Monday, July 30, 2007

MLB Trade Mania: Teixeira to Braves

Teixeira to the Braves. Suddenly, the NL East feels much more competitive. That's what a big trade at the deadline can do. So: What did you think of this one and what others do you think will (or should) happen? -- D.S.


Tom said...

Red Sox prospects Lowrie and Bowden to the Rangers for Saltalamacchia. Texas needs prospects, Boston needs a bat and catcher of the future.

Unknown said...

Can we assume "Tom" is a fan of certain team that plays it's games on Landsdowne street?

Matt T said...

Apparently Atlanta isn't done yet. Reports say they've landed Dotel from KC for Davies.

And they've also made an offer for Arroyo.

Adding a bat like that is huge, and if the other 2 moves happen, I feel much better about the chances this year.

Its exciting.