Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday 05/13 AM (Very) Quickie

Happy Mother's Day!

Spurs go up 2-1 with Game 3 win in San Antonio. Does that effectively make Game 4 a must-win game for the Suns?

Nets show up at home and win Game 3 against the Cavs. Putting the "Three" into the "Big Three." (Or maybe that's putting the "Big" into the "Big Three." Either way...)

MLB Stud: Brewers, who with a win Saturday turned Sunday's game vs. the Mets at Shea into a rubber match between the two best teams in the NL, battling for early-season supremacy.

MLB Dud: Ryan Howard to the DL: Is there a "Face of Baseball" curse I should know about?

Who is this kid leading The Players?

Senators beat Sabres in 2OT to take 2-0 lead in Eastern Conference finals. Ack! Could the Buffalo Miracle be ending?

Bode Miller quits US Ski team: Like you didn't see this coming?

NCAA LAX: So how all-time huge would the irony be if Duke won the whole thing?

Must-see video: If you haven't yet, be sure to catch Baron Davis' dunk over Kirilenko from Game 3 on Friday night, the signature moment of the 2007 NBA Playoffs. Game 4 today!

Now, go be nice to all the moms in your life...

-- D.S.


sliceshs said...

Did you forget the Braves are leading the Mets in the NL East? Better change that to two of the top 3 teams....

Matt T said...

Atlanta took both series from the Mets so far.

Everyone is still calling the Mets the best team in the NL.

We'll see.

Unknown said...


You have to mention the crazy dirty play that the Spurs shoved down the throat of the Suns. Seriously, it was like they responded to "You're a dirty team" with "really? if you really want to, we could show you dirty..."

Bruce Bowen didn't even waste one game before taking another cheap shot. He used his knee as if it were a railing in a skatepark and Steve Nash was the guy trying to grind on it who lost his board.

The stranger thing was the numerous times that refs were looking right at obvious fouls and ignoring them.

I'm really not a fan of either team, but it seems that the refs are taking a side in this series and I have a problem with that. I have known NBA refs in the past to take sides. But every time they took a side before, it was the side of a close game.

Calls trying to even out the playing foeld is one thing, giving the Spurs calls they don't need is another. But not only do the Spurs not need the calls, the Suns deserve them for all the cheap shots they've been taking.

It's no longer a matter of the Suns complaining or of opinion, there's tons of video evidence.

The Spurs have changed from a team that "knows how to play in the playoffs" to a team with one great player (Duncan), a couple of veterans who want to win (Horry, Finley), and three guys who are out there trying to pull stuff that should get them kicked out of every game (Parker, Ginobili, Bowen).

Not only is that dissapointing, but unneeded. The Spurs don't need to become cheap shot artists to beat the Suns. Sure they might not win if they don't, but they aren't guarenteed to lose either.

And that's what I want to see; A series between two great teams playing on an even playing field. Is that too much to ask?

Erik Tylczak said...

Agreed with above. I don't have any real allegiance in the series, but the Spurs are pulling out all of the (dirty) stops and the refs are loving it. I can't believe I'm watching this stuff. Just incredible.

Anonymous said...

I agree and disagree with Guy at the same time, it seems weird to me that the nba would want the spurs (boring low ratings) to beat the suns (fun high ratings). However the officiating last night seemed to be in favor of the spurs just as in game 1/2 it was in favor of the suns. in the gsw jazz the home team has been getting the calls. see darren williams and charging on the exact same play he gets called twice in game 3 and nocalls in game 2. The nba needs to review officials favoring the home team.

Anonymous said...

for the record the spurs are very dirty. especially bowen who a few years ago had the whole problem with ray allen for allen sparining his ankle whenhe landed on bowen's foot after bowen had moved his foot up once ray was in the air/

Drunken Loo said...

Buffalo miracle?

Most wins in the NHL this season. They lost in the conference finals last year. Quite the Cinderella story, eh?

HG said...

gotta love bode quitting the team and then his cousin going out and killing a cop.. nice family

Brian in Oxford said...

geez, how many more of these games are in San Antonio? That's 3 already by Dan's count ;-)

Jingoist said...

I was almost scared by that Davis dunk when I saw it the other night. I thought, when he pulled his jersey up with that wild look in his eyes, that he was going to pull a Silence of the Lambs on us and started dancing like Buffalo Bill in front of the camera. Buffalo Baron. That's his new nickname 'cause he's a crazy motherf**ker who looks like he wants to literally cut up the Jazz players. Of course, being down 3-1 I'd want to remove a few opponents too. Might give the Warriors a chance.

So much for the Round 1 mojo transferring to Round 2.

P.S. The Red Wings completely outplayed the Ducks in OT (and the 3rd period), but as it typically goes in the playoffs, he who capitalizes first, wins. Ducks just stayed patient for the last 2 periods and didn't let the fans at the Joe or the Wings onslaught rattle them.

And for those in the know, Dominik Hasek's flailing style looks good for TV, but it's one of those things where his form will give you the spectacular save, but in the end will kill you against a disciplined team who waits for their chances to develop.