Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday P.M. Quickie: For Gilbert? Anything.

(1) Arenas' 51: Gilbert's recent shooting slump had me worried for a second. Then he dropped 51 on the Jazz today, including a game-winning 3 at the buzzer. All remains right in the world.

(2) Adrian Peterson turning pro: Of course he's leaving early. He's a Top 10 talent. He should have been able to leave after his monster freshman season, but that's another argument.

(3) Ted Ginn Jr. turning pro, too: Is he the offensive version of Devin Hester? (Bigger: Did his dad really tell him to stay out of the BCS title game after his game-opening injury?)

(4) Webber to the Pistons: What does it say about C-Webb's career of reluctant success that he'll likely thrive in the role as Detroit's "5th option?"

(5) New CBB Top 25: Gators back to No. 1. Doesn't it make you sick? (I didn't comment on the UNC loss from the weekend. (a) They were due. (b) How 'bout them Hokies?)

(6) The biggest media-manufactured non-story of the weekend? The argument about the Pats' so-called "classlessness" in the way they celebrated their win over the Chargers. Zzz...


Anonymous said...

Hey San Diego and the Media, The Patriots celebrating should be none story. The Patriots winning a game they should of lost should be the story. BUT Tomlinson has to cry and be a sore loser and show that all is, is a cry baby and the media of course blows it out proportion.

Watch the Patriots will win Sunday and there will some contversial call and that all we will her from the AFC Championship Game until the Super Bowl.


Anonymous said...

And remember LdT, "Stay Classy, San Diego."

EPorvaznik said...

>>And remember LdT, "Stay Classy, San Diego." >>

Or simply agree to disagree with the way the Pats do their dancin'.

WuzUpG said...

How can San Diego say that New England was classless for doing the Merriman dance? Is it classless for Merriman to dance after he sacks a QB (in his face, no less)?

If they didn't want any celebrating on their field, then win the game.

EPorvaznik said...

Well, LDT will have plenty of time for jogging in the off-season. I believe the "j" is silent. I don't know.

Unknown said...

no no no. The biggest media-manufactured non-story is the whole everyone rooting for Saints line of thought.

Giving the Pats a free pass is lame.

Don't think Ginn will flop in the NFL...though that depends on what you expect him to be. I think Ginn will be a PR/KR and an outside receiver in a 4-5 WR offense. I think he'll be very good at that.

jhawkjjm said...

Actually I found it funny that Merriman did his dance after hitting Brady, not even getting a sack. That was the last I heard from him in that game too.

But SD and specifically LdT are coming off as a whiney babies. I actually lost respect for LdT because of his little rant. He should be pissed because his teammates and coach lost him the game. There's lots of focus on the lost timeout on the replay, but what about the one where Rivers called a timeout after an injury timeout!

I'm just upset the Colts made it to the championship, its a lose-lose situation. Either the Pats win and all we here about is how Peyton still can't win. Or the Colts win and all we here is that Peyton finally won a big game. I hate two freaking weeks between the championships and the SB. The media talks about the same thing over and over and over and over and over... did you know that Bettis was going home for last years SB?

TJ said...

Sadly the Gators #1 ranking is not a non-story, but rather solid proof that we'll be losing to Ole Miss this Saturday. I'd rather it not happen, but when your team has never won a game against a legitimate team while holding the number 1 ranking... well, I'd rather not repeat yesterday's superstition discussion, but yeah. Not good.