Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday 05/04 A.M. Quickie:
Biggest. NBA Upset. Ever.

Warriors Mania: They did it! They did it! And, you know what? It wasn't even close. When you win a close-out game by 25 (and a series in 6 games), don't call it an upset. But...

Let's hear it: Biggest. NBA Upset. Ever. At least in terms of the NBA Playoffs: The first time an 8-seed has beaten a 1-seed in a 7-game series. It will rank right up there with the biggest upsets in modern sports history.

Please don't tell diminish the magnitude of this result by saying this Warriors team was "better than an 8-seed." Please: That's never really been how we value upsets.

(And, certainly, the 7-game series – more than anything else existing in sports – is supposed to present the biggest hurdle to an upset. This isn't some "on-any-given-day" March Madness thing; this is winning – decisively, mind you – four games... in six attempts.)

The fact is: This Mavs team had the best record in the NBA this season, but it is meaningless. Epically meaningless.

(It's also the reason that NBA MVP voting shouldn't happen until the end of the playoffs: Anyone who voted for Dirk as NBA MVP is going to look like a complete joke after his performance in this series, particularly last night. How "V" can you possibly be if your team seeded first in the NBA can't make it out of the first round? Here's True Hoop's Henry Abbott on Dirk and the game.)

I'd fire Avery Johnson, too: If he can't get the best Mavs team in franchise history out of the first round of the playoffs, when, exactly WILL he do it? And, insult to injury, he was totally out-coached.

Sure, in the end you can say it was all about "matchups," but I'd prefer to emphasize that a completely unconventional Warriors team – a small lineup of gunners – turned the NBA order on its head.

Here's the universal: If this freakish Warriors team can topple the best team in the league -- decisively -- then there's no reason your team can't win like this either. What Golden State showed is that all it takes is a little imagination.

What an easy team to root for this Golden State squad is. And, guess what: Whether they're playing the Jazz or the Rockets, I think they'll keep it going. But even a trip to the conference finals won't be as amazing as this moment today, when the Warriors made history.

I'll point you to Free Darko. The guys over there will hopefully have even more to say on this throughout the day.

(Did you notice I went through that entire item without bringing up that I actually predicted the Warriors would beat the Mavs? D'oh! By comparison, not a single ESPN "expert" can say the same thing. Sorry: Had to gloat for just a second. It's only May, but I can already say this will be, without question, my Best Prediction of the Year, more than eclipsing my awful prediction the Heat would repeat.)

Kentucky Derby: OK, last year I made my 2006 Prediction of the Year by plucking an otherwise obscure horse named "Barbaro" and picking him in the Quickie to win the Derby. The rest is history.

Now, I'm no racing expert (I read the amazing Joe Drape for that). I picked Barbaro because it was the last name of my favorite roommate ever.

There you go: I pick based on names I like. There are worse systems.

So, for tomorrow? I like "Any Given Saturday" to win. It's clever. It has a sports-centric ring. It has hope.

I'll take Nobiz Like Shobiz to place and Scat Daddy to show. (If you were thinking about backing Tiago, enjoy: It's OJ Simpson's pick, too.)

MLB: Break up the Indians! Cleveland has won 10 of 11.

MLB Stud: Gil Meche. Yes: Gil Meche! The Royals' $55 million man won his third game of the season, handcuffing the Angels to 2 hits in 7 IP, lowering his ERA to 2.23 in 7 starts, third-best in the AL.

(Yes, my MLB offerings today are w-e-a-k. Any help in the comments section would be appreciated.)

Jazz force Game 7 in Houston: I'll take the Rockets at home, setting up a fascinating matchup with the Warriors. How will Houston use Yao against Golden State's smallish "gun-n-gun" lineup?

As for this weekend's conference semis, I'll take the Pistons over the Bulls (what is this, 1990?) and I'll take the Spurs over the Suns.

(Although I'm rooting hard for the Suns. I'm simply too giddy right now about the run-n-gun, free-flowing style similar to the one that the Warriors used to bounce the Mavs. That, and the notion of a Warriors-Suns Western Conference finals blows my mind.)

Kobe wants changes to the Lakers immediately: Well, obviously. He could start by demanding the team trade promising young center Andrew Bynum for players who can help the team win now. Here's what I'd say, but it's unconventional: How about Bynum for Caron Butler, straight up? The Wizards are desperate for a real center; The Lakers are desperate to reclaim Butler's toughness.

College Hoops 3-point line moving? I fully support the attempt to push the line back a foot, from 19-9 to 20-9. The shot, while an "equalizer" has become a lay-up for too many people. I for one would be curious to see (a) how it affects shot selection and (b) how it affects strategy. But I suspect that most true 3-point gunners can hit from a foot deeper with no trouble. At least it's slightly more challenging.

Mayweather-DeLaHoya: OK, I'll take Mayweather, I guess.

Spider-Man 3 opens: I consider "Spider-Man 2" the greatest superhero movie of all time – and one of the best action movies, period, of our generation. So it goes without saying that I'm kind of geeked for 3.

Sorry for the limited items this morning. I'm hustling to get out of town for the weekend. Stay safe and enjoy it. I'll try to update from the road over the weekend.

-- D.S.


jhawkjjm said...

I could care less about the Warriors beating the Mavs. But the hypocrisy of the media is absolutely amazing. All I'm hearing is "Can you build a championship team around Dirk?". This comes a day after saying "Kobe needs more around him". It takes more than 1 player to win. Kobe's done squat without Shaq. Shaq never won on his own. Jordan, Bird, Magic never won on their own. Then again, the hypocrisy doesn't really surprise me.

Studs: Meche, Manny
Duds: Matsuzaka (7 er against the light hitting Mariners???)

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

Spiderman 2? Are you kidding Shanoff? The original Batman will go down as the best super hero film ever.

Overrated series: Spiderman and the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Underrated series: Ocean's...I can't tell you all how excited I am for Ocean's 13. And call me names...but I'm excited for Shrek the Third too. Wow...I really need to stop hanging out with my nieces!

Geoff said...

Dan, when you constantly pick crazy upsets and finally get one right... it kind of takes a little luster off the prediction. But otherwise, yeah, quite an upset. Dirk shriveled up and all, but he was still probably the NBA of the regular season. The playoffs have a separate MVP for the finals for a reason. And besides, if not Dirk than who? Steve Nash? If you want to vote based on playoff performance than what have has the Suns done in the playoffs under his reign so far? One conference final where they got squashed? You would think a 2 time MVP would make the finals at least once.

The Warriors win isn't going to change the NBA or anything. Teams aren't suddenly going to copycat a team that got out of the first round. You kinda have to win something important before anyone copies your style. It might be an entertaining style but it has yet to prove to be a winning style beyond the early rounds.

Very anxious for Spider-Man 3 myself. Got tickets to a very late show tonight at the Imax theater.

Unknown said...

The original Batman? Get off the crack Rev. Batman Begins = better than Batman.

Also, I disagree with the Warriors as the best playoff upset ever. Maybe best non-Finals upset ever, but Pistons-Lakers a few years ago was insane...and I also called it, so woo to me!

Unknown said...

Taking my kids to see the Spiderman 3 movie. Batman Returns was an excellent superhero movie.
I like the X-Men movies as well but I did have my son next to me who is an expert on such things.

Spiderman is a little too much of a wimp for me.

Unknown said...

Oops. I think I meant Batman Begins, not returns. I mean the lastest one that wasn't a continuation of the other films.

Unknown said...

Double OT win for Anaheim over Vancouver. For the life of me, I can't understand how cities like Anaheim, Tampa and Atlanta support NHL teams. Kind of weird to walk in out of 85 degree heat to watch a hockey playoff game.

Wonder Wheel said...

Ocean's 12 my be one of the worst sequels in the last 10 years

ToddTheJackass said...

MLB Studs and Duds:

1. Manny Ramirez
2. Mariano Rivera
3. Gil Meche
4. Wandy Rodriguez
5. Hideki Matsui

1. Jose Valverde
2. Matt Cain
3. Horacio Ramirez
4. Daisuke Matsuzaka
5. Michael Young

Honorary Stud: David Ortiz, for accepting his fate during a [non] rundown, and hugging Mariners 2B Jose Lopez. Classic!

Wonder Wheel said...

Jason, I gotta disagree on the pistons lakers series....Weren't each of those teams the best in their Conference?

Unknown said...

I still think the Van Gundy Knicks going as an 8 seed to the finals is the biggest upset since it was an 8 seed winning three rounds. Sure the first round was only five games back then but that wouldn't have changed a thing. If GS wins its next two series, then they can start talking. Otherwise they just found the right matchups and as you said, they were desperately out coached.

The big storyline is Nelson coming back to beat his old team after being on non-speaking terms with Cuban. What is that the Klingons say about revenge?

Imam Me said...

Avery Johnson? Fired? Come on Dan, get real.

PS The original Batman was the best (Jack carried the movie)

CMFost said...

Kobe should just shut up. He had a chance to win 4,5, 6 who knows how many championships but he got the team to trade away Shaq. He would not be bitching now if that had not happen, He would be on his way to another title.

Spiderman is the best of the comic book remakes by far. the orginal Batman was good but not great and the Oceans series sucks.

CMFost said...

Bobby I agree Jack as the Joker has been the best villian in any of the comic book remakes.

Brian in Oxford said...

I thought the Klingons' line was not about revenge, but about's best served LIVE.

And of course, the first Batman movie was kinda cheesy....all the world leaders dehydrated into powder. Good grief. Although Adam West has parlayed that role into becoming mayor of Quahog, RI. (With help from the Bat Shark Repellent, I suppose....)

Seems as though the Yanks are getting themselves righted. It helps when the schedule gets a bit easier than the Red Sox two straight weekends, too.

Lots of clunker series in the first round. Hopefully the Warriors DO have something going for another round. Does this performance get Nellie more consideration for the Hall of Fame? Aside from the Knicks disaster, he seems to win a lot.

Ducks move on....Rangers tonight try to get a game closer to lubricate Bettman's wet dream of a NY-LA (anaheim) Stanley Cup

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

Batman Begins was fantastic...but the original Batman...nothing will beat that. That MADE Tim Burton (no...Beetlejuice did not). Michael Keaton was the perfect super hero. Mysterious, yet could be bad ass.

Don't get me wrong, Batman Begins was great, but nowhere near as good as the original.

And Ocean's 12 wasn't as cool as Ocean's 11...but was still good. Which brings me to the list...what movies have sequels that are better than the original?

Star Wars? (not a fan so I might be wrong)
LOTR (never seen any of them...just heard through the grapevine)
Indiana Jones (definitely)

Worst Sequel? Hannibal. Red Dragon was great, but Hannibal suuuuuuuucked.

Jingoist said...

Kobe wants changes now? How 'bout trading Kobe as THE change for the Lakers? He's a brat. (Imagine calling a grown man a brat? Yup, that's what comes to mind... spoiled little brat.)

No MLB mention of DUD-K, I mean Dice-K? Man I'm glad my Sox spent $100mil on this guy. Wait til he's been through the entire A.L. and teams start seeing him for the 2nd/3rd time post All-Star break. The counter argument being give the guy at least 1/2 a season in the bigs to warm up and get comfortable in the new environment. But wow, 7ER in 5 IP? Worse still... 5BB to 1K. Biggest. Dud. Last. Night.

Again, my push for NHL coverage. Another OT game. 2-1 Ducks. Ducks win series 4-1. What does it say about the Canucks that they cannot outscore the similarly impotent Ducks? Oh that's right- the Ducks have 2 of the top 3 Defensemen in the league blue lining for them. Incidentally... there have been 17 Round 2 playoff games so far in the NHL. 13 of them have been decided by 1 goal- 13 out of 17 games!!! You must watch this happening (and wager on it). I said it yesterday and I will say it again. Top 3 NHL playoffs of all time.

CMFost said...

Worst Sequel is easy - CADDYSHACK 2

WuzUpG said...

As much as everyone is saying that the Warriors upset Dallas is a farce because the Warriors swept the season series. Moreover, the Warriors are the ones that stopped the Mavs' 17-game win streak.

Do the Warriors actually live up to their name, when Baron Davis, Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson, and Jason Richardson are all playing hurt and still whip the Mavs?

Being at the arena, last night, let me just say it was the loudest crowd that I've ever been in. And, I've been to Sac Kings playoff games, who were known as the loudest. I go to SJ Sharks games, whom are known to be the loudest fans in the NHL. I, also, went to Anaheim with the thunderstix, when they were playing the SF Giants in the World Series. None of them even come close.

Eric Chase said...

Is it really an upset if the better team wins? Sometimes you just have a teams number. I still think Denver's series over Seattle was more of an upset

Irregaahhdless said...

You're an idiot, Dan. Let's analyze why, shall we?

1. "Anyone who voted for Dirk as NBA MVP is going to look like a complete joke after his performance in this series." Really? These folks voted for Dirk based on the criteria given and the body of work presented during the established judging time. The NBA MVP (like it or not) is based on who is deemed the most valuable player during the regular season. The NBA is the joke here, not the voters.

2. "Let's hear it: Biggest. NBA Upset. Ever. At least in terms of the NBA Playoffs." Really? Denver's win over Seattle in 1994 wasn't a bigger upset? The Sonics had the league's best record (63 wins, only four fewer than the Mavs this year) and the Nuggets were 42-40 (same as this year's Warriors). Of course, the Nuggets were down 0-2 in that series and won Game 5 on the road -- two obstacles that make Denver's upset bigger than the Warriors'.

3. "The first time an 8-seed has beaten a 1-seed in a 7-game series." You (and everyone else) need to stop with this 7-game-series nonsense -- dragging it out to hype up Golden State's win (and fueling your pathetic "Instant History" argument). You know how many 8-seeds have had the opportunity to play 1-seeds in a seven-game series? Ten. Not really much of a sample set you're drawing from here.

Geoff said...

Wait, did you just say the Indiana Jones sequels were better than the original? Really?

Unknown said...

Best Sequel Ever - Godfather 2.
Many say Empire Strikes Back was better than original Star Wars but I don't really agree. The the series never got back close to that level.

Now I thought Cheech and Chong's "Next Movie" was one of the funniest movies of all time but I am not sure how many people will agree. I would definitely give that my vote for best comedy sequel which is a much harder feat than a drama. Most sequels to comedies are awful since they already used up all their good jokes.

ToddTheJackass said...

I thought Caddyshack II has the honor of being Worst. Sequel. Ever.

Terminator II (while not my favorite), is always considered superior to the first one. I always loved Back to the Future II and the aforementioned Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, as sequels better than the first in the series.

Also, Ocean's Twelve got ruined with the whole Julia Roberts as Julia Roberts sub-plot. That was "Tom Brady playing the no respect card" lame. (Sorry, but he deserves that after wearing the Yankees hat). He's from CA, right?

Mega said...

Caddyshack 2- why did you have to bring up such painful memories?!

I saw Spiderman 3 last night. It was ok. Meh I say, 2 out of 4 stars. I can't wait for the new Batman.

Chaddogg said...

Detroit over Chicago? Are you nuts?

Look, the lesson of the NBA playoffs this year is that teams that play fast, up-tempo basketball in a ball movement system with multiple scoring threats will win and (in most cases) dominate their slower brethren.

While the Pistons can sometimes play that game, the way the Bulls run it will reduce Webber to a spectator, and neutralize Rasheed. The Bulls are too fast, too talented, and have too many weapons for the Pistons to compete. Plus the Bulls defend the Pistons as well if not better than any other team in the NBA. Plus the Bulls are 3-1 this season against the Pistons (or something like that). Bulls in 6.

I think we're going to see all free-flowing fast teams in the conference finals. I like Golden State against either Houston or the Jazz (particularly against Houston, where the speed will eliminate Yao from the game), the Nets over the Cavs (more weapons), and the Suns over the Spurs. Bulls-Suns in the finals.

Gerard L. Callan said...

how can you consider the GSW upset even an upset at this point

pundits across the country picked them to win. everyone saw that Dallas was vulnerable.

doesnt the nature of an upset imply that no one in their right mind would have predicted the underdog?

everyone loved GSW.

i dont get it?

Unknown said...

I have heard many also say that Terminator II was better than the first one. Maybe in terms of action but I loved the first one.

You may not believe this but I had never seen a commercial for the first Terminator and decided to see it with a friend on the spur of the moment. I didn't even know that Arnold was a robot until he was shot and got up and they showed his vision.

I liked Arnold as the bad cyborg. It was a little too mushy for me at the end of the second one, too much with the Hasta La Vista Baby stuff as well. In the first he was just the raw killing machine who wouldn't stop coming.

The third one was more comical than serious and I found pretty weak.

Actually most 3rd movies in a series suck. Godfather III - crap. Terminator 3, awful. Revenge of the Jedi - too many god damn teddy bears running around.
Even Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams was a big dropoff.

Geoff said...

Chaddogg, uh... what? It's been not even a full round yet? There has been no lesson. If the Bulls were as great as you are describing they wouldn't have limped into the playoffs blowing a #2 seed along the way.

verbal97 said...

Wasn't it already decide the other day that Major League 3 (there really was a 3?!) was the worst sequel ever?

-I actually liked Jedi, but I like closure.
-Godfather 2 was the better of the 2 (notice that I say 2 here)
-Last Crusade was the best Indiana Jones
-Back to the Future 2 was better than the original, too.
-But my favorite sequel was Terminator 2. People forget where special effects was back then (especially painful when re-watching the original), but the liquid villain was awesome.

John said...

The difference between Kobe and Dirk is that Dirk actually has players around him and still managed to screw up badly enough to get his team knocked out in the first round by the #8 seed. Josh Howard, Jason Terry and Jerry Stackhouse are all good players and Dirk couldn't carry them past Golden State. Kobe, with that cast, could've.

I agree though, Denver's upset of Seattle in '94 was a much bigger. They had to win three straight and nobody saw it coming. After Game 1 everyone was giving this series to the Warriors.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

WOAH! Verbal! BTTF 2 was better than the first? No way in hell!

Raiders was the best one...i apologize. b/c that is the first correct?

Obviously no one can beat Superman in a fight (unless you use a kryptonite that movie!). So he doesn't count. Batman would DESTROY Spiderman!

Brian in Oxford said...

Back to the Future 2 is very underrated. Much better than the third one, too, although the whole "trilogy" is very good. Flea!

Just for fun I checked online to see if the scores from Gray's Sports Almanac actually happened in 1955. They did match up.

ToddTheJackass said...

I'm with Verbal, Back to the Future II was better than the original. The Hoverboard, the sports betting? Better than the original.

Also, worthy of mentioning are how the Matrix sequels essentially ruined the first one.

Back to sports, I didn't see the games, but did Torre really need to use Mariano twice yesterday?

jhawkjjm said...

Better sequels than originals:

1. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade . C'mon, they added Sean Connery how can it not be better. I hated Temple of Doom.
2. Empire Strikes Back. Jedi was eh.
3. T2. T3 was eh.

This is the summer of the sequels: Shrek, Spiderman, Pirates, Die Hard, Bourne Ultimatum etc. But don't forget what could be the biggest movie of the summer: Transformers!!!

Dave Jackson said...

Dan, great pick on the Warriors, but I have to laugh at how you keep positioning it differently versus your Heat pick to go all the way.

Saturday, April 28
My erroneous Heat pick would be balanced out if the Warriors take the series from Dallas, which I also picked.

Monday, April 30
My picking the Heat to repeat as champs – d'oh! – is mitigated by my pick of the Warriors to beat the Mavericks. Go Golden State!

Friday, May 4
It's only May, but I can already say this will be, without question, my Best Prediction of the Year, more than eclipsing my awful prediction the Heat would repeat.

First it's balanced, then it's mitigated, and now it's eclipsed picking a team to win 16 playoff games that actually won ZERO.

Dirk Nowitzki officially joins Troy Smith and the entire San Diego Chargers team in the "regular season heroes, playoff invisible men" club for this year.


RevScottDeMangeMD said...

@jhawkjim...i forgot about the bourne trilogy. i gotta admit, matt damon is pretty bad ass in those movies.

i am excited about the die hard...but in a way, kind of nervous to see it. all die hards were pretty good.

Wonder Wheel said...

I think were missing the point on why people are shaking their heads at Dirk...He ain't a leader! He can't Carry his team.. because he can't take over a game...sadly it took a playoff series against a coach who knows his game for this to be realized. A great shooter, and a predictable post game that sometimes shines on defense( When he's not getting taking the hoop, or dunked on)

He ain't the MVP.

Anonymous said...

dude batman sucks his superpower is his richness. that is all. But way to go warriors when baron got hurt I thought they would lose but jackson was incredible.

CMFost said...

Verbal consider how good the first movie was and how bad the second movie was there is no way you can say any movie but Caddyshack 2 is the worst sequel. Major League 3 is close but still not as bad as Caddyshack 2 which might be one of the worst movies ever

verbal97 said...

Saying Back to the Future 2 was better than the first isn't an indictment on the first, which was a great, great movie. But the whole sports almanac changing the course of history was a great addition and made 2 better than the first. And Last Crusade was by FAR the best of the three Indiana Jones movies. Raiders had the cheesiest ending of all time and Temple of Doom is not really that great.

And Todd, no I don't think Torre needed to automatically use Rivera twice in the same day with a three run lead in the second game. And this is why Torre is past it. He's going to end up overusing Rivera and co. early and if the Yankees make the playoffs it will show...AGAIN.

verbal97 said...

cmfost, I didn't see Caddyshack 2 and I didn't hear of Major League 3 until the other day on this blog, when someone said it was the worst sequel, so that's what I was saying. I will have to agree when mentioning the originals that Caddyshack was by far better than Major League

Geoff said...

I thought BTTF2 was inferior to the first one. Although BTTF2 had the superior Jennifer. And Indy3 was very good but I still can pop the first DVD in and watch it almost anytime and I can't say that about the 3rd one.

ndyanksfan05 said...

so much to talk about in MLB and you limit to gil meche...weak stuff. Nice work dice-k. That $100M + is looking not so hot right now.

Studs - Yanks pitching/Sox Bullpen
Duds - Dice K, Stanton (0.0 inn 3ER = infinite ERA)

Bayma said...

Stud: Manny (2-5, 2HR, 3 RBI, including the game winner with a full count and two out in the bottom of the 8th).

Anonymous said...

bthf 2 was better than1. ml 3 was so bad.

ndyanksfan05 said...

i've actually been able to sit through caddyshack II from start to finish - I just can't do it. That could be the worst movie ever (let alone sequel)

ToddTheJackass said...

Yeah, I was at the game and Matsuzaka's control was just bad. Warming up, he was all over the place. And in between innings, he let a couple fly to the backstop, and bounced a couple in. So I think it was more just a really bad night than anything.

But still, he's a better investment than Carl Pavano.

jhawkjjm said...

Why am I not surprised that the Yankees fans are starting to talk crap after their sweep against the Rangers? (Not just on here)

ToddTheJackass said...

The only redeeming quality in Caddyshack II was Randy Quaid, who was actually kind of funny in it. While it's not a good movie, it's made all the worse by being a horrible sequel to one of the greatest sports movies of all-time.

The problem with the first Indy movie is that it really aged poorly. Watching it now, the special effects are laughable. Plus, it doesn't have Sean Connery in it. But we can all agree, Temple of Doom was the worst, even though I liked the mine car scene as a kid.

Dave Kern said...

Good lord, you people have horrendous taste in movies.

David Kippe said...

Superman 2 is the best super hero movie ever, without a doubt

Beetle said...

Okay....before I even read the comments any further......The original Batman is the most OVERRATED superhero movie ever.
It's a lousy movie. Michael Keaton? Mr. Mom as Batman???? Are you kidding me? and the plot stunk, and the action scenes were lousy...sure Jack was great.....but he was like Kobe on the current Lakers with Keaton being Smush Parker.
Batman Begins....great movie....terrible choreography on the fight scenes. Just awful.
Watch the fights scenes in Hero or Crouching Tiger, the go back to the muddled mess that is throw on the screen in Begins.

Also, I was at the Sox game last night. Manny's homers were made more incredible by the fact that the wind was howling straight in all night....just killing all hard hit balls from mere mortals. Manny's first homer to left might have eclipsed the 500 foot mark if he hit it on a warm July night at the Fens.

MLB dud: Julio Lugo.....he made about 5 lousy plays in the field last night....somehow only tallying one error. Dice K should only have had about 4 earned, not 7, all thanks to Lugo who looked clueless out there.

Michael said...

i've said it once, it has already been said today but it bears mentioning. The warriors have won 6 of their last 7 regular season match-ups with the mavs. While seeding may implicate this as a huge upset the only reason you would have picked the Mavs in this series (which I did) is because you thought they had experience and an extra gear and them being a better all around team, which they were, would find them a win. Apparently that was wrong and the obvious mismatches totally played out the way they have been for the last two regular seasons (even before that trade with indiana that brought over Stephen Jackson) thought they would. So way to go out on a limb (not)Dan.

BTTF 2 is not better than 1 because there are so many confusing things about time travel that just make my head hurt when I watch that movie. Frankly while the third isn't really all that great BTTF, as a trilogy is just a fantastic body of work.

I think the same can be said for die-hard and lethal weapon where choosing between one and two is like 6 of one a half dozen of the other. All I know is that when any of these movies are on TV I am absolutley glued to the couch.

The thing that confuses me about Dice-k is that there is always one inning in every game he pitches (except probably that first KC game) where the wheels come off of his control and he pitches like crap. Runs are never spread around there is always just that one BAD inning. So I think we have seen what he is capable of and if he can fix that control I'd say it will pan out into a wise investment.

Finally the kryptonite condom is from mallrats.

ToddTheJackass said...

I'm with you Beetle, I was about 6 rows behind Manny's 2nd HR. The Mariners hit a few balls that could've been gone (or doubles at the least), but the wind helped them to be flyouts to Coco.

But as for Lugo, I think only one of his "errors" would've prevented a run, so I think really they basically all were earned. Also, even if Lugo's high throw were on target, Betancourt still might've been safe. But at least he made up for it by hitting the ground rule double with the bases loaded.

ToddTheJackass said...

Also, it came out that Hancock was over the legal limit when he got in his accident.

MLB really needs to do something about cracking down on alcohol usage, especially not offering it in the clubhouse, if players are driving home.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Clooney was talking about Ocean's Twelve not too long ago and he said something to the effect of "Yeah, that movie was really not good, and that's our fault."

As for best Superhero movies of all time:

1.) Batman Begins
2.) X-Men
3.) Superman
4.) X2
5.) Spider-Man 2
6.) Batman (1989)
7.) Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (I'm going to regret this choice in a month I'm sure)
8.) Batman and Robin (Kidding People)
8.) Spider-Man and Spider-Man 3 (3 is all over the damn place in terms of quality.
10.) Batman (1966) funniest superhero movie ever

Tino said...

jhawkjjm - what Yankee fans are talking trash on here? I don't see anyone talking trash. Jeez, sensitive.

And the original Back to the Future is so much better than the sequel. The sequel (which doesn't suck, mind you) is based on the premise that an old Biff steals the Delorian, automatically knows how to use it and goes back in time to give young Biff the almanac. Old Biff just randomly knows how to use a time machine? Entertaining, but a little ridiculous.

Unknown said...

I'm excited for Spiderman 3 but I didn't think that Spiderman 2 was better than Spiderman.

The X-Men trilogy was pretty solid but Fantastic 4 wasn't although I'm looking forward to Rise of the Silver Surfer.

As for Back to the Future...
I draw a line in the sand between #1 and #2. I'd say that #1 was better but that I liked #2 more.

Major League 2 was pretty good but #3 was horrific.

I can't believe there were people who thought that Ocean's 12 was good. That movie was terrible. The whole Julia Roberts thing was retarded. I will see Ocean's 13 in order to give it a chane at repentence.

The original Ocean's movie was great but it came out at the same time as The Italian Job which I also thought was great.

Keep in mind that the sequel to The Italian Job....
The Brazilian Job comes out next year. THAT I can't wait for.

verbal97 said...

Did anyone see the REAL original Ocean's 11? I absolutely loved the Clooney, Pitt, etc. one though. And Ocean's 12 was a HUGE disappointment.

Reflecting back on Major League, I'm calling bullshit on that one. Yes, it's a good movie, but it's far from great. A catcher with bad knees beating out a bunt single that drove home the winning run from second?! That's ridiculous.

Jen said...

What about horror movies? Almost all of the originals (Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.) were better than the sequels. I think Friday the 13th Part II was good, but the original definitely set the tone for not wanting to go to a camp.

Sad about Hancock...not only was he drunk, but he was speeding and talking on his cell. I would have hated to have been that person on the other end.

jhawkjjm said...

tino- I didn't say just on here. But the comment by ndyanks against Matsuzaka is funny considering a few days ago Yankees fans would kill for a start like that and the money spent on Pavano. But again, I said its not just here.

And the ultimate sequel that blows its predecessors out of the water: Army of Darkness!!!

Unknown said...

In my "expert" NBA opinion the Warriors can come out of this and win the next round, but only if they play the Rockets. If you aren't a big basketball fan you might want to stop reading right here...

The Jazz would get past the Warriors because the can run and pass better at their own game. Mehmet Okur is a big man that can run and shoot the 3. The only way the Warriors could defend that would be to use Nellie's "Dirk Nowitzki Defense" (Patent Pending). If they used that defense to stop Okur they would have a problem with Deron Williams though. The way they kept Terry on the outside is because he likes to shoot whereas Deron doesn't. He would drive and the defense would implode. Not to mention that AK47 is the type of scavenger defender that could stop Golden State's pace.

If they play the Rockets thou, they have a chance. They use Nellie's "Dirk Nowitzki Defense" (patent pending) on T-Mac. While it won't crush T-Mac like it did Dirk because he is a top 5 scoring talent in NBA history, it will bother him enough that he won't score without missing enough shots for the Warriors to transition Yao right out of the gym.

Geoff said...

Jen, and they are reporting he had dope in the car too.

Melbye said...

Tino: honestly, Biff just had to push some buttons, it couldn't have been that hard...

guyinthecorner: Ocean's 12 wasn't as bad as you make it, could have been worse. Still has that oh damn moment at the end when everything is revealed.

Verbal97: Jake did not have to beat it out to win the game, there was only 1 out. And if you recall it wasn't the knees that were the issue, he tweaked a hammy earlier in the game.

It's a tie in my book between Caddyshack 2 and Slapshot 2 as the worst sports sequals ever.

verbal97 said...

Wait a second...there was a Slapshot 2?!?!?!

I know he didn't HAVE to beat out the bunt, but he did...and Hayes still scored from second on a bunt that was fielded cleanly (i.e., not thrown into right field).

ToddTheJackass said...

I feel it's time for some Friday list mania! How about Top 5 Sports Movies of All-Time?

Unknown said...

Derby Pick: Street Sense
2nd: Any Given Saturday
Sleeper to finish 3rd: Tiago

ToddTheJackass said...

Top 5 Sports Movies:

1. Field of Dreams
2. Rocky
3. Caddyshack
4. Bull Durham
5. Brian's Song

(Bull Durham gets points deducted for how it degrades into a love story at the end).

Brian in Oxford said...

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey isn't exactly a stellar sequel. That stupid song by Kiss pretty much killed any shot it had at redeeming itself.

todd said...

Off topic, but was looking at Bonds' stats for this year. We can assume he is as clean as everyone else since he probably gets tested every 5 mins. If he keeps up his current pace he will be above his career avg in BA, OPS and HRs. Given that he's clean and is having an above avg year, can we stop the BS about putting an asterisk next to his HR record and accept that just maybe he is a goddamn good baseball player?

Unknown said...
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ToddTheJackass said...

@[other]Todd, Do we really know Bonds is clean? I mean with no HGH testing, there's no one that's totally free from any suspicion (except maybe Eckstein and Pedroia).

verbal97 said...
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Jen said...

geoff~ Yeah, I read that he had 8 grams and a pipe, I forgot that. Wow, all he was missing was what? A prostitute?

Jen said...


verbal97 said...

revised: I left off Rocky because it's in a different league to the rest.

5. Bad News Bears
4. Slapshot
3. Field of Dreams
2. Caddyshack
1. Big Lebowski*

*Bowling is not much less of a sport than golf...and I know that it's technically not a sports movie, but it is one of my favorite movies of all time.

honorable mentions (in no particular order): Major League, Happy Gilmore, Bull Durham, Remember the Titans, Kingpin, Tin Cup, Eight Men Out, Pride of the Yankees, Jerry Maguire, A League of their Own and Little Big League

Unknown said...

I'll go 10 deep...

1. Hoosiers
2. Field of Dreams
3. Rocky
4. Rocky 3
5. The Natural
6. Bull Durham
7. The Longest Yard
8. Major League
9. Remember the Titans
10. We Are Marshall

My liking of #10 could slow down over time

David Kippe said...

how can anyone make a greatest sports list and not have Hoosiers in the top 5?

David Kippe said...

and of course someone puts in number 1 at the same time i say that. lol

verbal97 said...

I've never seen Hoosiers...probably because I don't like basketball.

Unknown said...


I agree with the props towards Little Big League. That movie rocked.

Melbye said...

Verb, I'm going to tell you what I have to tell my wife in these's a movie.

Mr. 3000 also contained a sacrifice bunt that scored a runner from second. Also the Big Lebowski was freakin awesome.

1. Bull Duhram
2. Slapshot
3. Major League
4. Necessary Roughness/The Program
5. Rudy

Unknown said...


Right after I compliment you, you go out and say something like that? Are you trying to kill me? Never seen Hoosiers? Wow.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

Shanoff will love my list b/c of his love for documentaries.

1.) Hoop Dreams
2.) Field of Dreams (i cry everytime)
3.) Rudy (i hate ND but i cry everytime)
4.) Bull Durham
5.) Hoosiers
6.) Breaking Away
7.) Tin Cup
8.) Best in Show (it is a sport damnit!)
9.) Remember the Titans
10.) The Natural/Big Lebowski

verbal97 said...


yes, so I guess my list should be taken with a large grain of salt. I've heard Hoosiers is good, but I just can't push myself to see it because of my basketballitis.

CMFost said...

1. Field of Dreams
2. Bull Durham
3. Caddyshack
4. The Natural
5. Rocky
6. Rudy
7. brian Song
8. Slapshot
9. Major League
10. Remember the titans

CMFost said...

here is a list page 2 did
and Shanoff was a voter on this.

Michael said...

1) bull durham
2) caddyshack
3) the natural
4) Days of thunder (racing is a sport and this is a great movie)
5) Jerry Maguire

there should be a sub category for kid themed sports movies because I cannot justify putting the sandlot or little big leeague or rookie of the year on this list but what a great bunch of movies.

I also left rudy off but I think there can be no argument that when the Rudy theme music is played every person gets the chills despite how ridiculous that true story may be

Ftrain said...

White Can't Jump gets no love??

Unknown said...

Can we list the kid themed sports movies?

Angels in the Outfield
Little Big League
Rookie of the Year
Mighty Ducks
Bad News Bears
Little Giants
Space Jam
Like Mike
The Big Green
Karate Kid

Did I miss?

chipp said...

Moments in sports movies:

1. Rocky II: When Adrian is in the hospital and tells him to win and the first bell tolls to start 'Gonna Fly Now' ~chills~
2. Angels in the Outfield: When the entire Angels Stadium (of LA? Anaheim?) stands up cheering and flapping their arms ~chills~
3. Field of Dreams: When his dad shows up ~sniff, sniff~
4. Rocky IV: "The Russian is cut! The Russian is cut!" "HE'S NOT A MACHINE; HE'S A MAN!!" (Then the music starts) ~chills~
5. Eight Men Out: "Buck" Weaver talking about Shoeless Joe at the end ~sniff~

ndyanksfan05 said...

jhawk - first of all i didn't rip the red sox (i mentioned their bullben in my studs) i said dice-k was a dud (and a pretty major one at that)

i dont think anyone would ever hope for 7er in 5 innings...even the yankees right now.

are you really that threatened by a very minor comment - sorry 'the 2007 red sox are the greatest team ever assembled and DIDNT make a mistake spending over $100M on a pitcher with no major league experience. I don't care i fthe yankees have made a bunch of huge blunders over the past four or five least they passed on this one.

chitown italian said...
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Unknown said...

"Last year though, he was 6th in the American League in hitting right-handers he was facing for the first time, after the seventh innning, at home. So that's something to keep in mind."

"An interesting side note: that's the 14th one-run game for the Tigers already this season. Tops for any team north of the Mason-Dixon Line, whose home games are not played in a dome."

"Jerry Johnson heading to the plate trying to turn things around this season. He's really fighting it though."

"So with two down here in the 7th, Royals pitching continues to handcuff the Twins, Lou Collins to the plate and he can certainly attest to that. Lou is 0-11 the last 3 games, all Twin losses. He hit two bullets yesterday, but came up empty. Today, more of the same. Hanley looks in for the sign. Lou, by the way, has hit .416 lifetime versus Hanley in the month of September in even years. So that certainly bodes well for this at bat."

-Wally Holland

jhawkjjm said...

ndyanks- You misunderstand. I'm not saying the talk is happening here necessarily, but its happening. I used your comments about Matsuzaka as an example of something I find funny: that people will say the Sox wasted 100 million on a pitcher because of 1 bad (awful) start (and I had him on my duds list too). It's made even more ironic coming from a Yankees fan.

Personally, I hate all the pissing contests between the Yankee fans and Sox fans.

Jen said...

Michael~ Please tell me that you are joking when you say that "Days of Thunder" is a great movie!!!

ToddTheJackass said...

Too early to say anything one way or another on Matsuzaka. I'm in the camp that he has too good of stuff that he will work through this. Really, this was his only BAD outing, considering giving up 5 runs to the Yankees lineup over 7 innings really isn't terrible. Just don't congratulate the Yankees for not paying more, considering they wanted him every bit as much of the Red Sox, and then in a panic move, probably overspent on Igawa.

Little Big League was awesome. Any movie with Ken Griffey Jr. as a villain is fantastic.

Paul said...

Spiderman 2? Geez. Please never give your opinion on another movie again. Weak story, horrible execution (aka crappy acting with uneven character development - "I'm good, err now I'm evil, oh wait, flip the switch, I'm good again"). Spiderman couldn't keep his mask on, which gets a little old after a while (how many "oops, my mask came off, now you know who I am" moments can you have?). And that seen in the OR where that dumb nurse screams like it's some terrible Godzilla movie. I thought I was going to have to leave the movie theater right then and there. Plus, Mary Jane gets passed around about as much as her name implies (or she gets hit as much as her name implies, take your pick). Kirsten Dunce sucks crap. The movie series can redeem itself by departing from the comic book and killing Mary Jane instead of Gwen Stacey. Finally, what you have left is the special effects (which can sometimes redeem a so-so movie), to which I can only say "meh".

Unknown said...

For the record, the last time that the Warriors won a 7 game series was 1976 in the first round against the Pistons.

CMFost said...

I forgot a very good sports movie on my list - KINGPIN

Geoff said...

Paul, considering most everyone else either liked Spiderman 2 or considered it a top 3 superhero movie of all time, maybe it is you who shouldn't ever give your opinion again.

Jen said...

Yes! "White Men Can't Jump" is a good one..."Gimme the mother f-in' money, Johnny!" We had a friend that used to always say that to my husband when we would see her.

"Kingpin" was excellent too.

verbal97 said...

Not a big fan of White Men Can't Jump.

New topic: what would you name a racehorse. Some good ones, Mary Hinge, Betty Swollocks, or Some Horse (think of the race announcer saying it). ~courtesy of R. Fowler.

Brian in Oxford said...

I loved White Men Can't Jump, especially for the commentary during the games. It's sooo pretty! We goin' to Sizzler!

NA said...

Where's Danielle with the Kentucky Derby picks:

These are my bets

Key Bet:

WIN: 7. Street Sense
PLACE/SHOW: 8. Hard Spun, 12. No Biz, 14.  Scat Daddy, 16. Circular Quay, 18.Any Given Saturday, 20 Great Hunter

Tri Box Bet: 
7. Street Sense, 8. Hard Spun, 18 Any Given Saturday

Exacta Box
 12. No Biz, 2. Curlin, 14. Scat Daddy 

Exacta Box
7. Street Sense, 8. Hard Spun, 16 Circular Quay

ToddTheJackass said...

Looks like an early dud for Carlos Zambrano. Doesn't he know he's pitching in a contract year!?!

Paul said...

Geoff, at least I can back up my like/dislike for a movie with actual analysis versus some bandwagon mentality or being blinded by special effects. By the way, I don't recall saying that Spiderman 2 sucked, and I don't even have a problem with someone putting it in the upper echelon of superhero movies (not exactly a hugh selection to choose from). But the greatest action movie of our generation? That's where I take issue with Dan the man's post. So, Geoff, when you learn how to spell your name, feel free to get back to me. Punk.

Ftrain said...

@ Eric

Ugh! Horrible picks. I guess you want to lose money in the derby this year.

...and no i will write-in my picks. I'm not going to sure that information

Travis said...

ok two things I wanna touch on.. There aint been no better Batman then Michael Keaton! discussion over!

As for Matsuzaka-san

Yes, yesterday wasnt pretty, but again, its not as if he was getting hit around all night.

It was that evil inning. He seems to have one each game recently and around that he's been dominant for his starts.

Aside from 3 innings 1 vs NYY, 1 vs Toronto and 1 vs Seattle. This still leaves the first Yankees game completely when he allowed 6 runs, his era is 3.09 in 35 innings.

His problem is when he walks a batter he trys to speed up his game, they need to get through to him to keep the game at his pace wether he has base runners or not, when he gets that he'll be fine.

David Kippe said...

Has anyone else wanted to sit and watch "the Warriors," ever since Mike and Mike started playing the sound bite "Warriors, come out and plaaayeeyay," every morning this week?

John Collins said...

First time, long time (haha, sorry never actually called a sports radio show, so I've always wanted to say that...) anyway...

For the MLB: How about a little Yankees love? I know, I know, the Evil Empire doesn't need any more attention, yada yada yada...but Mo Rivera just saved two a the same day!

John Paul Manahan said...

our country had the privilege to open spiderman 3 a few days before you do there.

taken from this website:

"Philippines – 45.6 million Pesos ($1.1) --- Biggest single day of all time, 39% bigger than previous record held by the opening weekend Sunday of Spider-Man 2 (32.7). Bigger than the opening days of Spidey 1 & 2 combined (42 million.) The 51 million opening day is 1/3 of the lifetime gross of Spider Man 1, which was at the time was the biggest film of all time. First film ever to gross $1 million in a single day."

Michael said...

I don't know that I need to defend my days of thunder pick.... I am a racing fan though and so that might lead to a little bit of bias, plus duval's Rubbin is racing line is great. but I know it probably isn't on everyone's top list

The heroin sheik said...

both oceans 11 are great but oceans 12 disappointed. I alwats like temple of doom the best but I love anything to do with India. Best sports movie list has to include the Mean Machine (remake of the longest yard but English bout soccer and with vinnie jones as burt reynolds character. Plus it is much more believable that they would be playing soccer in prison.

Break up the devil rays.

Craig Kroeger said...

Worst sequel: Mannequin 2: On the Move

Best sequel: Empire Strikes Back

TJX said...

Why is it that whenever a Seattle player leaves this great city, he becomes a success?

Jars said...

It is really annoying how much you gloat about your predictions. Congratulations; nobody gives a shit.

Travis said...

Clemens just announced over the NYY public addressing system from Steinbrenners owners box that he will be pitching for NY this season

The Love Doctor said...

Haven't been here in a few months tired of your over the top BS, homer hyperbole and general lack of perspective.
(don't get me wrong, loved the Daily Quickie, but maybe you need more parameters to keep your ideas sane).

So fired up the old computer and saw the link to your page, decided to check it out...

and what do I get? Fire Avery Johnson? Biggest NBA Playoff upset ever? "If this freakish Warriors team can topple the best team in the league -- decisively -- then there's no reason your team can't win like this either." Really? Like what other team in the entire NBA could have pulled it off? Bynum for Caron Butler? Spider-Man 2 the best ever?

Seriously Dan, find a good facility and check yourself in for writer's rehab. You are becoming a carichature of yourself.

(and yes, we get it, you used to work for ESPN and sometimes you guess right when they don't. Guess what? We all do. You're not special.)

Jars said...

While I'm at it, I think it's pitiful that you claim to be a diehard Florida fan.

You are a yankee who went to Northwestern. How in the hell can you become a Florida fan. If I were a Florida fan, I would be embarassed by you, and enraged that you claim to share in Gators' glory because your wife grew up in Gainesville.

Worst. Excuse. Ever.

Worst. Literary Device. Ever.

Not A Gunslinger said...

Clemens is having a secret love affair with Andy Pettite. He would follow him anywhere.