Saturday, June 23, 2007

Weekend 06/23-06/24 (Very) Quickie:
What Happens When I Post at 8 pm

Yes, I missed my usual (very) Quickie post this morning, but I'm bridging the gap between Saturday and Sunday with a post tonight. Update coming some point.

Bonds: 749. Think he can hit 7 this week? No? OK, then let's not worry about it until the week after. How amazing would it be if he broke Aaron's record on the Fourth of July? How distinctly American!

MLB Stud: Kenny Rogers, who shut out the Braves in his 2007 debut. Knowing Rogers' recent history with the Midseason Classic, that's enough to get his manager Jim Leyland to put him on the AL All-Star roster.

MLB Dud: Justin Morneau, but this isn't said mockingly. I sure hope he's OK. What the hell?!

Speaking of injury, let's give a big fat "dud" to the end of Miguel Tejada's amazing Ironman streak. Forget Ripken: We may not see a streak like Tejada's 1,152 ever again.

Don't mean to be a prude (maybe it's just my anti-Braves-ness), but can we NOT "celebrate" Bobby Cox being ejected for the all-time MLB-record-tying time? It's an embarrassment.

With all the talk about Sosa's 600th home run, let's get excited about Frank Thomas approaching 500, which is a hell of an exclusive club of its own. (If you take out the 5 in the "600 Club," there are only 15 other players in the "500 Club." Off the top of your head, how many can you name? Answers here.)

Jason Giambi and George Mitchell won't meet until July. That gives Team Giambi plenty of time to figure out how they'll spin his stoolie status to his fellow players.

NBA Draft: Greg Oden isn't going to work out for the Seattle Sonics, which is a pretty good strategy. If the Blazers take Durant (and they very well might), what: Like the Sonics wouldn't take Oden sight unseen? The only thing he can do with a Seattle workout is convince the Blazers that Durant is their man.

More NBA Draft: The Suns are hot to move up into the Top 10. Let me throw an idea at you: What if the Suns traded the Hawks' unprotected first-round pick a year from now (which, given this Hawks team, could be as high as No. 1) for this year's No. 3 pick?

The Suns get their choice of the "Everyone But Durant or Oden" field, with Joakim Noah rumored to be their top choice (though they'd be better off taking Horford, the third-best player in the draft). The Hawks still get the point guard they need at No. 11, along with the return of their first-round pick a year from now. Something tells me they'll need it even more a year from now than they need it this week.

Huge soccer news: Thierry Henry to Barcelona, my favorite European soccer club (different from my favorite English Premier League club, Tottenham Hotspur).

NHL Draft: For all that's wrong with the NHL, it's nice to see that there's an unprecedented influx of American talent in this year's draft.

On the other hand, casual NHL fans probably care less about jingoistic draft priorities. Hell, in this case, don't you WANT a Canadian or Russian player?

Patrick Kane taken No. 1 overall by the Blackhawks: Someone please tell me that his new NHL nickname is "Big Daddy."

Speaking of the nicknames, the Blackhawks cleaned up: In the second round, they got Akim "The Dream" Aliu, a Canadian forward who was raised in the Ukraine and born in Nigeria. Instant fan favorite.

-- D.S.


Melbye said...

A: You get a westcoast guy who's player poker to post first.

Morneau still in the hospital w/ a bruised lung?

I hope Barry breaks his leg. I agree that when A-Rod breaks this record playing for the Red Sox in 10 years that everyone (except Yankee fans) will be cheering him on and asking pitchers to play soft toss with him so that he can break the record sooner.

To answer yesterday's burning question: With my wife and daughter out of town for the first time, I just might be on the crack pipe...Didn't have to get up this morning, I did nothing and it was everything i thought it could be.

--name that movie...

DougOLis said...

Is Tottenham Hotspur your favorite club like they're Simmons' favorite club? Or is it because of the long Jewish history they have (or more accurately didn't really have but embraced the taunts and turned it around on Chelski)?

With Malice said...

So... Dan... black armbands when Barry gets it?

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rafael said...

I'll be cheering when Bonds breaks the record. Did he cheat? was it intentional? Noone has proven it yet. And honestly? I don't give a shit. The whole thing has been beaten to death.
Barry will break it. I will cheer.
A-Rod will break his. I will cheer louder.

btw, that movie is Office Space, will.

pv845 said...

NO one wants Noah as much as you do Dan!

Matt T said...

Bobby has said he doesn't want it celebrated.

He tied the record yesterday and did so protecting his player, like 99% of his ejections.

He doesn't go out and kick dirt and throw bases like Pinella or some of the other managers. He does it to protect his guys and they love him for it.

thistlewarrior said...

What, no mention of Title IX turning 35? C'mon Dan, show us lady athletes some love. I mean, if nothing else, just think of all the hotties you would have missed out seeing without it!:)

Ryne Nelson said...

Love the idea about the Hawks essentially dealing for their right to have a first rounder next year. Wouldn't that give them yet another reason ot completely BOMB this season as well?

David "SirFozzie" Yellope said...

USA Campeones Del CONCACAF!!!!

If you can find it on You Tube, look for Feilhaber's goal. Absolute brilliance