Saturday, June 09, 2007

I'm Over at Deadspin Today

I'm guest-blogging over at Deadspin today. (What?! Each story gets its OWN post? How will I manage THAT?)


Not A Gunslinger said...

"Caveat: I am not MJD. I barely put the "D" in MJD. You have been alerted. I try to be funny, but I am not. I try to be insightful, but I am not. I am the Substitute Teacher, which means when my back is turned at the chalkboard, I'm quite sure the insurrection will begin."

I've fallen in love with you all over again.

Not A Gunslinger said...

Also, I'm willing to debate with anyone who uses the Anna Kournikova "she couldn't win anything" logic. She did win 16 doubles titles with two of those being the Australian Open and was ranked the number 1 doubles player in the world.

The problem is there isn't a sports equivalent of someone being so unsuccessful at what is considered the main aspect of their sport while being good and borderline great at a different aspect which the media and public don't value as much. The closest thing I could imagine would be a golfer never winning a major, but being undefeated in Ryder Cup play. Among the participants it's just as if not more important, but the public just doesn't recognize it as a measure of ability.

Matt T said...


Isn't that sort of like Sergio Garcia? They talk about how he hasn't won a major but he is one of the best Ryder Cup players of all time.