Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday A.M. (Very) Quickie:
Meet Me at Deadspin...

I'm still guest-blogging over at Deadspin this weekend, but I seriously missed my usual Saturday "(Very)" edition of the Quickie-style post in the morning. So I'm going to fling through it here:

Gilbert Arenas Watch: This only leads the blog this morning because Gilbert is my favorite athlete in sports -- and he announced he's opting out of his Wizards contract after the '08 season. I am quite upset.

NBA Finals: No one watched Game 1 and even fewer will watch Game 2, particularly between the hours of 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. ET.

Clemens Debut: Not bad...particularly that 6th inning that took him over 100 pitches. I love the career-K see-saw between him and Randy Johnson.

Dan Haren: Forget Clemens. The AL pitcher who has become must-see is the A's Haren, who blanked the Giants yesterday and lowered his MLB-best ERA from 1.70 to 1.58. All-Star starter?

Horse Racing: Rags to Riches bumps "Warriors over Mavs" as my Best Prediction of the Year.

Human Racing: Chad Johnson beat the horse! Chad Johnson beat the horse!

Boxing: Cotto over Judah.

MMA: Tommy Morrison? Worst MMA winner ever.

Golf: Michelle Wie is pretty terrible right now. She had her worst score as a pro yesterday.

Tennis: If you watch one match this year, make it Federer vs. Nadal in the French Open men's final. (OK, just monitor it and see if it goes to a 5th set. Then watch THAT.)

Track: Florida State's Walter Dix is going to be America's biggest superstar at the '08 Olympics.

Hot Blogger Bracket: Success! Thanks to everyone for your support in the first round, where we eked it out against a fiesty Five Tool Tool.

More later, if I can yank myself away from my Deadspin overlords...

Otherwise, see you tomorrow morning when I am back to business here.

-- D.S.


JRR42 said...

That horse got screwed. Give that race another 50 meters and Chad Johnson is toast.

Jon Pyle said...


You can't duck me forever, paper champion!

Johnathan said...

OK Seriously what the hell are the umpires doing in Atlanta tonight. Kicking Ted Lilly out after he hit Renteria on an 0-2 pitch.

Come on; and that the umpire had a mic on does not make him look better

Lilly: You can't throw me out

Ump: You should have thought of that before you threw at him

Lilly: I didn't throw at him

Lou: How do you know he threw at him

Ump: I know because I was waiting for it

Big D said...

Outstanding! ABC has decided to run a halftime piece about... you'll never guess... Tony Parker and Eva Longoria!! I can't believe we hadn't heard about this budding relationship sooner!

Seriously though... 58-33 at the half? Anyone who thought the Cavs stood any chance in hell in this series is looking pretty stupid right now. If they manage to even win a half from here on out, I'll be shocked.

Johnathan said...

wait you mean that goofy french guy is dating eva longoria

who would have known

Big D said...

Regarding my previous "The Cavs will never will a half in this entire series..." comment...

I do not consider tonight's garbage time "comeback" that fell 8 points short winning the half. When Jacque Vaughn is the best playing on the floor wearing a Spurs uniform for a full 8 minutes, you should outscore them by 17 or so.

marcomarco said...

Special thanks to the Spurs D for covering 7 points and (allowing a slight Cav's comeback) letting the game go over 176 points.

Beers continue to me on my bookie.