Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday 04/17 A.M. Quickie:
Today, We Are All Hokies Fans

The tragic Virginia Tech massacre remains at the front of my mind -- and I'm sure many of yours. It's awful in a way that makes a mere blog post about it seem (even more) superficial, even with the most heartfelt intentions.

I was certainly relieved to hear that super-Commenter Rafael, who is down there, was OK, as was my sports-blogging comrade Nick D. from The Dugout and AOL Fanhouse, who is a student down there. (Read his account here. And here's an update post from today.)

I'm sure everyone on this blog could find a one- or two-degree connection to Virginia Tech.

It's interesting: The way most fans (readers of this blog and otherwise) relate to Virginia Tech is through sports. We "know" the Hokies -- we feel a connection to them -- because we see them throughout the ACC schedule in football, where they are a perennial Top 20 power, and hoops, where they just finished their "breakout" season.

I don't mean to diminish the heart-breaking scope of the tragedy at all by saying that it has irrevocably changed the way we will think of Virginia Tech in sports. But the school's name, when you think of it in a sports context, will always be connected to this tragedy.

You can root against the Hokies on the field or court, but -- from yesterday's tragedy onward -- at least a small piece of you will always sympathize with their students, staff and fans.

More from around a numbed sports world:

MLB: Dmitri Young gets my Stud for his day-late "42" tribute, which included 3 hits and 2 RBI in a Nats win (Nats win!) over the Braves. (Runner-up: Barry Zito, getting his first win with the Giants.)

Alfonso Soriano gets my "Dud" for the day: Who had "April 16" in the "Pricey Cubs Free Agent Gets Hurt" office pool?

Madden Jinx Watch: Vince Young is going to be on the cover of Maddden '08. That sound you hear is the collective screams of all Titans (and VY) fans who cringe at the inevitable season-ending injury.

NBA: Duncan vs. Crawford, Cont'd! Sorry I missed this yesterday. A classic episode of "WTF?!" (MJD has a clever take.)

More: I hate to say "I told you so," but it looks like the Sonics are moving. Will Oklahoma City fans get a seamless transition from the Hornets to the Sonics? (And how does that work? You're a huge adopted Hornets fan, then all of a sudden you're a huge adopted Sonics fan? Hey, it works for me -- and it's better than nothing.)

Boston Marathon: I like the story about the astronaut who ran it in space. (Good news: No Heartbreak Hill. Bad news: No Wellesley Mile.)

NFL Draft: Great rumor! The Bucs reportedly (via Yahoo) are willing to throw a ton of draft picks at the Raiders to jump from No. 4 to No. 1, presumably to draft Calvin Johnson (who, as those of you tracking the Sports Blogger NFL Mock Draft know, I/we tabbed as the Best Player Available in the draft with the No. 1 overall pick).

(Question: For these mock drafts, this one and others, are you judged by your ability to match (a) player to team or (b) player to draft slot? I'm seriously asking.)

NFLPA takes on its retirees: In theory, this shouldn't be a battle the NFLPA would win, but fans seem to care about NFL retirees about as much as the players' union (which is to say, not much).

Media: Olbermann to NBC's "Football Night in America." As I said yesterday, this is precisely the kind of smart move that can only help the show, which struggled in its rookie year.

Weekend Remainder: I totally forgot to throw out a huge "Yes!" for Chicago being picked as the USOC's contender city for the 2016 Olympics.

-- D.S.


RevScottDeMangeMD said...

Olbermann is a liberal douchebag. Admit it Dan...it's a guarentee that he will somehow bash Bill O'Reilly every show. And before we make this a "Republican/Democrat" debate, let me just say that I hate Bill O'Reilly too. Both him and Olbermann are pompous jerk-offs and think they are God's gift to the world and that their shit don't stink. For all I care, O'Reilly can go sexually harass someone and Olbermann can continue to be a womanizing premature ejaculater.

Oh and Chicago for the Olympics? Note to self: Don't go near Chicago 4 years before that event. Anyone ever been to taste of Chicago? Multiply that by 100. Middle of summer in Chicago full of millions more people? No thanks.

Sorry...I'm angry today!

J Fitty said...

Very true. Unfortunately, VT is no longer Michael Vick, Frank Beamer, and Seth Greenburg. Now it is 33 dead...the "Massacre at Virginia Tech." Such a sad and tragic event. Many thoughts and prayers go to the whole VT community, alumni, and friends...especially those directly affected by the loss of life and injuries. God bles you all.

Matt T said...

Bobby Cox got his first ejection of the year. Only 6 more to break the record.

How many more people are they going to get for football night? As much as I dislike Berman, tWWL's Sunday Countdown was much better.

Unknown said...

Olbermann is a solid sports commentator. I'm for it.

And I'm glad to discover that Rafael is ok.

Dan Shanoff said...

I appreciate your loathing of Olbermann, but anyone who remembers his legendary role on SportsCenter knows that -- Countdown aside -- he is a clever and insightful sports anchor. In that respect, he will help the show, which was otherwise totally bland (aside from Collinsworth). I actually think he'll put up a wall between "Countdown Keith" and "FNIA Keith" and stick to the NFL. And, for all his faults, I see him as a truth-teller, which will be the REAL intrigue: What happens when he starts ripping on NFL storylines?

Brian in Oxford said...

I think Olbermann should be required to grow back his mustache from the "Big Show" days. Now THAT would be must-see TV.

My wife says some of the killings were on the floor of her old dorm at VT.

Did Zito change his delivery back?

I'm amused that the Red Sox seem to have no problem with the Angels, but the Yankees always seem to have fits playing them.

Let's think NBA realignment. OKC Sonics would have to move Memphis out of the Southwest, no? Maybe Memphis to the Central in the East, and Milwaukee to the Northwest? Bucks were in the Western Conference way back when....

Richard K. said...


First on a minor note, I'm in a draft pool at work. We fillin all 32 slots in round 1. Teams are worth 1 point and players are worth 5.

On a more serious note, when I was at VT in Fall 2005 for the GT/VT game, I was at a party and apparantly was competing with one of the guys shot yesterday over the same girl. I was however glad to hear that he's going to make a full recovery.

Dan Shanoff said...

As you all know, I'm not very good with gravitas, so if you didn't like the lead item of the post this morning, let me know. I usually use this first hour of comments to edit the post based on your reactions. Please be assured that my intention was to be completely respectful. Any time you try to link sports to tragedy, it has the potential to come across as superficial, for a topic where there is no room for that.

CMFost said...

REV - YOu need to serparte your personal thoughts on KO and remember he is a solid sportscaster. If you listen to him during he daily hour long radio appearance with Dan Patrick on ESPn Radio you will know that when he is dealing in the sports world he keeps politics out of it. He will be good in the role with FNIA and he will also be a voice of reason when it comes to the problems of this country.

CMFost said...

Dan, Your take on KO is dead on. He is the only person in the media that is willing to tell the truth no matter who offends or hurts. That is what makes him a great voice for both our country but hopefully he will not hold back and say what he is thinking when it comes to the NFL.

Natsfan74 said...

I do not know that it is possible to imbue any article with the gravitas necessary for covering such a horrible event. But a heartfelt acknowledgement of the event is a great way to start.

Last night, at the Nationals game (Nats Win! 3 of 4), the moment of silence had such a chilling effect, as there were Tech alum all around. Perhaps the 2 best tributes I saw were a Virginia fan who drew the T onto his hat, making the VT look like Tech did to the Virginia football field 2 years ago, and a fan who brought a large Tech blanket to the stadium and displayed it over a few rows of chairs (there was plenty of empty space available for tributes).

I am glad you brought the Keith Olbermann thing up again, as it would have been inappropriate to call him a liberal d-bag yesterday. Keith was great on Sports Center, and could be a very reliable sports personality for the FNIA crowd. But, I find his liberal screed far too antagonizing for something as mainstream as FNIA. I am surprised that NBC would put someone so potentially polarizing in such an important position while trying to lure in a new fan base. I have never seen the complete demographics of the NFL fan base, but having been to games in a lot of stadiums, I would bet the average NFL fan tends to be a bit more conservative (not as much as NASCAR, but sports sell and really unite in small towns and rural areas). Having been to Iraq and burried friends and roommates over the past 4 years, I will not watch FNIA as long as that liberal d-bag who gets beat up by 5 year old girls (read the New Yorker) is associated with that show.

J Fitty said...

Dan, I think Hokie Nation has to be your lead item today, and you posted appropriately.

~Josh - Husband of a Hokie, Brother of a Hokie

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

cmfost...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? i turn off that hour of the dan patrick show b/c of olbermann. how can you say he doesn't bring up o'reilly? he does it almost EVERY day? he constantly rips him and even throws his own co-workers and superiors under the bus. why do you think he got fired from ESPN? he went apeshit and treated every like a dick.

Unknown said...

KO will be super sweet. Granted he is quite liberal but see him on the Dan Patrick show. Humor abounds i tell you. He'll be great on NBC.

As for the VT situation. what can you say? there is no way to properly talk about it b/c its just such a horrific item.

As for the Sonics moving... The re alignment is going to have to be done. There is nothing else to it. Moving Memphis to the East isn't a horrid idea. W/ Mil to the West. or just re align the whole NBA into N/S.

thistlewarrior said...

Glad that rafael's OK. I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like; the cell-phone video outside the building that was on CNN was absolutely chilling. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and all the VT family.

ToddTheJackass said...

I love Olbermann. Loved him doing sports, love him doing politics (though Jon Stewart is better). But I think he'll stick to sports for Sunday nights, and I'd be very surprised if he injected any politics into it. Even though I agree with most of what he says politically, it would be inappropriate of him to use football night in america as a political forum. I don't think he'd do that though.

Anyway, Dan, I think acknowledging the V-Tech thing the way you did was fine and very appropriate. V-Tech is an ACC rival and a former Big East rival of BC, but I think there's no doubt that everyone's hearts goes out to the people of that community. This transcends any sports allegiances.

jhawkjjm said...

How long ago was Olbermann on ESPN doing Sportscenter with Dan Patrick? 10 years at least? That's why he WON'T work on the NBC show. He's been too far removed from the sporting world for him to carry much name recognition and credibility.

I couldn't stand watching FNIA last year and having him isn't going to make me tune in now.

CMFost said...

For those of you (rev and natsfan) who think KO is a liberal DB read the article that I have linked below. And you will find out that he is more of a moderate and that the reason he seems to be so heavy liberal is because of all the Fuck ups that are being created by our current "leadership" in the White House.

here is the article

CMFost said...

hey Rev, If you do not listen to the Dan Patrick show when Keith is own how do you know what he talks about.

CMFost said...

Ok I am going to get away from the political stuff because it will only get ugly.

STUD - Beckett - 3-0 with a 1.50 ERA another solid start yesterday.

DUD - E. Santana - 6 Runs in the first ouch.

CMFost said...

Oh yeah and I guess the theory that now that the Celtics have clinched the 2nd worth record they may actually start trying to win comes true. With a win over Miami with all there best healthy players on the floor at the end of the game

ToddTheJackass said...

@Natsfan, Without getting into too much of a political debate, in all fairness it wasn't Olbermann that sent anyone to die in Iraq under false pretenses... (but can we keep this to a sports blog, please?)

MLB Studs and Duds:

1. Barry Zito
2. Brad Penny
3. Ivan Rodriguez
4. Bill Hall
5. Julio Lugo

1. Clay Hensley
2. Zach Greinke
3. Jae Kuk Ryu
4. Ervin Santana
5. Pizza Throwing Dude at Fenway

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

I said I don't listen to it anymore b/c of his politcally views. Unless he has been told to stop (which I doubt) then he is still doing it. In fact, I'll go ahead and listen today and keep a log of how many times he brings in politics.

it's funny...i can't even fathom bad mouthing or disprecting ANY president of the united states. if you have that attitude about our "leadership" cmfost, move out of the country.

Perks said...

Glad to hear Rafael is OK as well.

Lead-in was great Dan. There's no right way to intro it. It was semi-weird/amusing (amusing in a "wow, that was really really weird" not a "ha ha" way) moment yesterday on PTI. Did anyone catch when Wilbon tried to move from the VaTech story to the Duncan incident? He came right out and said "there is no way I can possibly transition this. So, awkwardly, we move to a different story"

Either way, I've got my orange shirt on and maroon loafers at work today. Considering I work at an embassy in D.C., let's see how long it takes until someone gets it or says something

Anonymous said...

vt had to be teh lead it was the main story yesterday. my sister happens to e in college now and this made me fearful for her. I am sorry for any whofeared for the loss of a friend or relative or even worse had those fears confirmed.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

cmfost...i apologize. you are entitled to your opinion. i am just having a very bad day.

and rafael...from one redhawk to another...glad you are ok.

CMFost said...

Rev - The thing I love about this country and the reason I would not move if because if you do not like the leadership or the directions of the country every 2 years you have a chance to Vote and change that direction. And a lot of places that you move to may not offer that kind of freedom.

Sorry - This will be my last politic statement of the day.

Patriots64 said...

Vince on Madden cover!!

An official announcement is expected on Tuesday and Young will appear on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" as part of the kickoff promotion for the newest version the popular NFL video game that is endorsed by NFL Hall of Fame coach and analyst John Madden.

verbal97 said...

I can't believe people have a problem with KO. It's not like Rush Limbaugh is doing football analysis or anything...oh wait.

Dan, there are no words to describe what happened, so mentioning with best intentions is all that anyone can do. The thing that angered me the most was the fact that if he was going to kill himself anyway, why did he have to go ruin the lives of dozens of students and faculty and their families. It was so horrible that in an updated Dante's Inferno, there'd be a special rung of hell devoted to him.

chipp said...

VT: Condolences.

F Her in person tomorrow night: chalk him up for 8 IP, 9 K, 0 R, 1 BB.

Brian in Oxford said...

How about we put Madden on the cover himself, then the jinx can give him some sort of debilitating illness to get him out of the booth for the year! Actually, I'd settle for laryngitis, as I'm not actually wishing him ill.

ToddTheJackass said...

@Brian, when you say that I just imagine some sort of awful turducken incident...

It's interesting they're using VY as the cover boy though, since usually they try and emphasize one position's play in each new year, and usually they choose the cover athlete from that position (Ray Lewis - Hit stick, Shaun Alexander - Juke Stick/Lead blocker, McNabb - Passing Cone). So I wonder if they'll emphasize/introduce a new mechanic for QBs again.

verbal97 said...

How likely is it that VY is on the cover because one or several players declined because of the jinx?

Unknown said...

It is always a near impossible task to sound sincere without being trite or over-doing it with any tragedy.

Last week a coworker lost his 41 year old wife to cancer leaving behind three kids, ages 9, 11 and 13. We all donated to a college fund for his kids and signed a card. 85% of the people wrote our thoughts and prayers are with you. They were all sincere and meant it. I just didn't want to write the same thing.

I ended up writing that I had no words to express how sorry I was and to stay strong.

The truth is, there are no words. For those of us with children, it just makes us want to go home and hug our kids.

I also found out that the 18 year old daughter of a former coworker when I lived in Connecticut hit a tree and has been in a coma for two months. What can you say? My son is 16 in June and gets his learner's permit. Then two years later he goes off to college.

I really don't understand how the parents of the murdered students can ever be happy again. I don't think I ever could be.

Jen said...

Rafael~ So glad to hear that you are ok!

What irritates me about this VT situation, as well as the other shootings, is that these wusses go on their sprees, killing innocent people for whatever their screwed-up reasons are, and then they kill themselves without owning up to the havoc that they have just created for everyone. I can't imagine what would make someone go so nutso.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone close to Virginia Tech. I don't have any ties there personally, but sure feel as if I do today.

Natsfan74 said...

When my wife and I disagree over something, she likes to get her last jab in, and then say "whatever, I'm so done with this conversation" and then ignore anything I ever say in response.

I don't want to make this a political conversation (my comment was about mixing politics with sports), but many of you are fighting the way she does. It's the "let's not make this political, so this is all I am going to say that is political and then I'm moving on screed".

Sports is one thing that unifies us in America. Everyone can get behind their team and enjoy sports without thinking about who the player voted for in the last election (well, except for Curt Schilling). Making sports political could only hurt this great relationship. I don't care if the commentator is a liberal or not (we see how well Rush Limbaugh worked out). I care that the focus is not on sports it's on the personality who is covering the sport. I cannot believe that NBC would take such a risk on a fledgling program.

Jingoist said...

First and foremost my take on yesterday's tragedy... here I am for the second straight day just staring at the screen for what seems like endless lapses in time as I keep having to pause because such a senseless and tragic event has defied my comprehension. Seriously, it took me 10 minutes to type this far.

I was going to write about the Sonics move and some other brief thoughts on sports, but I think I'm abstaining today.

verbal97 said...


But see, I don't equate Olberman as liberal in the same way I equate Limbaugh as "conservative". And I feel a lot of people think the same. I don't think KO has an established enough reputation on the political spectrum to make that broad an association.

Plus, I don't see this as a big risk, simply because the NBC show performed poorly. I predict that Olberman will do well and NBC FNIA will be better off.

TBender said...

Re: Chicago Olympics....

The mess created by the Atlanta games was enough for me to say "whatever."

Rev Scott is deadon with that assessment; his KO take, notsomuch. ;)

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

Maybe the new Madden is going to have an idiot commentator (Merril Hoge) say that a team has set themselves back 5 years by drafting a player (Vince Young) and then the rookie QB goes on to win 8 of his last 9 games. I think that would be nice to play because I know it was nice to watch here in Nashville.

Gawdfather said...

Is this how the meeting went?

Dick Ebersol (prez, NBC Sports): “Hmm, we need to do something for FNIA. What’s the biggest segment of our audience for that show?”

Minion: “Uh, white males.”

Ebersol: “Yes, white males...white males. How did that segment vote in the last election?”

Minion: “Umm, 62% voted for Bush, 37% for Kerry.”

Ebersol: “Hmmm...I’ve got it!!! Let’s put someone who insults Bush every chance he gets on the show!!! Keith Olbermann!!! Damn, I’m a genius.”

Minion: “Uh, sir? That might anger our core audience. Plus, Olbermann is a notorious baseball snob who has shown plenty of contempt for football in the past...”

Ebersol: “Silence! I have already spoken!!! Someone who hates the man the vast majority of our core audience voted for and someone who hates football!!! Make it so!!!”

CMFost said...

Win, how creative, maybe you need to look at the results of the 2006 election though. And also remember it is not just White Males who watch football. It is women, Men and children of all races who watch football.

Jen said...

Just saw the f-wit's picture on MSNBC.com...I got chills and wish I could punch him square in the face. I guess burning in Hell is going to have to do for him. Hope he took his sunscreen, because it's going to be a long haul for him.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the thoughts, everyone. I really appreciate it.

Yesterday was so surreal. While others around me started breaking down, being lifelong natives of the area, I started feeling detached. Best way for me to get through the tense moments, I suppose.
I spent all afternoon and evening in a daze, staring at my wall.

Now that the picture and name of the gunman has been released, I feel nothing but anger and total fury. WHAT THE FUCK!?!

Sports can help people heal, but not yet today. Again, thanks for the thoughts. Be safe.

Gawdfather said...


I used white males since that is what I am and that is, by far, the largest segment of the audience for that show.

I'm simply trying to illustrate the idea that it might not be terribly wise for a network to antagonize the largest segment of its viewing audience for its most expensive show.

hokie316 said...

I'm a frequent reader of this blog, and I don't post often. Just wanted to say thanks for the thoughts, prayers and kind words.

Mike Hull
VT '90

Anonymous said...

wait what feature could vince young bring, it would have to be something with QB or running with a qb or maybe like a big play factor or a clutch factor?

verbal97 said...


I'm guessing you're among the 35% of people who approve of Bush's job.

ToddTheJackass said...


I know for me yesterday that I couldn't really get any sense of reality concerning the situation, being that I don't know anyone at V-Tech, never set foot on the campus, etc.

But your post about being told to keep away from windows, etc., really hit me kind of hard. Made the situation seem all the more real.

I know even though none of us know each other in person, it really did make it feel like I knew someone who might be in danger when you posted yesterday. That sort of put things in perspective for me, but obviously not in any of the sense that what you or anyone else affiliated with the University must be feeling right now.

Again, we're all glad to hear you're all right man.

Anonymous said...

i don;t like olberman either and i think that politicizing a pregame show is not a good idea. although i think he might be entertaining on the show, however remember limbaugh.

chitown italian said...

VT is 32 dead not 33.

You need to leave out the self-centered, emotional problems, inconsiderate ass of a human being that killed 32 innocent students and teachers.

Maybe I am just cynical being a former Marine, but anyone that murders the innocent (then takes their own life) should never be remembered. That is not for me to care about that is for the murderers family to worry about.

I will only remember 32. Prayers and wishes to the deceased and wounded.

Andy said...

As a Christian man, I find it difficult in the VT situation. As angered as I am at this Cho Seung-Hei guy, I also know what the Bible says about "turning the other cheek" and how "blessed are the merciful". It makes it difficult for me. So I will remember all of the 33 dead. I don't believe that Cho was doing this on his own. I believe there were some demons in control.

Off the religious stuff and on to the other thing you're not supposed to talk about: politics. I really haven't listened to KO ever, so I don't know what he talks about or where he stands on anything and I don't really care. Politics do NOT belong on FNIA. It's called Football Night in America for a reason. That's all I have to say about that.

Dan Shanoff said...

Again, I'm pretty sure he'll stick to football and leave the politics on FNIA.

Really terrific, thoughtful comments about VT everyone.

Dan Shanoff said...

Oops. I meant "leave the politics on MSNBC," of course. (Or was it a subconscious slip?)

chitown italian said...

@ Andy, that is why some of us serve. We believe that everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions.

We may disagree on a number but we both agree on it being a sad event in US History.

Andy said...

Yeah we can agree on that chitown. I will go for that.

On a sports note, are we glad as Cubs fans that they won and finally scored some offense? Or are we pissed because Soriano got hurt? I'm kinda torn.

chitown italian said...

I believe it is going to be another long fruitless year. Only two back to back winning seasons since I have lived.

That being said I can't wait for Lou to start kicking them into shape and making them play hard each and every day.

chipp said...

Has Olbermann ever done a pure football show? When I happen to catch him on Dan Patrick, they talk about basketball and football, but he relates everything to baseball. Can he stick with the sport that everyone that will be watching wants to listen to? I see that as the biggest hurdle, however I never saw FNIA last year; was that the precursor to the Sunday night game?

Anonymous said...

what a douche bag comment by Tom O'Brien taking a shot at his former program BC.

""At Boston College, nine or 10 wins a year was about as good as you could do," O'Brien said. "The sky is the limit here. We're not here to win nine or 10 a year. We're here to win more."

well,well,well,he had mind-numbing losses to mediocre to poor teams like Pitt, Cuse, Wake, UNC and this year Miami and NC State. Each and every one of those losses completely ruined any chance we had for being ELIGIBLE for a major BCS bowl(he never took responsibility for them either).He might as well call up each and every player on the BC roster to tell them that they stink.

That comment was not only petty and classless, but a huge slap in the face to the kids who played their hearts out for him over these past years.

Andy said...

I think they're playing hard. I think they are playing dumb though at times too. What'd be nice is if it could stay warm. Yesterday it was beautiful in Chicago and they scored 12 runs. I think that's the key for them.

Brian in Oxford said...

Next question about FNIA. If Olbermann's coming, is anyone else leaving? The show's biggest problem is the same problem all the highlight shows (the FOX/CBS halftimes) have. The ex-players all "get a turn" describing something.

They should try for something different. Olbermann at least is different, I think. But if it's going to be 5 people crammed at that silly sofa....eesh.

(ESPN with Berman and TJ always came off as "less is more" and that's why it's missed.)

Mikepcfl said...

I guess you can chalk me up as one more viewer who'll stop watching FNIA once that prick Olbermann gets on there. I didnt think Limbaugh had any business on ESPN and Olbermann is now firmly entrenched as a political commentator. I'll just keep ESPN on until the game actually starts.

Anonymous said...

Dan,FYI, you can change the cover picture,if you don't like EA's choice of Vince Young.(google madden custom covers..)

verbal97 said...


It's great that Tom O'Brien said that. It's now the responsibility of the new head coach to print that out in big, bold letters and tape that up in the locker room for all to see.

You forgot to mention the OT loss to Miami in his first season because he didn't know the OT rules. Of course, that was someone else's fault I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

verbal97,remember this...?

It was Thanksgiving Night last year,BC was up 14-10 at Halftime in the drivers seat for an ACC title chance.He made a dumb comment while talking to a smoking hot Erin Andrews, before halftime by saying "We're up, aren't we?"
meaning,Hey! We are winning,so its our job to only protect the lead,not score.

ugh...glad he's gone.

CMFost said...

$7.50 for a slice of pizza and you are going to waste it.

like this
this is a classic.

Brian in Oxford said...

I didn't notice Don and Rem-Dawg making any mention that the fan was probably aiming at the left fielder, not the fan making the play on the ball.

Patriots64 said...

There is very little that could have been done to prevent this from a gun control standpoint, the kid had no criminal record and thus was allowed to purchase a gun and renew his green card. Maybe if the University had cancelled classes after the initial shooting but thats about it!!

My condolences to all the victims and families including the Canadian French teacher killed yesterday in Virginia!!!

Anonymous said...

Referee Joey Crawford Suspended Indefinitely

From David Stern's statement:

"Joey Crawford's handling of this situation failed to meet the standards of professionalism and game management we expect of NBA referees," said Stern. "Especially in light of similar prior acts by this official, a significant suspension is warranted. Although Joey is consistently rated as one of our top referees, he must be held accountable for his actions on the floor, and we will have further discussions with him following the season to be sure he understands his responsibilities."

CMFost said...

talk about ducking the question:

Kevin (Rochester, NY): Let's get to it. What do we do about the "tanking." I know the pc thing to say is that tanking does not exist, the players and coaches are trying to win, etc but it is clear to fans that follow the game closely that it does happen. I like the idea of giving the teams that miss the playoffs with the better records more ping pong balls rather than the other way around so they fight all the way to the end.

SportsNation David Stern: (1:51 PM ET ) I like a system that gives the teams that don't make the playoffs the best chance to improve. What we deal with in all sports is trying to foster competitveness, particulary for those teams that have done very poorly. But there has been a lot of comment about this year and I think it merits our going back and seeing whether the system needs some adjusting.

Brendon Somerfield from Saginaw, Michigan: In your opinion Mr. Stern, do you think the current draft lottery is working? and if not, do you have any ideas for what do to in place of the lottery?

SportsNation David Stern: (1:47 PM ET ) I know there has been suggestion we should unweight it a bit and I would say that is something we will look at after the season is over.

ToddTheJackass said...

I liked Tom O'Brien when he was at BC, but having heard that, it seems about right. Maybe this explains the "BC curse", because he felt it was okay for the team to underachieve...

Good riddance.

Saw Coach Jags in an interview, and he looks to really shake things up at BC, which should be nice. Hopefully no more conservative 2nd and 10 draw plays...

Ummm... from a gun control standpoint, outlawing guns and severely cracking down on illegal guns might prevent something like this from happening, right? [2nd amendment is right to bear arms to form militias to prevent tyranny by the government].

Unknown said...

David Stern has announced that Joey Crawford is suspended for the rest of the season including the playoffs.

Very relevant to 2 of today's sports headlines is a segment coming up on The Big Show. Dan Patrick and Kieth Olbermann will have David Stern in studio at about 2:22 EASTERN, so like 3 minutes.


I am glad you are OK. Not just from the tragic incidents that occured yesterday but from the whooping I gave you this week in the DanShanFan league.

I am only sincere about the former though. But if you are troubled about fantasy baseball I guess the latter as well.

ToddTheJackass said...

I'll be curious to see how Felix Pie does playing CF for the Cubs in Soriano's absence. Granted he likely won't be up for too long, but seeing how he handles himself in the show should be interesting. Seems like that guy has been around forever as a prospect.

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

A one act play written by the killer.

Brian in Oxford said...

I can imagine the Led Zeppelin cover...."Save me a slice of your Felix Pie"

Okay, I know it's Pee-yay, the Spanish word for foot. (Maybe he'll be this generation's Barry Foote.)

Anonymous said...


Jerry West leaving Memphis..


Jen said...


Now that IS disturbing. What a fruit loop.

I am so disgusted that this kid got away with yesterday.

chipp said...

Jonah Keri did the AM Jump today and I like more than Gallo. It's better not to try making each sentence a joke. Keri leaves them for where they are appropriate (Odds/NITI).

ToddTheJackass said...

I know this probably isn't the right venue for this, but I had a thought. You know what's even more sad about all this? This kind of horrific thing seems to happen almost daily in Iraq and in Sudan and in other unstable parts of the world.

I mean we all get so desensitized through the media by body counts in other countries, that until something like this happens in our country, in a setting we all can relate to (College), that it really puts things in perspective.

Anyway, back to sports...

Natsfan74 said...

Todd -- you mean like Saddam Hussein killing 180,000 Shi'ites?

ToddTheJackass said...

I'm pretty sure it was Kurds... and the total is probably higher. Genocide is in a whole other category of unfathomableness... (shiver)

But no, I meant more in the
present, you seemingly everyday hear how some mosque or marketplace gets bombed and X number of people die. My point is that it's just hard to imagine living anywhere that something like this could be happening on a daily/frequent basis.

Wasn't trying to make this a debate about the Iraq war, just saying that I couldn't imagine living in a place that was unstable enough that tragedies like the V-Tech one could be relatively commonplace.

This event strikes a lot of us, because we can relate to having been in a similar situation (College). We're able to distance ourselves from a situation of tragedy like those in Iraq, or those in Sudan, or elsewhere, but tragic, horrific things like this make you realize how awful it must be to live in a place where you'd legtimately have to fear that such a tragedy could happen to you.

Natsfan74 said...

The funniest thing about O'Brien saying 9-10 wins was enough at BC is that he isn't even coaching a powerhouse now. If he went to Miami or Alabama and said the expectations to win 12 games was there, I would understand. But really, when is he going to win more than 10 at his new school? Seriously?!

David Kippe said...

anyone see Tiki's debut on the Today show. Just curious to know if he did well or not?

Jen said...

I heard the guy who did the video with his cell phone say something along the lines of "I'm used to this since I'm from {the Middle East}" and I interpreted that as it feeling pretty "commonplace" for him. That seemed so surreal to me and I kind of felt sorry for him.

Natsfan74 said...

Actually, Todd, I agree with you. To think that people get on a bus for work every day, not knowing if someone on the bus is going to blow himself up, but knowing that they have to get on the bus to get to work to provide for their family -- that is the type of security we never even think about. There are a lot of places in the world right now where people go about living their life every day not knowing if it is their last day on earth. But they have to keep living, because once they stop that they have nothing else.

One of the scariest incidents in my life is when a boy, probably 7 or 8, walked up to a group of us tossing a hand grenade in the air like he would a baseball and catching it. He knew exactly what it was, and what it could do -- but it did not scare him at all. He wanted to trade it to us for food -- which we happily obliged. But the fact that a young boy had access to a grenade, and knew how to set it off (he described that to us) but had no fear of them was absolutely scary.

But the fact that this horrific incident happened on a college campus makes us all able to relate to it. Now that I ride the metro to work every day, I can see what it must have been like in Spain and London during the train bombings, but I don't fear the trains as I am sure some do in Mumbai and other places.

ToddTheJackass said...

I'm confused about Crawford's suspension. Not reffing Tim Duncan's games I could understand, but that seems pretty harsh.

I've reffed before, and it's unbelievably hard. Sometimes you do lose it, hit a person up with a T who maybe didn't deserve it. You're human, it happens. Even these guys, who are professionals, are still human. It seems like to me that Crawford just snapped. He lost his focus.

But this punishment seems kind of unfair to me, since when a player snaps, throws a ball into the stands, or even causes deliberate physical harm to another person, the penalty is drastically less. Not to mention that the paychecks for refs aren't close to what the players make.

My basic point though is that the NBA is a joke of a league with its superstars getting superstar calls, whining all the time, and playing to a different set of rules. Basically the league is completely accommodating to selfish, one-man against five type-basketball. So why is that when a ref appears to act selfish that we immediately hold him to a different set of standards? This is a selfish league, and Crawford just stepped way over the line, but it's the system that caters all of this.

I'll agree with the point that this is different from an incorrect judgment call, in that this does appear personal (and some sort of penalty is warranted). But why is the penalty for this so much more severe than when a player commits a flagrant foul against another player?

That I don't get.

Brian in Oxford said...

Hey, props to David Arquette singing the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley. He realized really quickly that he was out of key with the organ, and fixed it after the opening line. That can't be easy.

Natsfan74 said...

The difference between the damage a player can do to the game versus what a referee can do to the game is huge though.

And, this is apparently not the first time Crawford has had an incident with the player.

Given that the Rockets beat the Suns last night, the Spurs still had a good chance at getting the #2 seed and home court advantage until the Mavericks series (or throughout, when the Mavs get upset in the first round as Dan predicts). Having Duncan on the court at the end of that Spurs game would have made the game significantly different, and possibly the Spurs win.

So, the referee -- who had a clear bias towards a certain player, cost a team a game that it desperately needed. So, if the Spurs/Suns series goes to 7 games, and the Spurs lose more road games than home games in the series, it could cost them a chance at the Western Conference or NBA titles. No player can make a single action (save for Ron Artest, I guess) that could have that much impact at once over a temper tantrum. At the least, he is costing the Spurs one home playoff game. It could cost them a lot more.

Brian in Oxford said...

Did the Suns give it the all-out effort last night, knowing they've already clinched the 2 spot?

Anonymous said...


Video of pizza chucker..best laugh I've had in a while...
Best part is the announcers laughing hysterically.

Eric said...

I've reffed too, adult rec leagues. It is difficult, I can't imagine how it would be in the NBA. But, Crawford is always noticed. Even casual fans over the years notice him. I couldn't even count the times some non-BB-fan noticed the 'angry bald guy'. Does this one incident warrant a suspension, maybe. Regardless, there's enough noise with this one guy that some statement needs to be made.

John Paul Manahan said...


condolences. maybe this could be their tipping point. frank bemaer announced that spring practices have been postponed


if he was already admonished by stern about it, then he ought to be suspended.

the bigger issue is its repercussions onto officiating from now on...