Thursday, August 02, 2007

Yahoo Fantasy Football Bloggers' League:
Draft Results! Tomlinson Headlines Team

For those following along, here is the roster I ended up drafting for the Yahoo "Bloggers' League" in our draft tonight. I had the first overall pick, then the back-to-back picks at the end/start of rounds, with a hellish 22 picks between me and each U-turn.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson: "I win."
WR Torry Holt: "Best available WR."
RB Brandon Jacobs: "Fits RB-WR-RB strategy"
RB Marion Barber: "Best available 3rd RB."
QB Vince Young: "I want to root for him."
TE Vernon Davis: "Felt like TE run was coming."
WR Dante Stallworth: "More than Brady-to-Moss."
RB Leon Washington: "Eh, classic Panic Pick."
WR Chris Chambers: "Seriously: W! T! F!"
QB Matt Schaub: "Money, meet mouth."
K Neil Rackers: "Swiped him from Leitch."
WR Ted Ginn: "Handcuffing...Chambers? Cripes."
RB Michael Bush: "Worth a shot in Round 13."
D Vikings: "Suckered by KSK's Drew on this."
TE Owen Daniels: "Round 15: I give up."

From the looks of things, I will test all that conventional wisdom that says you could have LaDainian Tomlinson and the JV team from the Little Sisters of the Poor and still be a contender in your league. (Ugh: Washington and Chambers was a Round 8/9 back-to-back pick that -- before, during AND after -- nearly ruined the entire draft for me. Wait: Nearly?)

I wish I could say that, knowing I had Tomlinson's production, I intentionally took a flier on high-risk/high-reward guys like Young, Jacobs, Davis, Stallworth, Ginn and Bush. That's just hindsight rationalization.

I still give myself a puncher's chance in the league, if only because I have Tomlinson. Of course, it doesn't take much skill to know how to use that No. 1 overall pick.

More as it develops.

-- D.S.


cmr said...

Dan will have many prayer sessions to help keep LT healthy all year.

Good luck Dan.

Unknown said...

I'm just wondering if entering this league is all a ploy of some sort for Dan to put the Quickie Curse to an extreme test. Perhaps of Madden Curse proportions, like every time Dan drafts someone they tear a knee apart.

Matt T said...

Guy-Don't forget he also has the player that is going to be on Madden this year.

I'd be curious to see how the whole draft went down. VY in the 5th seems high.

Unknown said...

Vince Young in pretty much any round seems high to me.

Jeff Harris said...

Buck up Dan. At least you didn't draft any Lions.

Unknown said...

is there any place to see who drafted where? i mean, then we can ridicule you for picking someone when an obvious choice was left on the baord.

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

Dan you are so fucked

mcam09 said...

Theres no bigger VY fan than me but as a fantasy QB, just does not work. I am also a Giants fan and lettin you know that I have absolutely no idea what to expect from Jacobs.

Darklawdog said...

FIVE RB's is a huge mistake, unless you are allowed to start 4-5 RB's in the league. I think the Brandon Jacobs with the 3rd pick is absolutely terrible.

You really don't have any depth at wide reciever.

I hope VY works out for you, but I have this feeling that he won't. He may have been OROY last year, but that was based on record alone and not really stats.

Schaub is 50/50 as to whether he will put up stats.

Two Dolphins WR? Isn't Trent Green at the end of his career and injury prone? Ginn I can understand at that point in the draft, but Chambers has only had 1 decent season in his career.

I think you took a TE too early. TE's just don't put the points up that a legit WR can.

Good Luck because I think you are going to need the other teams players to be plagued with injuries

Anonymous said...

Dante Stallworth......Bust.....Chris Chambers.......Bust...Vince Young Bust..

Leon Washington?Have fun backing up Thomas Jones.

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

I cannot believe you did not handcuff LdT with Michael Turner you are definately fucked if he goes down and are going to be left holding your dick when Turner blows up.

Unknown said...

I like that you drafted heavy on the important positions, not wasting picks on backup kickers and defences. No belief in the cover curse, though?

Mosquito Valentine said...

Yeah, if LT pulls a Shaun Alexander, you're completely screwed. Both Jacobs and Barber are going to split carries; you should try to trade for a better No. 2 running back.

Kevin said...

Sorry Dan, your team sucks. LDT is obviously great, but that's the only position you're strong at. I kinda like the Bush pick, but Young is a huge reach for someone unproven, Davis looked like a reach, Holt is really good but your other WRs suck...I don't know what the other teams look like, but I can't see you finishing in the top half of the league.

Big Daddy Drew said...


Next time you pick such a shitty team, at least have the common courtesy not to take the full allotted time when you do it. Waiting for you to make consecutive picks was like watching my soul die.

Unknown said...

Kicker taken WAY too early. Should be last or second to last.

I think you may be in trouble at QB. I'm not convinced Vince Young is going to play all that well on a terrible team, plus the Madden Curse factor. Schaub's team is terrible also. Both your QBs have inherent disadvantages playing for bad teams.

RBs not bad but you're in trouble during bye weeks. Barber & Washington backing up your starters? Ugh.

Lou Pickney said...

That's not an ideal lineup, but it's hard to pass judgment without seeing the big picture.

I like Vernon Davis to have a breakout year -- he is an amazing athlete.