Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yahoo Buying for $100 Million?!

Had to post on this: Yahoo Buying for $100 million? Wow. Wow. Wow. (via, a phenomenal site and one of my favorites.)


Anonymous said...,Danis such a waste.Even though, they give a lot of info on high school athletic rumors (like ESPN Insider) uh,you can get that off of for free.(message boards) I've even seen my favorite college blogger( BC Eagles Blog)point out many times by Rivals use for plagiarism.

Anonymous said...

how in the hell is worth a million dollars? I agree with ryan from boston, ma.

ATL_eagle said...

Ryan, thanks for the hat tip. I don't want to lump all rivals sites with Eagle Action (which has been caught plagiarising). Yahoo will hopefully hold Rivals to a higher standard. The irony of all of this is that Rivals could have bought Rivals when it was on its last leg in 2001 for a lot less than $100 M.

Kurt said...

Good job, you copied's homepage EXACTLY.

Anonymous said...

dan. I think that i have the raidrs 2 in the mock draft. I was wondering if you think this is a good trade. Raiders 2 and moss for browns 1.

Unknown said... Love them. If a player is being offered by Ohio State...he has 4-5 stars. If the same player then decides to go to a MAC school, despite still being offered by a B10 school, he would be re-rated at 2-3 stars.