Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday 07/15 A.M. (Very) Quickie

Phillies: Still stuck on Loss No. 9,999, thanks to today's Stud, Aaron Rowand, who went 4-for-4 with a HR leading the Phils past the Cards.

Artest, Jackson suspended 7 games each: David Stern taking a page from NFL Commish Roger Goodell, banning them for off-court problems.

Yankees won't bid on A-Rod: So, naturally, everyone thinks he'll join the Red Sox, once they dump Schilling and Lowell's contracts.

NBA Summer: Javaris Crittenton was the high-scorer among rookies on Saturday, racking up 28. Corey Brewer went for 18 pts and 11 reb.

But Suns second-rounder DJ Strawberry continues to be a summer revelation, scoring 27 points and adding 8 assists.

NBA Free Agency: Of the two big men signed yesterday among East wannabe contenders, Jamal Magloire helps the Nets far more than Joe Smith helps the Bulls.

Must-Read: One of my favorite newspaper sports columnists, Selena Roberts of the NY Times, has a column today on "iFans" like the ones who busted Oklahoma football. But while Roberts properly tweaks university NCAA compliance officers for poor work, she (unsurprisingly) neglects to add that fans on message boards are also doing a better job covering (and uncovering) scandal at the college level than... mainstream media sports reporters and columnists. Here's the link (but it's subscription-only unfortunately).

-- D.S.


willie_dixon said...

mlb stud : tom glavine only gave up 2 hits and 1 run in 8 innings against the reds

Anonymous said...

As the only person that answered Dan's question of "who are your sleeper picks?" with "DJ Strawberry" I would like to say that I accept the praise of the masses but will withhold some judgement until the actual beginning of the season.

Sundays with Francis said...

You should read Marc Steins analysis of the Artest/Jackson suspensions, as he points out Gooddel suspends players accused of crimes, while both Artest and Jackson pleaded guilty/no contest and were sentenced.

Anonymous said...


ive read your assertions that the bloggers do better in staying in tune with whats going on, but at the same time as you and others are enamoured with the blog world, there is one huge thing missing...accountability. You have the luxury of having come from a credible news source at espn, and have some built in credibility, but even you have jumped to speculation (re: benoit and his supposed use of his signature move on his own child, a rumour most likely purpetuated on blogs)

As good as blogs are, they are equally dangerous for misinformation and there is little that can be done to hold the writers accountable.

Michael David Smith said...

"there is little that can be done to hold the writers accountable."

How about not reading the writer's blog anymore if you find that he makes too many mistakes? Bloggers thrive on traffic, and if the information they write is incorrect too often, their traffic will decrease. Readers vote with their clicks, and that's how bloggers are held accountable.

Eric Chase said...

For what you continually refer to as a niche sport, you spend alot of time and space on the NBA summer league