Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday A.M. (Very) Quickie:
Meet Me at Deadspin...

I'm still guest-blogging over at Deadspin this weekend, but I seriously missed my usual Saturday "(Very)" edition of the Quickie-style post in the morning. So I'm going to fling through it here:

Gilbert Arenas Watch: This only leads the blog this morning because Gilbert is my favorite athlete in sports -- and he announced he's opting out of his Wizards contract after the '08 season. I am quite upset.

NBA Finals: No one watched Game 1 and even fewer will watch Game 2, particularly between the hours of 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. ET.

Clemens Debut: Not bad...particularly that 6th inning that took him over 100 pitches. I love the career-K see-saw between him and Randy Johnson.

Dan Haren: Forget Clemens. The AL pitcher who has become must-see is the A's Haren, who blanked the Giants yesterday and lowered his MLB-best ERA from 1.70 to 1.58. All-Star starter?

Horse Racing: Rags to Riches bumps "Warriors over Mavs" as my Best Prediction of the Year.

Human Racing: Chad Johnson beat the horse! Chad Johnson beat the horse!

Boxing: Cotto over Judah.

MMA: Tommy Morrison? Worst MMA winner ever.

Golf: Michelle Wie is pretty terrible right now. She had her worst score as a pro yesterday.

Tennis: If you watch one match this year, make it Federer vs. Nadal in the French Open men's final. (OK, just monitor it and see if it goes to a 5th set. Then watch THAT.)

Track: Florida State's Walter Dix is going to be America's biggest superstar at the '08 Olympics.

Hot Blogger Bracket: Success! Thanks to everyone for your support in the first round, where we eked it out against a fiesty Five Tool Tool.

More later, if I can yank myself away from my Deadspin overlords...

Otherwise, see you tomorrow morning when I am back to business here.

-- D.S.


JRR42 said...

That horse got screwed. Give that race another 50 meters and Chad Johnson is toast.

Jon Pyle said...


You can't duck me forever, paper champion!

Johnny b said...

OK Seriously what the hell are the umpires doing in Atlanta tonight. Kicking Ted Lilly out after he hit Renteria on an 0-2 pitch.

Come on; and that the umpire had a mic on does not make him look better

Lilly: You can't throw me out

Ump: You should have thought of that before you threw at him

Lilly: I didn't throw at him

Lou: How do you know he threw at him

Ump: I know because I was waiting for it

Big D said...

Outstanding! ABC has decided to run a halftime piece about... you'll never guess... Tony Parker and Eva Longoria!! I can't believe we hadn't heard about this budding relationship sooner!

Seriously though... 58-33 at the half? Anyone who thought the Cavs stood any chance in hell in this series is looking pretty stupid right now. If they manage to even win a half from here on out, I'll be shocked.

Johnny b said...

wait you mean that goofy french guy is dating eva longoria

who would have known

Big D said...

Regarding my previous "The Cavs will never will a half in this entire series..." comment...

I do not consider tonight's garbage time "comeback" that fell 8 points short winning the half. When Jacque Vaughn is the best playing on the floor wearing a Spurs uniform for a full 8 minutes, you should outscore them by 17 or so.

marcomarco said...

Special thanks to the Spurs D for covering 7 points and (allowing a slight Cav's comeback) letting the game go over 176 points.

Beers continue to me on my bookie.