Monday, June 18, 2007

KG to Celtics? Hot Rumor of the Day

Worth a new, separate post (after 5 p.m. no less), if only for the "fun" value: KG to the Celtics? Henry from TrueHoop has the latest (via Chad Ford). I'm sure I'll have more tomorrow leading the A.M. Quickie post, but still... here's my initial thoughts:

T'wolves: I have been saying for years now that they simply aren't going to win big with KG anymore, so they might as well implode it as "KG's team" and start over. At least then, there's hope. This deal completely rebuilds the team:

Consider Randy Foye, now with Al Jefferson and Gerald Green (plus Telfair and Ratliff), along with the No. 5 (Boston's) and No. 7 (own) draft picks, which gives them two of the following six players: Al Horford, Brandan Wright, Corey Brewer, Mike Conley Jr., Jeff Green, Joakim Noah. Again: They may not win now, but they deliver the all-important hope.

Celtics: Again, I think they should be jettisoning Paul Pierce and starting over (they're already near rock-bottom as it is), but as long as they're going for "win-now," getting KG to pair with Pierce (and Rondo) makes the Celtics a playoff team in the East, where it has been proven all you need is one star and slop to win the conference. Losing the No. 5 pick? Who cares? They're trying to win NOW, remember?

If nothing else, it provides a little sizzle to an already super-intriguing NBA offseason.

-- D.S.


Anonymous said...

My problem would be that while Jefferson, Telfair, Ratliff, Green, and the 5 pick makes sense logically I can't imagine that it makes sense financially. Even without checking I can remember from my research on Kobe trades that KG's contract is untradable unless you give up 2 of the top 3 guys on your team. Ratliff is only 1. If they wanted to add Wally in there it could work, I think.

I'll be back with one that works.

Anonymous said...

Wally, Ratliff, Jefferson, 5 pick for KG and Trenton Hassel works.

AdamBez said...

One thing is that Telfair is no longer a celt. They dropped him after the gun charge.

Travis said...

technicaly Telfair remains a Celtic since he is under contract.

I hate this Idea for a trade. Garnett is old and Jefferson is one of the better young players. Gerald Green has a big future ahead of him and the #5 pick ugh....

Someone toss Danny Ainge off a cliff