Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday 10/13 (Very) Quickie

Rockies go up 2-0 with 2nd win in Arizona, 5th straight in the playoffs (5-0), on a walk-off WHOOPS bases-loaded walk in extra innings -- yet another ending that makes you think Colorado is destined to advance. (I'll be at Coors Field for Game 4. I would love to see a clincher.)

Red Sox beat down Indians in Game 1: But, regardless of that outcome, I think the winner of Game 2 -- Carmona vs. Schilling -- will win the series.

CFB Today: Man, Illinois looks like they're simultaneously experiencing a let-down game after last week AND looking ahead to next week. Meanwhile, you cannot possibly take Hawaii seriously as a non-BCS BCS-bowl contender after they had to rally to beat San Jose State.

More tomorrow a.m.


Signal to Noise said...

Minor niggling: you can't have a walk-off walk if you're the visiting team.

The D-backs tried to screw with the uniform mojo by taking the black unis and still couldn't pull it out.

Iowa is about to win with absolutely nothing in the way of offensive playmakers. The Zook reverse mojo strikes again.

Johnny b said...

you beat me to the walk off walk comment; of course the game ended at 2:40 eastern time which I highly doubt Dan, or most sane people, where awake to watch

nep1293 said...

Boise St beat San Jose St 23-20 last year. I think they proved themselves to be worthy of a BCS bowl game.

If Hawaii goes undefeated they deserve a BCS game. It doesn't matter how you win, just get the W

Signal to Noise said...

Johnathan - I'm not sane. I live on the West Coast. That game ended right on time for my trip to the bar.

James Sinclair said...

I could have missed it (I haven't been paying extremely close attention), but I haven't heard anyone mention what a down year this has been for the non-BCS conferences.

The top 25 is just about the craziest I've ever seen (with the likes of BC, USF, South Carolina, Cincinnati, Kentucky, and Kansas), but the only non-BCS school in there is Hawaii. The only non-BCS schools in the "others receiving votes" are Boise St., Wyoming, and BYU.

Has there ever been a year with so many surprises in the major conferences and so few stand-outs in the minor conferences?

SF said...

Michigan is BACK!


Unknown said...

It was over 1:40 Eastern time. I fell asleep and woke up on the couch to see the ending. Rockies are unreal.

Top 25 is just nuts this year.

Syracuse was up 14-0 on Rutgers for a while but lost 38-14. Ahhh. Sucks when your team is really down and out.

Twentyofive said...

I smell a playoff! Let the madness continue! Go Upsets! Ohio State is next!

Unknown said...

What complete disarray the Nebraska athletic department is in.... just awful.