day, and i can't argue with that.

and i do thoroughly enjoy the exchange of comments.

Anonymous said...

Meh. It's not just Dan, but the commenters too.
I think every convo and topic has always been switched to arguing CFB. It's put a taint on it all. Maybe after the bowls, things will be better.

Christian Thoma said...


Maybe I should've been clearer: I think Dan's gotten lazier (for lack of a better word). While I don't expect him to watch every event he comments on, at least in the DQ there was evidence he was at least reading the articles/reviewing the box scores. Some of his comments read like a person that scanned the headlines on and and watched Sportscenter while shaving.

It's also time for the instant history shtick to die. A lot of backlash has started happening (not just from Simmons), and it points to a very simple trend: people are getting involved in sports reporting/blogging who know (care?) absolutely nothing about the history of sports -- and don't even take the time to go check. Instead, we're subjected to numerous pop-culture riffs (I think deep down inside Simmons regrets this) and humor over substance. Granted, Dan has eased off on instant history, but it still pops up.

To put it a different way: the e-Ticket article on Miami-Penn State is the best thing that has happened on in a long time. And it wouldn't surprise me if half the people 'reporting' on sports today were even aware of it.

Christian Thoma said...


Trust me, you don't want my job. My frequent posting is tolerated simply because the hell I must live when I'm not on the Internet.

(Plus I only post on a few forum sites across the Web, so I spend more time on individual ones)

Anonymous said...


One of my favorite parts about the DQ that seems to be missing in the new blog were all the non-article items, like the "Who's Got Momentum?" list and the Top 5. Everyone loves a good Top 5.

And yes, there's a little too much CFB. Also, if it's not too much trouble, please learn to upload images.

Christian Thoma said...

Ok, Buzzmaster just totally owned in the Sugar Bowl chat:

Andy (Columbus, Ohio)
I noticed, much to my distaste, the commentators often talk a great deal during the game. I understand this is their job, but they successfully talked their way through two and a half plays as well as a penalty which, because of the commentators, went unheard. I am in the opinion that when they speak, they should be speaking about the football game or maybe giving updates on a seperate game. Their talking drove me to the point that I had to turn the game off just to find some reprieve.

Yes, you clearly favor brevity of verbage.

I don't think I've ever laughed that loud in a chat before.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shanoff. Can we just take a collection for Shanoff? Do you want us to mass-mail the ESPN ombudsman instead of this silliness? Because I can't think of 2 other blogs to nominate.

Mikepcfl said...

So much negativity. Anyway Dan, you will get my vote. I've had a few Guninnesses, so I would vote for anyone now. :-)

Anonymous said...

I can't even bother to vote in polls. I don't want to move my mouse cursor over to the far right.

I'd vote to nominate you, despite my reservations. lol For fuck's sake, some people on here are acting with the same self-righteousness as the dumbasses who vote in the baseball HOF.

Still, you need to host this site yourself or something. It just looks too generic on blogger.

CMFost said...


The only reason I can post so often is I have a job where I am on the phone 90% and that give me time to type and put out ideas.

I do agree that Dan needs to add some people that can help do posts during the day when a big story breaks.

I like the ideas that was put out about bring back the top 5 lists and I have been puching bringing back studs and duds from the previous day.

Anonymous said...

i think dan's upset. he's not posting yet today. hehe

dawg gone round the world said...

I like the idea of bringing back top 5s. whose got Mo, studs and duds. some of those things were what I liked best about the DQ

Anonymous said...

I went on the site to vote. I had to vote for 3 sites. This is the only blogger site I ever go to so I didn't vote since I don't know two other sports blogs.

To all the critics out there, realize that when you are paid to write a daily column for ESPN, that is your job and there are people around to support you in such things as proof reading, fact checking, formatting the page, drawing cartoons, etc.

I assume Dan is spending most of his day looking for a job and doing this blog just to keep up on things and keep his name in circulation.

Kevin said...

I really like the idea of Dan responding to some of the comments. If I remember correctly, he used to respond to some of the comments a few months ago, but I think he may have stopped because other commenters were pretending to be him.

Sometimes it feels like Dan is the group discussion leader who throws out some topics and lets everyone else discuss them. I'd like more dialogue from him. (This is not a criticism, just an observation/suggestion).

Sean said...

I agree with most that the old quickie faves are missing (top 5, mo and no-mo, etc.) As mentioned, those are what I look forward to! And, I also notice that Dan hasn't replied or acknowledged much of our comments and suggestions.

Bring back the old style quickie!