Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday 08/14 A.M. Quickie:
Madden 08, Vick, Jaworski, Bonds, Sonics, More!

First things first: Go right over to those links to the right and join up in my four football prediction competitions – two NFL and two CFB. The group name for all of them is the usual: Daily Quickie Readers. Hope you join in. Winner of each gets to write a guest-post on DS.com. (Or, alternatively, maybe a prize that is perhaps a little more enjoyable.)

Next: Click this link to read my Jaguars season preview on Deadspin. As many of you know, I picked up the Jags as my favorite NFL team before last season began. I'm back for Year 2. Consider yourself appropriately appalled.

Madden 08 released today: As I pointed out in the Daily Quickie (I believe in last year's edition on the day Madden 07 was released), the release of Madden has become one of the biggest days of the sports year. It's arguably bigger than any single NFL weekend except the Super Bowl. And it arguably tops any single day's event in any other sport, with the exception of the first two days of March Madness (which, coincidentally, are two days of all-consuming attention, not unlike the first two days you have Madden out of the box).

Vick Watch: Now the other two guys are cutting deals, too. Vick is SO screwed. Doesn't even matter HOW he's screwed. He just is.

Should Vick himself take a plea deal? He probably should, simply to get this behind him (and understanding that he's in a ton of trouble, whether he feels like he did anything wrong or not). Here's the priority: Avoid any association with gambling (which could get him banned from the NFL for life), avoid jail time, take the NFL's punishment (even if it's a year) and, for cripes sake, rehab his image.

How could Vick rehab his image? Once the legalistics are behind him, he can admit how wrong he was, display contrition and become the poster guy for animal care – in particular, being a spokesperson against dog-fighting and other cruelty issues. Give money. Give time. Give celebrity. Create and star in a documentary about it. Write a book about it. Despite the current loathing towards him, I suspect that fans WANT to forgive him – he simply needs to (sincerely) give fans something to hang their forgiveness on.

Related: In an interesting NYT/CBS poll, 36 percent of fans who know about the case think that Vick is receiving preferential treatment. Wow: If what he's getting is preferential treatment, I don't want to see what "throwing the book at him" looks like. Did the local prosecutor bumble the case? Yes. Have the Feds been deliberate? Yes, but that's called "building a case." Has the NFL been lenient? Considering they suspended him indefinitely on nothing more than the indictment alone, not particularly.

MNF Preseason Debut: Last August, on the day of Tony Kornheiser's debut, I suggested he was the best thing to happen to Monday Night Football since Howard Cosell. Unfortunately for all of us, I was a wee bit off. (Cripes: When you make as many boldly superlative pronouncements as I do, you can't be right ALL the time.)

I acknowledge that glaring error in the hopes that you'll forgive me a second straight year of hyperbole, because I was off by one year: Ron Jaworski is the best thing to happen to Monday Night Football since Howard Cosell. "Is it Monday yet?" was brilliant, but here's my 2007 MNF slogan suggestion: "We've put the 'football' back in Monday Night Football."

Broncos 17, 49ers 13: Who's with me that Jay Cutler feels like a late-round steal in your fantasy draft? (Alex Smith will be a late-round bargain, too.)

Bonds Watch: Is 2008 his last year? Needless to say, I don't expect there to be a "Retirement Tour" around the league... although there should be. And any team that wants to juice attendance (home AND road) should sign him. Much like his Home Run Chase, most fans can say they want no part of Bonds, but if you've never seen him in person, you'd be crazy not to attend at least one of his games next season, if only just to tell your kids you did.

Meanwhile, Bonds was greeted with cheers last night in Pittsburgh. Despite the fact that Bonds and Pirates fans have a history together, it illustrates exactly what I've been talking about recently about fans forgiving (if not forgetting) long enough to briefly show appreciation for watching one of the handful of greatest players in MLB history.

MLB Stud: Welcome back, Richie Sexson.

Cal Ripken's new job: He's "special sports envoy" for the State Department. I hope administration spin czar Karen Hughes doesn't simply use Ripken for attempted political gain. But, overall, I really like the idea.

NFL Coaching: Here's to Lane Kiffin's quick and complete recovery from whatever viral infection has got him down right now. Gotta show solidarity for an NFL coach who is younger than me.

Pat Riley to coach another three years: I'll take the under.

Sonics relocation to Oklahoma City: It's all but done, based on some of the talk from the ownership group. Not that anyone shouldn't have seen this coming from the first day that Bennett bought the team.

I feel badly for fans in Seattle. There's a competing feeling: I feel good for the fans in Oklahoma City, who proved they absolutely are fantastic NBA fans when they hosted the displaced Hornets.

So the logical question: How soon can the NBA get a replacement team in Seattle, and which team do they relocate to do it? Could they possibly move the Hornets. It's not like they could make the announcement at the 2008 NBA All-Star Game... in New Orleans. Any other options?

I'm late on this, but... Mark Cuban approves of tanking: It's nice to see him affirm a position I've held for years. Tanking isn't just OK, but in many cases is optimal.

-- D.S.


pv845 said...

Madden's release while big is not the biggest sports day. Think of all the people that are over about 40 that don't play games at all. That is the biggest chunk of America that doesn't give a crap about games.

It is the biggest Sports video game day no doubt, but not for sports as a whole.

Tony K will be a lot better if the Monday night football booth sticks to football and stops being a celebrity couch.

We all knew Mark Cuban's position on tanking. Look at the Mavs in the last two years playoffs. Someone just needs to tell him that the seeding and the draft positioning are done before the playoffs.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

I may be in the minority...but here's what I think. I'll try and do something new everyday to spice it up.

NCAA Football any year > Tecmo Super Bowl > Madden any year > John Elway football.

On another note:

Playstation 3 > Playstation 2 > Nintendo 64 > any XBox

Unknown said...

The biggest problem with Vick is that he has trouble with the whole concept of "sincerity". I don't care how many videos he makes. We already know that anything he does in the future is only being done to avoid jailtime, not because he actually repents of the abuse of animals.
I had a black-american colleague, perfectly respectable in every way I knew, defend Vick by saying "You just don't understand. It's a cultural thing." W.T.F.?! So that makes it right?

Unknown said...

revscott...wtf is wrong with you!? lol

comparing Nintendo 64 to PS3 and 2?! You realize that after the 64 there was this thing called the gamecube..and this newfangled gadget called a Wii?

I get your point though. However, I pissed that I can get Madden 08 for the Wii..but I can't get NCAA Football. What...Wii fans don't like CFB!?

Matt said...

Read your season preview and I cant for the life of me understand what you have against Brady Quinn. What the kid held out and he deserves to be called a douche bag?? how about the other 2 draft picks that haven't come into camp yet? do you call them douche bags? Im no ND fan, but I am a browns fan and over the past few weeks you have had a crusade against quinn for no apparent reason then he held out.

and the best part is the hold out wasnt even that big of a deal. he will play a lot this weekend against detroit and all will be forgotten...apparently by everyone else but you.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...


FACT: Mario Kart and Goldeneye are the best multiplayer games in the HISTORY of games. And I have yet to play Wii but once I do, I'm sure it will move past XBox. But seriously...try and think of a better multiplayer game.

David Kippe said...

yankee fans rejoice. Stud: Joba Chamberlain is filthy. OMG!

jhawkjjm said...

I don't understand how people can go out and buy Madden year after year. There really isn't much that changes from year to year so basically you're buying the same game, just with updated rosters. Same for any of the pro sports games. I just can't rationalize it.

I personally prefer the NCAA football game because I could care less about having real players and like having a larger choice in teams. But even that I can't buy every year because its the same game. What I've done in the past is wait several years between getting. I had 2003, then bought 2007. Not even sure if I'll 2008 when I upgrade to a PS3 soon.

David Kippe said...


one shot to kill,In the Stack, with Handguns. never was better.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

Proximity mines, in the facility, no oddjob allowed.

Geoff said...

Madden is so overhyped every year. Really a shame there is no NFL licensed competition since EA bought up exclusive NFL rights.

I can't believe anyone would defend tanking games. What an embarrassment.

David Kippe said...

i use to play that game hours on end. when i was on a recruiting trip at Tennessee, half the time we were playing Bond. They never duplicated that game. Shocked that they never tried to on the newer systems.

CMFost said...

Stud - Tim Wakefield - 8ip of shutout ball, took a no hitter into the 7th

Unknown said...

Am I really the only one that CAN'T STAND Jaws? Then again, I can't stand Madden (talking about the analyst, not the game) either, and people seem to like him too.

David Kippe said...

Jaws is the only real analyst on the 4 letter. He is so good at breaking down plays.

Matt said...

"And any team that wants to juice attendance"


David Kippe said...

i think most people have tired of Madden the analyst, because of the game. After hearing him over and over again on the game, watching a real game and hearing is not like it once was.

Unknown said...

Why doesn't the NBA just simply move a Franchise that has been struggling in attendance and ownership to Seattle, Memphis? Actually easier yet - have someone in Dom Commisioner's office work out this - Have someone buy the Grizzlies - then trade them for the Sonics straight up - and move the Grizz to OKC. Makes the most sense.

Ken Dynamo said...

I think your Vick advice is the best i've heard yet. anything else and he'd be painting himself deeper into the corner (of hell).

as for Madden, it only sells like, 2 million copies of the game this week. to the people who play it it may be bigger than the superbowl, but over all, not even close to #2. it is one of the biggest weeks in the gaming industry too, which adds to its signifigance and segues nicelt into a discussion about video games in sports blogs. speaking of...

and did someone say Goldeneye is better than Halo? are you high? that is retarded.

also nintendo DS's are the shit. wii's are for women and babies.

Matt T said...

I agree with the fans wanting to forgive Vick. He's got a ton of blind loyalists here.

I've seen a truck several times with writing on the winshield saying "Innocent until proven guilty, MV7, let him play"

On talk radio, people call in all the time and try to defend him. Its quite odd.

Darklawdog said...

Since we are discussing video games.

XBox 360 >>>>>>>>>> than anything sony.

Halo must be thrown in as one of the greatest multiplyer games in history.

The Wii has its own niche. Personally, I got bored of the style of gameplay after a while, but I think it is a great concept. It is great that Nintendo is very innovative.

I haven't bought a new madden since 2005. Rarely played it.

Re: Vick

What did he do again? I mean I haven't heard anything about Vick and legal problems at all *sarcasm*

chitown italian said...

How come they don't show slo-mo replays during the LLWS when the batters getting HBP?

todd said...

If you haven't played Madden for the Wii, you really should. I have hated the game for years and years (like others I preferred NCAA Football, especially the Dreamcast 2k sports versions). BUT then I got a Wii, and Madden is sweet on it. This year there is a Family Play setting that simplifies the controls on a per-player basis so you can play WITH your special lady friend instead of having her bitch that you play too much. Tho maybe that's not a problem for those obsessed with the omgl33t graphics on 360/PS3...

Brian in Oxford said...

hey, I'm pretty much an outsider on video games (read: uncoordinated, my mom beat me at Asteroids for Atari when I was a kid...)

Anyway, I want to know if there's an online football game where 22 different people play at once....including gamers taking on the roles of the left guard...the holder on the placekick....nose guard...long snapper....etc....instead of just the QB and receiver.

This seems like a good idea, every player on his own console or computer can view the play specifically from his angle, with an option to then see stuff like the "all 22" angle overhead. People could "join" a game at any particular position, like you do at a poker table....a lost internet connection means the computer automatically fills in until another player signs in.

Does this already exist?

Unknown said...


I'm not quite sure what you're asking.

Unknown said...

It's good to see that after your long one season as a fan on the Jags that you are ready to see Del Rio go....and just to clarify there ware definetely degrees of fandom, it to make it to the enxt level Dan you need at least three years under your belt

bkelly126 said...

please don't turn this into a console fanboy debate, but goldeneye was the first successful FPS on a console and was Halo before Halo.

re: vick
is there anyway he could get a fair trial? with every news station in the country talking about this case is there any way a jury could be found that hasn't already made up its mind? he's not going to get off easy on this, I think it's a matter of how much jail time

Unknown said...

I am with you. Being 41 and middle aged, I am probably the only one around here who has never played Madden football of any version.

I used to play some PS1 games with my kids when they got the system. Now the PS2 is down in the basement so I haven't played it in a few years. Honestly, I just don't have the time. To get into a game, you need hours to burn and it just isn't there timewise.

Unknown said...

The idea of having 22 players, each play a different player in an online football game is an interesting idea. However as much fun as playing o-line is in real life (I did in high school), it is probably not that much fun in a video game. Also the real time issue of a server transmitting game info to 22 clients simultaneously is an issue that will probably cause intolerable game lag.

Then again, MS and intel need a reason for people to buy faster PCs.

chitown italian said...

@Guy - I was watching the football games but would switch over to LLWS when commercials were on.

I wanted to see the replay of the chubby kid getting drilled. All I caught was him crying walking to 1B. They never showed a replay or slo-mo of the HBP. They didn't show a replay later on in the game as well.

David Kippe said...

what was said was Goldeneye is the best multi player game ever. and it was.

Big D said...

"And any team that wants to juice attendance (home AND road) should sign him."

Well. That couldn't have been a more perfect choice of words there Dan.


Ken Dynamo said...

goldeneye WAS the best multi player but if you think it still IS then you need to find some friends with Halo. this is not a debate anymore. super sprint for nintendo WAS the best multiplayer racing game but is it now? please, get with it.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

@ken dynamo

SOCOM is better than HALO.

Xbox sucks balls.

TBender said...

Amen, Rev Scott.

Praise the option and pitch the pigskin.

Unknown said...

Rafael, well several of my closest lifelong friends are African American and two even live in Atlanta and they didn't come close to defending Vick. Actually the friend who is an attorney thinks he should spend a year or two in jail. I guess more NYC roots where dog fighting isn't as common perhaps.

I had a similar discussion with Hispanic friends regarding bull fighting. One Mexican coworker thinks it is the most digusting thing she has ever seen but tries to understand that it has historical roots. Another just thinks it should be illegal everywhere and one other guy thinks people "just don't understand." Sound familiar?

I have no problem with eating animals, hunting doesn't bother me at all, I don't even have a problem with experimentation on animals. But just sadistic torturing of animals for strictly entertainment purposes for those who enjoy torture is beyond sick.

It shows a complete disregard for basic decency and compassion and quite frankly, I think feeds and encourages cruelty and sadism in those who partake in dog fighting.

Vick is done. After he does his jail time, no team will touch him with a 10 foot pole.

Unknown said...


Keep in mind that the play you are talking about looked extremely painful for the kid. Nobody wants to see replays of a kid getting hurt.

Biggs said...

Am I really the only one that CAN'T STAND Jaws?

I loved playing Goldeneye as Jaws. He looked hilarious.

David Kippe said...

Phil Rizzuto passed, just announced. Sad day for baseball, he was the oldest living member of the HOF. Rest in peace "Scooter." BEST.BUNTER.EVER.

The Mark Show said...

SOCOM better multiplayer than Halo? Please. We could go back and forth all day about which system is better since everyone is loyal to their own but there's no debate when it comes to Halo and SOCOM multiplayer. Halo hands down.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...


that just made me laugh outloud. i thought the exact same thing and was typing it when i remembered that we dan's original post had to do with ron jaworski (aka jaws). so yeah...me going off on a tangent about goldeneye would cause confusion. apologies.

while wasted mario kart is the best thing ever. caused so many fights in college.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...


That's not fair! Rizzuto is a baseball player, not a word!

Ken Dynamo said...

never played socom so it may be better than halo but i seriously doubt it. i dont know anyone who has SOCOM LAN parties. i mean, not that i go to halo lan parties. but if i did im sure they would be better than socom lan parties.

I <3 my seXbox

bkelly126 said...


I think Donkey Kong is the best game ever

David Kippe said...


RevScottDeMangeMD said...

we can go on for hours about video games. i simply just wanted to put out something in regards to dan's posts. i'll put up another one tomorrow. i could do a nintendo game talk all day long.


christian okoye > LT > bo jackson > bruce smith > qb qills

bkelly126 said...

@ any xbox fan
if this is going to boil down to a console comment war,
name every great exclusive xbox (hell, I'll even throw in the 360) game. dollars to donuts, you can count it on 1 hand

Unknown said...


Not to put down a guy who just died or anything like that, but Phil Rizzuto was not the best bunter ever. That would be one William Henry Keeler.

SAE said...

Don't know about bunting, but Rizzuto was the best announcer in a Meatloaf song. "Paradise by the Dashboard Light"

Brian in Oxford said...

When Pope John Paul I died, Rizzuto reportedly said,
"This puts a damper on even a Yankees win."

I suppose the feeling is similar today for NYY fans. And fans of The Money Store.

Ken Dynamo said...

i hate first grade and i hate all of you. im never coming back to school again. NEVER.

you know whats a great game? fusion frenzy. i will destroy any man alive in twisted system.

you know what the worst game is? NSACAR. watching it is boring enough but spening 2 hours pushing left?

Unknown said...

As an avid Yankee fan growing up in the 70's, Rizzuto's voice was synonymous with the team. Every Yankee fan loved him. We may have criticized others but he was untouchable.

I remember when there was a long rain delay and there was a rookie announcer working with Rizzuto. Rizzuto just took off and left the announcer by himself. When he came back he said that some guy did that to me his first year announcing.

I used to love the crazy stuff that would come out of his mouth. I remember some friends from out of town couldn't stand him as an announcer. I told them it was just because they weren't Yankee fans.

How can anyone here argue how good a bunter he was? We are all too young to have seen him play I would assume.

David Kippe said...

if anyone hasn't read it, you gotta read Jay Mohr's article on Madden. it will be hilarious to anyone who um experimented in high school or college. there is the link http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/7117630

David Kippe said...

my comment about him as a bunter was actually from my father. when he taught me to bunt as a little leaguer, he would tell me about Scooter, and to this day whenever someone messes up a bunt on the yanks he says "Scooter was the best."

Ftrain said...

There goes another part of my childhood--

Rest in Peace Phil Rizzuto

chitown italian said...

I guess I'm the only sicko that likes to see the replays of HBP's???

I played baseball from the time I could walk through HS and then played after college in an adult hardball league.

I have all sorts of pictures of me with black and blue marks from getting drilled by pitchers.

I even have a picture of me from HS when an idiot teammate cut me off during practice, he missed the damn ball, and I ended up with the stitches from the baseball bruise around my eye turning my face black and blue (oh yeah, the contact I was wearing shattered in my eye too).

Coolest picture ever!

Johnny b said...

Lego Star Wars is also a surprisingly wonderful game

skommando said...


Amen. I'm 34, and I, along with my 30 year old brother-in-law and 11 year old son still play all 16 races of Mario Kart once a week for bragging rights. Never grows old.

verbal97 said...

A few things...

Bond was the best multi-player and since it was big when I was in college, I will always argue it's merits.

Mariokart was great as a single player game, too. Did any of you complete the Wario track in 20 seconds?

Tecmobowl was and still is the greatest football game ever. And to the person who rated Okoye over Bo and LT. Are you insane? LT was the single greatest game changer, because as long as you could match the computer TD for TD, you'd win because he could tackle the holder before the kick. Ridiculous but fun, especially when playing against someone...they'd always get extremely pissed.

David Kippe said...

brainfart...defensive back for raiders in tecmo bowl! superfast

Darklawdog said...

Ken Dynamo:

I for one did got to many Halo LAN parties. Those moments are some of my fondest moments ever.

16 people in 2 different rooms on four big screen tv's in an all out battle, whether it be a free for all or a team battle. Just having that many people that close playing against each other for the same goal was jsut great fun. As you can imagine some of the funniest comments are made in situations like that.


I can name as many great exclusives for xbox as I can playstation, whereas not many for either. It basically comes down to the Final Fantasy series vs. the Halo series. Of course then you can throw in Grand Theft Auto (which isn't exclusive anymore) and Gears of War.

I am not a fanboy of one particular system since I do have playstation 1, 2, 3; xbox and xbox 360; gamecube and Wii.

Greg said...

looks like vick is going to strike up a plea bargain after all...c/o the atlanta journal/consitution

bkelly126 said...

my point was even the great Halo series is available for the PC. Ninja Gaiden is on the PS3. KOTOR 1 & 2, Oblivion also on the PC. Gears and dead rising are the only quality games off the top of my head I can think of.

The heroin sheik said...

I think the best madden was the 92 one. You could pass all day with the Oilers and the run and shoot offense. However if I were to play to a video game these days it would be any golf or soccer game. I suck at football games as I emulate Spurrier and throw on every down. I would much rather go to an arcade and play Galaga or Golden Tee than never leave my house and play 10 seasons of Madden.

chitown italian said...

All this talk about video games is boring....

Anyone up to challenge the master of Bubble Boy? If you have to ask then you have no clue!

Darklawdog said...


I agree with you that these are available on PC. I was looking more along the lines of the games competing across the two systems as in Halo 1, 2, and 3 not being on the PS 1,2, or 3 and Final Fantasy not being on the Xbox (which I have heard rumors where Final Fantasy will be coming to XBox)

In the end, Micrsoft is a company that deals primarily with PC's and intends to make money. Of course, the great exclusive games for the XBox will be recreated for PC's. I suspect gears and dead rising to also become available for PC in the future.

Sony does not have that luxary.

Sheldiz said...

i stand by my love of NFL Blitz.

and mario kart.

and toe jam and earl.

Erik Huntoon said...

With the info about Vick trickling out.. I really hope a plea bargain doesn't get offered to him. Sounds like a slam dunk case and I would love to see him rot in prison for as long as possible.. not plead out and get a cupcake sentence. Rehabbing his image when this is all over?!? Are you for real Dan? Mike Vick speaking out or doing documentaries about the evils of dogfighting sounds as sincere as Mel Gibson saying he isn't an anti-semite. The truth is out there and if he is contrite in an apology, it will only be because he got caught and his overpaid lifestyle is going to get significantly changed.

Madden the biggest thing in sports? Wow.. I will take the day after the MLB All-Star game over Madden day.. ok.. that's a stretch but I can honestly say I have never owned a Madden game, played a couple and never felt like I was missing anything. Give me old school Techmobowl or a bit more obscure.. NES Play Action Football.

Kurt said...

Bonds might sue accusers, including Schilling

Barry Bonds apparently is ready to fight back.

According to a report by InsideBayArea.com, the web site for the Oakland Tribune, the new home run king has hired two lawyers to go after and punish those that make false statements about him.

Oakland’s John Burris and San Francisco’s Todd Schneider announced Monday they will defend the slugger against false statements made by private citizens related to any illegal act someone might claim Bonds has admitted to.

"This is directed at Schilling more than anybody," criminal defense attorney Michael Rains, representing Bonds in a grand jury probe related to the BALCO case, told the San Jose Mercury News.

"Schilling said some things that were inappropriate and potentially defamatory. I know it was upsetting to Barry. We talked about the issue and I know he was talking to some civil lawyers to put people on notice that he has someone defending him."


Meefer said...

forza motorsports and project gotham for xbox vs. gran turismo for the playstation.

The console wars will trudge on forever, but the Xbox's big edge (at least for me) is XBMC for the media center capabilities and the ability to easily hack it into a simple linux box.