Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday 05/12 A.M. (Very) Quickie

Warriors enjoy home cookin', rout Jazz: Here's what I'm stuck on -- why has the NBA not made the Warriors (arguably the most telegenic team left in the playoffs) their showcase TV team? Like: Where's the ABC Sunday afternoon slot seen across the country? Why hide this team behind late start-times? This is the story of the year in the NBA -- snatching the game back from the "star system" (though Baron Davis has catapulted himself into stardom) and giving hope to all of the non-contenders out there that a little imagination can go a long way.

Ricky Williams tests positive for pot: You can only shake your head at this point. So close to reinstatement, he basically smokes it away. I'm perfectly willing to call him an addict (and suggest he receive treatment as such), but it's pretty pathetic to see him devolve (again).

Tiger smacks down Rowr-y: "If I remember the quote correctly, he said he likes the new Tiger. I figure I've won nine of 12, and I've won three times this year — the same amount he's won in his career. So, I like the new Tiger as well." Tiger's trash-talk would have an eensy bit more oomph if he wasn't barely making the cut at Sawgrass.

MLB Stud: Jake Peavy, the best pitcher in the NL. He had 10 Ks, which is badass enough until you find out it's his fourth straight game with at least 10 Ks. Now THAT is badass.

MLB Dud: Roy Halladay out six weeks with appendicitis.

All prepped for Mother's Day yet? (Totally unrelated... new Varsity Dad post up, for those following that blog. Seriously: At what point does the inertia of a "soft launch" simply morph into "launch?")

-- D.S.


TJ said...

Why hide this team behind late start-times?

Because they aren't late start times. I read that last night, with the game starting at 6pm, the Oracle was woefully underfilled to begin the game due to the early start and rush hour traffic. That's an argument for pushing start times back to 10:30, not moving them up. Although a late-afternoon (eastern) start time on a weekend game would be nice, and wouldn't be too early for the west coast.

Unknown said...

Umm, NHL? Friday's stud was definitely Dominik Hasek. Anaheim looks bigger and faster than Detroit, but with Hasek in net, it is clear that the Wings believe they can win every game 1-0. Or 2-1, relying on two fluky (playoff) goals. Should be a great series.

WuzUpG said...

Sure, the 6pm start time caused the poor tipoff attendance at Oracle. However, there was a 4 car accident on I-880, which caused a lot of the problems driving in.

Can I say, the crowd was the loudest I've ever heard, after Baron's dunk over AK-47!

We Believe!

Anonymous said...

For those who play fantasy football,like I do Dan, just to tell you to keep an eye on Lorenzo Booker from FSU,who will take Ricky's spot.RBBC's are taking over the league in fantasy football.

Anonymous said...

that was an incredible game the combination of the crowd, the dunk (as it will be called), the 360 layup, the reverse double pump layup from the other side of the key (this was really nice, jordanesque in fact) and lastly gs going insane in the 2nd and beggining of third.

Matt T said...

Stud: John Schuerholtz - Traded Adam LaRoche hitting .168 for Mike Gonzalez who got the save against his old team last night.

Unknown said...

GS and Nets could even their series at home.

Sabres hopefully pull even tonight.

In the Giro d'Italia - the Italian equivalent of the Tour de France - Team Discovery dropped 4 guys out of 9 on the hilly team time trial. The team time trial is timed by the 5th place rider on a team to cross the line so you need at least 5 but them more guys you can keep together the better. Surprising that they could still finish only 49 seconds back.

Also, I turned 41 today and I am feeling it. However since Tuesday I have done 112 miles on the bike and have by 55 mile ride tomorrow. Now if I could just lower my cholesterol a little...