Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday 08/18 A.M. (Very) Quickie

Vick Watch: Perhaps I was premature with "he'll cop a plea" talk from yesterday morning, but with two more co-defendants taking pleas (and implicating Vick even more), he'd be insane not to take a deal. Yes, it'll mean jail time (and probably a suspension from the NFL after jail), but it beats what looks like ugly alternatives if he chooses to scramble and take it head on.

It looks REALLY bad for Vick: Not only did the co-defendants affirm that Vick bank-rolled the operation (which we already knew), but they affirmed that Vick actually helped execute dogs, by hanging or drowning (also which we knew, but puts a grisly detail at the front of this).

If you're less concerned with Vick doing jail time and more interested if he'll have an NFL career when he eventually gets out of jail, all the details about gambling -- and his role in funding the gambling operation -- opens the door to a lifetime ban from the NFL.

MLB Stud: Brandon Webb, who ran his scoreless-innings streak to 42, the longest since Orel Hershiser's legendary streak in 1988. Webb is the 21st pitcher to reach 40-plus consecutive scoreless IP, making him part of a more exclusive club than the "500 HR" or "3,000 Hit" Clubs. Not bad.

NFL Preseason: Donovan McNabb looked really good. And, all of a sudden, questions about the Eagles (and about McNabb himself) are put aside for optimism, with good reason.

Meanwhile, I watched about 2 minutes of the locally broadcast Jets-Vikings game, and Adrian Peterson is going to be really good, if Minnesota makes him "1A" in their dual-RB mix with Chester Taylor. So good that I'd seriously consider taking him at the back end of the first round of a fantasy league, if I had that kind of pick. So good that, by next season, he'll be a Top 5 pick (a la Gore and Addai).

Vince Young: Sophomore slump? He was 5/17 for 102 yards and rushed 4 times for 9 yards -- and he was sacked four times -- in a Titans win over the Pats. I know it's only preseason; hopefully, he'll get himself together for the regular season. I still think he will.

Carlos Zambrano signs with the Cubs through 2012: As he's one of the Top 3 pitchers in the NL, this was a "must-do" for the Cubs -- of the spending spree over the last 10 months, this was by far the smartest payout (5Y/$91.5M). If the Cubs can get a new owner like, say, Mark Cuban, Z might anchor a World Series team.


marcomarco said...

And Wily Mo Pena goes to the Nationals for a ham sandwich and a bag of chips.

Bronson Arroyo is somewhere smiling.

N.J.G said...

vince young: madden curse?

if he has a bad year i beleive no player may ever appear on the cover again.

The heroin sheik said...

Dan your faguars are going down tonight. Speaking of Madden curse, maybe they should have put Vick on the cover this year.

Oh yeah you have to check out this link to the UF athletics page. For a mere 1mil you can dine with Urban and Shelly at home.

I'm all for donating to your school but this is a bit overboard to raise money for a Gateway of Champions. I is catchy though and I bet the recruits will too. Check out the design plans for it and it is pretty cool looking.

starkweather said...

I think Vince Young was actually a pre-emptive cover for the EA people. He was going to suck this year (numbers-wise) no matter what. Al Davis should get the cover next year.

Vick needs to go to trial to have any chance at playing football again, doesn't he? He can't cop to the gambling conspiracy and play football again. Since the CFL instituted the Ricky Rules, what are AFL rules on banned NFL players? Ah, well, I hear Vick's always been a fan of TNA wrestling...

Unknown said...

I hate to break this to people but Vince Young isn't very good without a curse. Just look at his numbers from last year. That 102 yards he passed for is only a little worse than his average from last year.

Unknown said...

washeed...believe is spelled believe...marcomarco..Bronson is frowning because he is still with the sucky Reds.