Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sunday 04/08 Quickie:
Tiger Wins Ugly (So What?)

Wow, slow day or what? Sorry for the late start...

Masters: With everyone on the wrong side of par, this could be Tiger's ugliest Masters win ever. Which, of course, would have novelty in and of itself. Given his prodigious total, no one will remember if he wins "ugly." Just that he wins. (It raises an interesting question whether fans care at all about scores -- or simply care that Tiger is in the final pair, no matter what his number is.)

When does NFL Draft talk ramp up? Come on!

Speaking of draft, Kevin Durant is going to declare for the NBA Draft (gee: surprised?). I think he'll go No. 2 behind Oden, unless Oden doesn't turn pro.

Durant's comps: As I've been saying since December, Durant's best-case is to be the next Dirk; his worst-case is to be the next Rashard Lewis, a tall 3-point shooter stuck playing next to a gunner.

(And I strongly disagree with people who think Durant somehow will redefine the NBA forward position.)

Sorry for the light day today. Back to full speed tomorrow.

-- D.S.


Unknown said...

No love for the amazing Frozen Four finale?

Unknown said...

ya know, Dan isn't ESPN. he doesn't have to cover EVERYTHING.

besides, MSU sucks. :p

if tiger wins, noone will remember how the course won this year.

Anonymous said...

Just logged on to check all of the baseball scores, and it looks like a damn tennis tourney is going on:

As of 4:07pm EST:

Atl 3, NYM 2
Bal 6, NYY 4
Fla 6, Phi 4
Pit 6, Cin 3 (Final)
Ari 3, Was 1
Tor 6, TB 3
Min 3, CWS 0
Mil 6, ChC 4
Stl 4, Hou 0
KC 2, Det 0
Oak 0, LAA 0
LAD 0, SF 0
Col 0, SD 0

Not that anyone really cares... I just saw all of the 6-3, 6-4 scores and thought of tennis. Like Dan said... slow day so far. Just waiting for Tiger to melt down so the media can stop slurping him.

Unknown said...

dont think Tiger will melt down. don't think he'll win either. the course whupped them all.

Anonymous said...

Zach Johnson is looking rock solid!

Anonymous said...

Helluva shot by Tiger on 13... to within 2 feet?

Anonymous said...

Zach Johnson to even par! Guaranteed winner here. 3 up now.

Anonymous said...

Tiger's in the water, tourney over.

Anonymous said...

Zoinks! Maybe not. Johnson choking on 17 and 18, Tiger within 2, Rose within 1. Wow, I love The Masters.

Anonymous said...

Yo Dan, can you raise a question tomorrow morning? Tiger (unless he eagles 18) has still never won a major that he wasn't leading after 54 holes. It's hard to call a 12-time major champion a choker, but he is a pure front-runner.... he has never come from behind (overall) on the last day.

Does that say anything about him?

I think we could get 100+ posts on just this one issue, nevermind the slate of great MLB games today.

Anonymous said...

i am sick of people who are going to redefine the foward position, it has not happened at all. Tim Thomas, no, antoine walker, no, larry johson (maybe if not injured but really no,) kg (no because there is no one else like him, just as magic did not redefine point guard kg can't redefine foward.) durant, no.

BobbyStompy said...

Bet if Durant went to Florida you'd like him!

TJ said...

Hey, the Quickie jinx is back. Whoops for Tiger.

Anonymous said...

more so to my previous point, durant does not have to redefine the foward position, any team would take a 22-28 pt 8-11 reb guy (this is about how i see him in the nba) without delay. Also could someone fill me in on the suns pick situation, do they have the hawks pick so long as it is not top 3 or top 4?

Unknown said...

i dont think you can label Tiger a choker. if you are down going into the final round, you aren't the favorite. It's not like Tiger was in the lead, then lost it. I think its more telling that the man rarely (never?) loses a lead going into the final round.

m8r said...

The new ESPN ombudsman thinks everything's ok with Schrutebag long as he got reprimanded. Check out her new article.... interesting how lightly she takes it. I disagree, but I'm curious as to your take on it, and the quickie readers takes on her response to him shutting down My opinion is spelled out on my blog, curious as to others.

CMFost said...

Hey Dan, Nice Job jinxing Tiger.

Unknown said...

its not the reprimand she's happy with, its the new 'zero tolerance policy' that espn enacted because of it.
i didn' tthink she was taking it lightly. She's just writing in the rarest of a professional manner.