Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday 09/21 A.M. Quickie:
Pats Tapes Destroyed, NFL/CFB Picks, More!

Today's Names to Know: Destroyed NFL tapes, NFL Picks, Vince Young vs. Donovan McNabb, Kevin Everett, Tulsa, CFB Picks, Angels and Indians, Mets and Phillies, and More.

Lead Item: Pats cheating scandal takes a weird turn: Without a shred of transparency, the NFL has destroyed all the tapes that the Pats turned over to them, simply saying, "Didn't see anything."

I think this will flare into the Big Story today, because "destroying evidence" (particularly without letting anyone else see it) is something we all can conceptualize -- and it doesn't speak to clearing things up.

On the contrary, it instantly implies HIDING things.

We are forced to trust the NFL on their decision-making, but I think you're crazy if you do. It's in the NFL's best interests to lock down on anything... bigger... that they might have found on those tapes. But we'll never know, because the tapes are destroyed and the NFL controls the situation.

Imagine a similar scenario with David Stern or Bud Selig. The outrage would be off the Richter scale. I don't think it's crazy to suggest there would be calls for Congressional hearings.

But King NFL? Please. Won't happen. I hesitate that mainstream media will even try to investigate the increasing (and increasingly legit) claims that are popping up -- including about the Tuck Game, the most iconic of any Pats wins during the dynasty.

Just look at the crackerjack way that mainstream media has taken on the NFL's PED epidemic. Again, if they worked fractionally as hard as they have on MLB's PED scandal, they'd find... that the NFL is SO much worse.

It's not like that would cripple the sport; everyone already assumes that HGH or other PEDs are rampant in pro football, and it doesn't affect the league's popularity one bit.

Still, this is skeevy: Given the rumors that are circulating, it seems suspicious that the league would chirp, "Nothing to see here"... and destroy everything. Not just lock it away, but destroy it.

At the very least, it gives conspiracy theorists (in this case, some would say "realists") a parting gift to the scandal.

As usual, Florio over at PFT has the definitive take on this. (Please, please, please PFT: Can you include permalinks to individual Rumor Mill items? While you're at it, how about an RSS feed?)

NFL Week 3 Preview and Picks: SD d. GB, MIN d. KC, NE d. BUF, NYJ d. MIA, DET d. PHI, PIT d. SF, STL d. TB, BAL d. ARI, IND d. HOU, DEN d. JAX, CLE d. OAK, CIN d. SEA, CAR d. ATL, WSH d. NYG, CHI d. DAL (SNF), NO d. TEN (MNF). LW: 11-5 (07: 23-9)

Feel free to put your favorite Week 3 NFL storyline in the Comments.

McNabb and Black QBs, Cont'd: Where do you stand on Vince Young's reaction to it, which was... no reaction. Literally. "Not my fight," Young said, despite being the heir to Briscoe, Williams and – yes – McNabb.

Without their "fight" before him, Young would be preparing to line up right now at wide receiver.

I appreciate that VY was taking the road of "I'm just concentrating on the game in front of me," but that was intellectually dishonest.

Young needs to have a response; I'm sure he does, but just didn't want to say it, either because he was afraid of getting in the middle of a discussion about race in sports or because he was afraid it might dent his marketability.

CFB Tonight: Oklahoma at Tulsa. And I'm picking Tulsa! The Sooners are 22-point favorites. It could be easy enough for me to take the points, see Tulsa lose by less than 22 and claim moral victory.

But no! I look at Tulsa's crazy-ass offense (managed by prep-football genius turned college coordinator Gus Malzahn) and all I can think of is: Boise State, who used offensive innovation to completely baffle (and beat) Oklahoma.

Now, either Bob Stoops learned his lesson before... or, even if you know it's coming, it's hard to be a BCS-league power and take the sandlot-style of non-BCS football seriously.

The game is at Tulsa. The Golden Hurricane has an unstoppable offense. Everyone assumes this has all the makings of being "Oklahoma's year."

I'm calling the shocker: Tulsa beats Oklahoma.

More CFB Top 25 Preview and Picks: Picking Tulsa over Oklahoma makes up for the fact that a combination of patsy opponents and (mostly) home games means that there will be an absurdly low number of unexpected scores this weekend. In fact, I pick all but two ranked teams to win, one by necessity:

While newly minted Top 25 team Alabama has a must-win at home against No. 22 Georgia, newly unranked Arkansas, back at home, will catch No. 21 Kentucky (coming off the win over rival Louisville) in a classic let-down game.

Everything else? Yawn: Top 25 teams jockeying for style points. (Um, nevermind the fact that I picked A&M over unranked Miami and already blew that one.)

I guess that works out better for me, given that I will be refraining from watching football during the day in observance of Yom Kippur.

(Is it wrong that I'm TiVo'ing the big games – including Florida at Ole Miss -- to watch once the sun goes down? Does that defile the spirit of deprivation and repentance the holiday demands?)

Anyway, the picks:
USC (1) over Washington St
LSU (2) over South Carolina (12)
Florida (3) over at Ole Miss
Tulsa over Oklahoma (4) (UPSET SPECIAL)
West Virginia (5) over E. Carolina
Cal (6) over Arizona
(7) over Rice
Ohio State (8) over Northwestern
Wisconsin (9) over Iowa
Penn State (10) over at Michigan
(13) over at Stanford
B.C. (14) over Army
Clemson (15) over NC State
Alabama (16) over Georgia (22) (GOTW)
VA Tech (17) over William and Mary
Louisville (18) over Syracuse
Hawaii (19) over Charleston Southern
Arkansas over Kentucky (21) (SUPER-STUD WATCH)
South Florida (23) over UNC
Nebraska (24) over Ball State
Missouri (25) over Illinois State

Notre Dame SuckWatch (TM): And the worst marketing idea of the year goes to... adidas and Notre Dame, which will outfit fans at the Stadium with... white towels. Because nothing says "Fight on!" like a white towel.

CFB Thursday: Miami 34, Texas A&M 17. So much for the Aggies as a darkhorse national-title contender. Meanwhile, which team is Miami: The one who clobbered A&M or the one who got clobbered by Oklahoma?

Kevin Everett Update: Between the "Belicheat" and "McNabb" memes over the last two weeks, it's amazing simply to find out that doctors think Everett can be walking in the next few weeks.

MLB Pennant Racing:

Mets Collapse, Cont'd: After a 10-inning loss last night to the Marlins (where they blew a three-run lead...twice), the Mets are now just 1.5 games ahead of the Phillies, who won.

Angels thisclose to clinching: Just need to win tonight versus Seattle to become the first team to earn a playoff spot.

(Indians close, too. And is this the weekend the Yankees catch – or pass – the Red Sox in the AL East? I know I have talked for months about the only thing mattering being making the playoffs however you can; the division title is relatively meaningless as long as you win the Wild Card. However, I now find this intriguing, even though both teams are virtual locks to make the playoffs. It would be infinitely better if it was a runner-up-is-out situation. Get on that, MLB!)

NL West: Padres win 7th straight, putting them only .5 GB the D'backs. The reason the NL East race is so insane is that the loser will likely miss the playoffs entirely, probably because of the NL West.

MLB: Ken Griffey will miss the rest of the season. September 20? You definitely won if, at the start of the season, you picked the "over."

Astros hire Ed Wade: When I first wrote this, I accidentally typed "Astros fire Ed Wade." Fast-forward anywhere between 3-8 seasons, and that's pretty much what you'll have.

PGA and PEDs: The PGA will institute PED-testing in 2008, presumably more than enough time for the dozens of players you just KNOW are using rule-bending drugs to get their system clean.

(If you think I'm crazy to suggest that many PGA players are using PEDs, YOU'RE the one who is delusional. It's like you haven't been paying attention to sports for the last decade.)

Yes, Floyd Landis is still a cheater.

Must-Read: Big Daddy Drew's lead-in to his weekly Deadspin NFL guest-post. Filed under "Wish I Wrote That."

The Big Picture's "Would You Do..." Tournament returns... for Round 2. Here's a link.

Housekeeping: Sorry to pack so much into a single post. Abbreviated day for me here. I'll try to set up a CFB Live-Comment post for Saturday's games before the end of the day, even though it'll be early.

-- D.S.


The Badger said...

Funny story about Notre Dame and white towels... 2 years ago, the Irish opened the season at Pitt. My friends and I (all Pitt fans) were tailgating in a lot near a bunch of Irish fans. My friend Ryan looked over and saw a white flag flying off a pole over top of one of the Notre Dame tailgates and immediately began heckling them mercilessly. This led to the following exchange:

Me: Ryan?
Him: Can you believe these pussies? White flag!
Me: I think thats a "Remember 9/11" flag.
Ryan: [Hangs head in shame, ceases talking for rest of day]

Matt T said...

This is a big shakedown weekend in the SEC.

South Carolina has a chance to prove its legit, even by keeping it close.

UK can prove its legit too with a win over Arkansas

and either Bama or UGA takes large steps to proving their worth. If Bama wins, they will be favored in the rest of their games other than LSU.

pv845 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pv845 said...

I don't think that Young dodged the question. I think that he said McNabb needs to shut up or move to a position that isn't in the spotlight. Basically: People are not booing you because you are black; people are booing you because you suck right now.

Congressional hearings on the tape thing? Now you are just nuts. If the NFL wants to blow their credibility then that is fine. The PED thing is in the forefront becauase PEDs are illegal. Video taping an opponent during the game is an NFL rule.

Tulsa over OU. Ole Miss over UF is more likely.

Unknown said...

Dan is picking the Detroit Lions to improve to 3-0!!!!!

Brian in Oxford said...

Red Sox didn't lose last night! Mets did, though....badly. Where was Wagner, anyway?

CMFost said...

Wagner was out last night with back spasms.

The heroin sheik said...

The last time I remember UF playing Ole Miss my tv kept losing reception and I missed us losing at the end to fucking Eli Manning. How is it that as great of a qb as his brother is( I think I just threw up in my mouth a little) he couldn't beat UF yet Eli is average at best and he beat us twice in a row. Gotta love the Zooker.
What blows my mind is that the USF/NCstate game is going to be broadcast locally in Chicago yet the Gator game isn't. That seems odd to me but at least I get to see if my hometown team can help the state of Florida sweep every team in the Carolina's this year The only major school I think doesn't play a team from Fl this year is east carolina.

Hypothetical question since this is the most exciting part of the sports year with football in full swing and the playoffs coming up in baseball. If you could go to any five sporting events worldwide what would they be. I was thinking the British Open at St Andrews, the World Cup, surfing's triple crown, Rangers/Celtic at Ibrox (Im not catholic and ready to meet my maker), and any of the big four championship games/series in American sports. I have been to two world cups (USA and France), seen the ning win the Stanley Cup, Seen the Bucs win the Super Bowl as well as the first Bills SB loser, and the Marlins beat the Yankees in game 5 in Miami. I was in a good debate with friends last night over it and wondered what some real sports fans would think about it.

soxfan2550 said...

jeez dan, can your anti boston bias ooze any thicker? first you are fluffing up the nfl "scandal" as if anyone still gave a crap just to keep bashing the pats...give it up dude and move your bonehead idea of eliminating the runner up for wc team? (convenient that its the sox who would/could lose out on this) more egotistical florida bias. i know your head has swollen to the size of a fair winning pumpkin with all the gator pride crap but give the boston bashing a break. (increasingly losing my interest in your blog, in fact using it mostly as a convenient way to link to the other more interesting and less biased blogs you nicely provide)

Coach Chip said...

The Angels should be helping Seattle get into the playoffs. I'm not going to feel bad when they get swept by the Yankees. I warned them.

Alex Gore said...

What legit claims about the Tuck Game? You mean Tim Brown and Rich Gannon talking about receiving an audio tape of Gannon suppossedly making audible calls during the game? How is that legit?

Where is the tape then? And why did they wait till NOW to reveal that? Please, that's as full of smoke and mirrors as the NFL's "Nothing to see here, move along" ending to this whole thing.

Bryan said...

Yeah, what a terrible idea the white TOWELS are...I mean, it's not like ND is the first team to pass out towels at home games. And that it's for the Hannah & Friends Charity. But please, don't let get logic and charity get in the way of your ND hating agenda. Go back to declaring Miami-Texas A&M as the Best. Game. Ever. or whatever else it is you normally do.

pv845 said...

Bryan: I didn't realize that is what the towels were for. I agree it isn't like ND is the first school to do this, but now Dan really sounds like a dick.

CorrND said...

The ND white towels story is even better when you consider that ND's "The Shirt" is green this year. So....people wearing green shirts and waving white towels....basically they're having ND fans dress up in the colors of the opposition and wave a white flag. Pure genius.

The Mark Show said...

It's too bad that Dan let's his biases get in the way of what is often an insightful and informative blog. Not a very good job today, Dan.

CMFost said...

Well if there was a night the Red Sox could hope to add a game to there lead it should be tonight, Beckett going for #20 and Yankees having to face Halladay and a decent Blue Jays team.

My Four Sporting events that I would want to attend.

1. Super Bowl
2. Ryder Cup - Been there
3. World Cup Soccer Final
4. Any game 7 of the finals(NBA,NHL,MLB) - been to an NHL

honorable mentions
Daytona 500
The Masters
The Open at St Andrews

Unknown said...

Shanoff, I find your "intellectually dishonest" claim on VY slightly unfair. It's not the media or the fan's inherent right to know what an NFL player--emerging superstar, superduper star or otherwise--necessarily thinks about the comments of another player. It's his right to effectively tell the media: "get a quote elsewhere, let's talk about Sunday." Even as a black quarterback with the potential to emarge as a superduper star in the near future, I don't see how he has an obligation or responsibility to defend or contend McNabb's statement. If you think he does, to whom do you think he owes his opinion?

And also, as a Boston fan, you've got to stop harping on "legit" claims of suspicions of cheating during the Patriots dynasty. I'd like to know how public opinion makes it legit. Public opinion voted in W. twice. Give us an animated gif of evidence or move on. You know well that as soon as the Patriots bring an undefeated record against Indy, no one will remember the videotaping "scandal."

pv845 said...

My favorite sport events:

1. Superbowl
2. BCS championship game
3. NCAA championship weekend
4. The Open Championship

CorrND said...

Matt -- public opinion actually only voted W in once.

FreKy J said...

The NFL has a built in way to know if the Patriots withheld some of their evidence, which would result in a huge punishment. My take on the NFL destroying the tapes is that it guarantees there should be:

1) No copies floating around, because the Patriots were told to turn over everything.

2) No further videos floating around, because the Patriots were told to turn over everything.

I believe the NFL saw what they needed to see, proving that the videos were as advertised, then agreed to destroy them, so nobody else could get their hands on them. It's quite possible that the Patriots were so good at recording the opposing teams, the NFL didn't want to risk other teams gaining that information from the media, which would inevitably leak anything they got their hands on.

verbal97 said...

Congressional hearings for a franchise breaking a strictly organazional rule is dumb. Calling out Vince Young for not coming out with a "blacker" response is dumber. I think Vince Young can speak for Vince Young without some unemployed white dude with limited sports knowledge telling him what he should say. Where do you come off anyway?

verbal97 said...

surfing's triple crown?!

My 5:

European game at Anfield
WS Game 7 at Yankee Stadium
World Cup final
Kentucky Derby


Celtic/Rangers at Parkhead.

eric said...

Give Griffey a break. There's about 10 games left in the season, and the dude has a minor injury. If it was the middle of the season, he might miss two weeks. Give the guy a break. How many non-steriod users hit 30 hrs at age 37? And he is still a serviceable outfielder, with diving catches and assists from deep right field.

CMFost said...

CorrND said... Matt -- public opinion actually only voted W in once.

Actually I am not sure W was voted in either time.

TBender said...

My top 4:

World Series
College World Series
World Cup
NCAA Mens' Final Four

Football is better at the tailgate and on TV.

Coach Chip said...

Some many soccer matches being picked in peoples Top 5. Most US sporting events can't compete with the Live soccer match atmosphere. That's what the MLS really needs to find a way to import if they want people to take notice.

todd said...

Way to overblow the Pats video destruction. As someone else mentioned, this was a violation of a league rule, not a violation of a federal law, so suggesting a Congressional hearing is absurd. Well, it's absurd even in regard to MLB PEDs, I'd rather have my tax dollars pay for something more useful than policing athletes on the juice.

Anyway, what the league is saying is we know you cheat, everyone else cheats too, we didn't start enforcing the rules until this year, these tapes are from before this year, therefore we aren't going to punish you, but you can't have your toys back.

Jingoist said...

So the PGA instituted a PEDs detection program for next season. Does that mean the likes of Rory Sabbatini and Jon Daly get a pass because their "drug(s) of choice" are not exactly performance "enhancing"? More like "performance impeding".

SDW said...

I agree completely with Matt. VY's job description has nothing to do with defending or attacking another black quarterback's words or credentials or anything else. His job is to win on Sunday.

Frankly, if I'm Bud Adams or a Titans fan - and I'm neither - I'm happier than a pig in shit about his response.

As for Patriotgate (or whatever the hell we're calling it), full whatever. I don't see what the league had to gain by destroying the tapes, but I don't see what they had to lose, either. And face it: there's plenty of evidence that the attacks on 9/11 were NOT orchestrated by the government, and the conspiracy theorists are still at it. People are going to believe what they're going to believe (especially football fans, like Raiders fans who think EVERYTHING is set up by the league for them to fail), no matter what you or I or anyone else says about it.

Unknown said...

Ole Miss V Florida isn't a big game. :p

David "SirFozzie" Yellope said...

Most. Biased. Column. Ever.

The League says "Bad Patriots. No Biscuit (750K in fines, and an unprecedented first round draft pick) ! Turn over all your spying tapes so we can destroy them."

(Patriots turn over tapes, league confirms tapes are as advertised and there were no hidden tapes)

League: and don't do it again! (destroys tapes as promised)

Conspiracy Theorists: OMGWTFBBQ! The league is hiding something!

You know why Shanoff, Easterbrook and others are so pissed about the League saying there's no evidence for the Jets pile on and closing the case on spygate?

Because they had the idea they could be lazy and spin this story for months on end.. After all, the league's already had one tape mysteriously leak out, which fed the controversy.

So this attitude is just disappointment that they won't have multiple future columns already written for them

Trey (formerly TF) said...

CMFost said...
My Four Sporting events that I would want to attend.

1. Super Bowl
2. Ryder Cup - Been there
3. World Cup Soccer Final
4. Any game 7 of the finals(NBA,NHL,MLB) - been to an NH

I've been to 3 of the listed. Honestly, the Super Bowl isn't that great. It's so stale and corporate that you kinda lose the feeling that there is even a game. The parties are fun don't get me wrong, but you completely lose fact that their is a game that all this leads up to.

My 4:

1) A big game at Cameron Indoor
2) The Masters
3) The Rose Bowl
4) A NFL Conference Championship game

Trey (formerly TF) said...

Just to add, of the events I've been to the Final Four blows everything away.

That Saturday was completely insane.

Melbye said...

Ok, seriously, you want an intellectual answer from Vince Young? This is the same guy that got the lowest score ever on the Wonderlic exam...ever. Appropriate expectations.

Natsfan74 said...

I've got to agree on the Superbowl. It sucks live -- no real fans, entirely corporate, and no commercials (which, let's face it, is about all some SB are good for).

My top 5:
1. NFL Conference Championship game (preferably at Lambeau -- even though I hate the Packers)
2. Final Four
3. World Cup (I hate soccer, but am going to South Africa for WC 2010)
4. Rugby World Cup (NZ 2011, here I come)
5. World Series Game in Bleachers at Wrigley Field* (this is actually my #1, but since I don't think it will ever happen, why rank it higher?)

We had a great post a while back about best sports event we have seen in person. I won't go back to that topic, but I will recommend to anyone to add an Army vs. Navy Football Game to their list of things they want to see if it isn't there already. It's an absolutely overpowering event with great spirit, rivalry, intensity, pageantry, and comradarie all rolled into one. It's in Baltimore this year, but I would recommend going in Philly -- a city that completely embraces the game.

The heroin sheik said...

If your team is in the super bowl it is great. I saw the Bucs win and it was amazing. I do agree that it is way too corporate.

The triple crown of surfing is four tournaments in hawaii. Pipeline, Sunset beach, Waimea, and the Vans Hawaiian pro. They hold everyone but the Waimea tournament every year. Waimea is only when the waves are over 20 feet.

Weirdest thing is that I lived like an hour or so from Daytona for years and never made it to a race. I should put that on my list of things I need to see.

Soccer matches are by far the most intense sporting events I have been to. If the teams are good and they hate each other it is even better. I think that is why Rangers v. Celtic are always so crazy. Pretty much the winner of this wins the Scottish league most years. However if Motherwell gets to qualify for European play next season my dad and I are there.

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

I have never been a fan of The U but after reading this great article on Randy Shannon I might change my tune on the 'Canes.

Jen said...

future~ I read a great article about Randy Shannon in SI last definitely changed my tune!

Unknown said...

Late but here is my list of top 5 sporting events to see:

1. Tour de France on a mountain drinking heavily with people from all over the world.
2. Rugby World Cup and drinking in a bar with all the fans after the game.
3. Bleachers (or anywhere) in Yankee Stadium for a World Series game - maybe this year?
4. Seeing Syracuse play in a final Four in the NCAA tournament.
5. Superbowl - any teams but preferably the Jets (maybe in 2035?)

Best sporting event ever for me was watching my son in middle school win the 2nd heat of a 200m race at a track meet. My little guy is a pretty good athlete and was reguarly the high scorer in his CYO league basketball, he ran 2nd fastest on the 7th grade cross country team recently out of 30 kids. My older son had a lot of developmental issues and never played sports before running track. I was just glad he was on the team. I almost lost it watching him just thinking about everything we had been through.

That is why when I saw Joba Chamberlain's Dad sitting in his wheelchair, crying in the stands when he saw his son pitch against KC this year, I thought that was the greatest sports moment of the year.

chitown italian said...

My fav events that I have attended:

1) AS Roma vs. Inter Milan - Stadio Olympico, Roma
2) 1995 Indians vs. Orioles - Ripken 2,133 (no rain outs in Baltimore, damn you O's) and the same night the Tribe clinched the division title for the first time in 45 years (I believe). The Jake was shaking.
3) Super Bowl @ Rose Bowl - Cowboys vs. Bills - The Don Beebe game.
4) Game 6: 1995 WS Indians vs. Braves (Just because I always wanted to see a WS game)

I have been fortunate to travel and see many events. Olympic Baseball, USC football, Wrigley Field (not top five because I haven't been to a WS game there), Fenway, HR Derby & the All Star game at the Murph in San Diego.....

I have a long and distinguished list.

starkweather said...

Dan, it's awesome that you found that quote and had that reaction to Vince Young in the same post linking to the Rumor Mill on PFT, which still has this from yesterday:

"I really feel like myself, black or white quarterbacks, we all go through something because that is the life of a quarterback,'' Young said Wednesday, according to the Nashville Tennessean. "You have to be able to handle all the pressure and you have to be able to handle the losses and you have to be able to handle the media saying this about you.

"If you can't handle it, then you have to get off that position and go play something else."

Seems honest enough.

Also, I don't think the 'Canes are schizo at all. They got beaten up by a much deeper Oklahoma team and beat up on a Texas A&M team that has a similar talent level to Miami. The only question coming out of that game last night for me is: Who's coaching the Aggies next year? And all the positive stories about Randy Shannon remind me of all the positive stories about Larry Coker when he took over and all the positive stories about Butch davis when he took over. It's easy to like the 'Canes when they are rising. See how you feel in 3 years when they're in the midst of their next 30-game win streak.

SDW: You can't prove a negative.

Jen said...

I would love to see the Indians in a World Series game...I've only been to Division Series and ALCS games. Those were great.

The Browns in the Super Bowl (2012)

I'd like to go to the Super Bowl just to be in the atmosphere of it all, but it will never come to Cleveland and I'm not travelling for one unless the Browns are in it.

BCS Championship game--preferably with the Buckeyes playing in it.

A game at Wrigley Field

The Masters or at least Firestone since it's only about an hour from me

The heroin sheik said...

Anyone see the new uniforms for the Rays next year. Man they get rid of the Devil in their name and get rid of the green in the uniforms. This sucks.

Trey (formerly TF) said...


I think it is no coinicdence that Orlando has used the Rays nickname for years with similar colors...

I have a feeling there will be a major change in location soon too. At least for partial season.

Brian in Oxford said...

I think the RAYS across the front makes 'em look like softball uniforms sponsored by a local pizza joint, sorry.

danwise1856 said...

Anyone else find it ironic that the NFL asked the Pats for all video and evidence after the game with the Chargers?

Now, I am not saying the Pats cheated in that game but they did play them in the play-offs last season so who is to say they did not have anything from that game?

Unknown said...

Ya'll see Beano Cook's rant on in this week's college football preview page. insinuate that Notre Dame fired Willingham for racial reasons is completely shameful. It was cuz Willingham couldn't recruit.

didn't willingham get Quinn, Samwhatever, Zbikowski, etc.?

HornsFan said...

I'll respond for Vince Young. Here's what he had to say: "You want to see QB criticism? Go talk to the whitest of white QBs Rex Grossman. If that doesn't satisfy you, try Eli Manning. And if you're still not satisfied, try David Carr."

There, that's his statement. It's 2007 and from a media perspective QBs, black or white, are under immense pressure.

Now, of course, in Philadelphia that pressure is increased dramatically. We are talking about a city that booed Santa Claus, cheered for Michael Irvin when he was taken off the field on a stretcher, and threw batteries at JD Drew. In my view, the real issue in the past with black quarterbacks was not with the media but instead with the football establishment itself, which harbored seriously racist views towards black QBs. That has changed now, and people like Michael Wilbon et al getting upset with Vince Young for not coming out stronger on this issue are part of the meta-culture that is today's mainstream media.

Kevin said...

I'm not the first to say this, but...

I don't think it's crazy to suggest there would be calls for Congressional hearings.

Well, you're wrong. Gambling and PED use are actually illegal or potentially illegal activities, so Congress actually has some (albeit weak) reason to be involved. Videotaping an opposing team's sideline is not illegal in the political sense, so Congress has absolutely no reason to be involved.

Chummy said...

What exactly do you have against Oklahoma? You give them absolutely no respect. It seems like you just hate them.

Big D said...

If you haven't already seen it, this page is quite possibly the funniest thing I've seen in about a year. Found it through Deadspin (where else?)

"What would happen if Charlie Weis had a MySpace page"

There must be people in this world that don't hate Notre Dame with every fiber of their being, but I've yet to meet them.