Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday 11/30 A.M. Quickie:
Favre, Isiah, CFB End, NFL Picks, More

Today's Names to Know: Brett Favre, Tony Romo, Aaron Rodgers, Missouri, West Virginia, Redskins, Dolphins, Tom Osborne, Tommy Tuberville, Darren McFadden, Johan Santana, Jose Reyes, Phil Jackson, Isiah Thomas, OJ Mayo, Michael Beasley and More! TONS to talk about today...

Cowboys beat Packers: The big story is that Brett Favre is hurt (twice: throwing-arm elbow, non-throwing shoulder), putting his consecutive-start streak at risk and putting the Packers' dream season in jeopardy. Adding insult to injury: T.O. has a pretty fun TD celebration, pouring a fan's popcorn into his facemask, and Tony Romo has eclipsed Brett Favre as the NFC's top QB.

Oh, and Dallas got the inside track in the NFC, which – this season – is pretty meaningless. Winning the NFC title will be a little like being the AFC runner-up: Congrats on making it as far as you can possibly go when going up against the inevitability of another team winning the championship, which is what we've got this season.

CFB Weekend Preview and Picks: It's very simple. If Missouri wins, they're in the national title game. And if West Virginia wins, they're in the national title game. If either lose (and Mizzou has a far greater chance of that than WVU), Ohio State is in the national title game.

If both lose... you don't really want to think about that: I have a hard time giving it to a team that didn't even play for its conference title (Georgia, Kansas). I have a hard time giving it to a team that lost to two unranked teams (LSU, Oklahoma). I have a hard time giving it to a team that lost at home to a 41-point underdog (USC). I have a hard time giving it to a team that played the worst schedule in BCS-bowl-participant history (Hawaii). I guess that leaves Virginia Tech, whose two losses were to two teams actually playing for conference titles.

UPDATE: Upon further review, if LSU wins (even over an over-matched Tennessee team), you can't possibly take VT over the team that waxed it head-to-head. People will scream "SEC bias" and the "losing-to-two-unranked-teams" thing still bothers, but an 11-win SEC champ has a pretty strong claim.

See? You really don't want to think about it.

(Good thing it'll be a moot point: West Virginia simply isn't losing at home to Pitt with the national-title on the line. Quickie Curse, be damned. As for Missouri, they nearly beat OU in Norman, and MU QB Chase Daniel is playing as well as anyone in the country right now. And MU-WVU will be one of the most entertaining national-title games of all time.)

The Picks (BCS Implications):
1 Missouri over 9 Oklahoma (Big 12 Title, BCS Clincher)
2 West Virginia over Pitt (BCS Clincher)
6 Virginia Tech over 11 BC (ACC Title)
7 LSU over 13 Tennessee (SEC Title)
8 USC over UCLA (Rose Bowl clincher)
12 Hawaii over Washington (BCS Crasher)

More Top 25 Picks:
13 Arizona State over Arizona
Oregon State over 17 Oregon
19 BYU over San Diego State

Non-Top 25 Bonus:
Central Michigan over Miami-Ohio (MAC)
Central Florida over Tulsa (C-USA)
Navy over Army
Stanford over Cal

NFL Weekend Preview and Picks:
This Week's Top Storyline:
(1) Redskins Grieving: How will they respond?
(2) Dolphins 0-16 Watch: Home vs. 2-win Jets
(3) Pats 19-0 Watch: It will be ugly in Balto.
(4) Game of the Week: Jags at Colts
(5) Star Watch: D. Hester! A. Peterson? K. Smith.

The Picks:
At Titans over Texans
At Colts over Jags
Chargers over at Chiefs
At Rams over Falcons
Jets over at Dolphins
Lions over at Vikings
At Eagles over Seahawks
At Redskins over Bills
49ers over at Carolina
Broncos over at Raiders
Browns over at Cards
At Bears over Giants
At Saints over Bucs
At Steelers over Bengals
Pats over at Ravens

More NFL: Do Packers fans feel better about Aaron Rodgers, after his substitute performance for Favre? 18 of 26 for 201 yards, a TD and zero INTs. He also had 5 rushes for 30 yards. I'm sure the PT was unexpected, but he aquitted himself well, even in a Packers loss.

CFB Coaching Carousel: Tom Osborne names HIMSELF the interim coach. That's one way to handle things. I appreciate the need (recruiting), but wouldn't it be easier just to make the hard decision of naming a real coach? (Far better: I want Osborne to come back and coach the season next year; he'll make Bobby Bowden look involved, which is a trick.)

Meanwhile, is Tommy Tuberville headed for Arkansas? I guess Arkansas is a step-up from Auburn. I guess. What is obvious is that Tuberville is sick of Auburn and Auburn is sick of Tuberville. Staying in the SEC gives him a recruiting boost, one would presume.

Joe Paterno makes $500,000: My first reaction, like many of you... THAT'S ALL?!

Will Darren McFadden turn pro? He would be crazy not to, given his status as the top running back in college football and guaranteed spot in the Top 5 of the draft (No. 1, depending on who is doing the picking.) Given the way teams are regretting not taking Adrian Peterson higher than 7th (7th!) and that McFadden is even better than Peterson, he will go really high. Anyway, McFadden's "I'll wait until the season is over" is nice to say, but this is a done deal.

MLB Hot Stove: Johan Santana to the... Red Sox?! The most shocking part is what little the Red Sox seem to have to give up. Crisp? Lester? A top position-player prospect? Seriously, that's all?!

That would be a robbery, and I'm quite sure the Twins know a deal like that is a quick way to get the Yankees to pony up a better package.

Meanwhile, the Mets say they won't trade Jose Reyes for Santana. Cripes: Of COURSE not. Do you see the Red Sox dangling ANYONE they REALLY value in trying to get Santana? Hell no.

Is Santana more valuable to the Mets than Reyes (or more valuable to the Red Sox than most any position player they currently have)? Probably. But the market price for Santana has been set: And it is NOT a superstar in return.

MLB PED Scandal: HBO to turn "Game of Shadows" into a movie. I think it would make a much better documentary, but if they insist on fictionalizing it, it begs the question: Who plays Barry?

NBA: Phil Jackson staying with the Lakers for 2Y/$24M. You'd think he wouldn't want to stick with the mess in L.A. Perhaps the Lakers want Phil to be the transition between the Kobe Era and the Post-Kobe Era. He will most certainly not win another NBA title. He will, however, make a crapload of moolah.

Celtics obliterate Knicks, 104-59: The score is relevant not just because it is a massive ass-kicking, but because the 45-point win was the Celtics' largest since 1970.

It's a good thing Bill Belichick wasn't coaching THIS Boston team: The Celtics mercifully worked down the clock, rather than humiliate the Knicks further.

Will Isiah be fired... finally? If there was ever a symbolic moment to fire Isiah, this is it. (As symbols go, it also is the biggest one yet representing the Celtics' dramatic single-season turnaround.)

It was one of the Knicks' worst losses ever, but for all intents and purposes, it was the Knicks' worst loss ever -- the nadir of the Isiah Thomas regime.

CBB Last Night: Spotlight on Mayo and Beasley. The USC Mayos, playing at home, beat Oklahoma. (Mayo: 18 points on a team-high 19 shots, though he did score 11 straight points down the stretch; Davon Jefferson, a fellow USC freshman, is stealing Mayo's spotlight: 23 points on 7/12 FG and 9 rebounds.) The Kansas State Beasleys, playing at home, couldn't stop Oregon in OT (Beasley: 24 and 12).

CBB This Weekend: Game of the Weekend (Sunday): Texas at UCLA... Game of the Weekend (Saturday): Indiana at Southern Illinois... UNC at Kentucky could be ugly for the home fans... Michigan vs. Harvard is, like, the most awkward game of the year, wouldn't you say?

CFB Last Night: Louisville ends their disappointing regular season with an impressive finish: The Cardinals scored the final 17 points to come back and beat rival Rutgers, 41-38, in a game worthy of its preseason expectations. Brian Brohm was hardly dominant, but the Louisville run game was, rushing for 240 yards (to Rutgers' 153) with 4 TDs.

Coming Monday: A bold new experiment in Commenting. (Intrigued, Commenter "Regulars?" See you Monday.)

-- D.S.


pete said...

I could see Don Cheadle play Bonds. I know he doesn't have the size (post roids, he's a perfect physique pre roids), but who does? They'll have to use Nutty Professor makeup to make anyone as big as Bonds.

Seriously though Dan, the way you write your football picks is really annoying. Can't you put the home team in bold, or caps. Writing "over at" and "At Bengals over..." just doesn't flow.

Unknown said...

No way that Boston trade happens, I wouldn't trade a roll of toilet paper for those guys.

TJ said...

But are you really comfortable giving it to a team that got destroyed by a team you already left out? But yeah, at least VaTech lost to teams still ranked.

If two years ago you had told me that a one-loss Big East team winning its final game to put itself into the title game would be the least controversial scenario....

pv845 said...

I hear that Joe Paterno gets free glasses with his contract though.

I think Romo already had the top QB in the NFC title. I mean Favre has been great this year, but Romo has been lights out.

Matt T said...

I don't think Arkansas is a step up from Auburn really, they are about the same in terms of national prominence.

Tuberville has made a career of looking for at other jobs, he's always flirting with other schools. Maybe he realizes 6 straight against Bama and an undefeated season is as good as it gets.

I do know if he leaves the SEC West is going to have some nasty meetings next year when Nutt faces Arkansas and Tuberville goes against Arkansas.

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

Please explain what you meant by that jab at Osborne. If I recall his last 5 years at Nebraska looked like this:

1993: 11-1
1994: 13-0
1995: 12-0-Greatest.College.Team.Ever
1996: 11-2
1997: 13-0

I know he has been out of coaching for 10 years but if he did decide to come back do you really think he would look like Bowden has the last 5 years?

Ed Chavis said...

As a Cowboys fan, I can appreciate the "inside track" in the NFC... but during the game, a thought occurred to me. It looks like the Pack would probably be OK if Favre goes down and Rodgers has to come in for some extended playing time - kinda reminds me of Matt Schaub relieving Vick *spits*. But if Romo goes down, game manager Brad Johnson comes in to bat for the 'Boys. We all saw where game management QBs got the Cowboys (see Chad Hutchinson, Drew Bledsoe, Vinny Testaverde, etc.) Somebody better get Jason Garrett's like-new pads out of storage... he may have to go in.

DL said...

Why the obvious conclusion about VT? I know BC hasn't played the best since the meeting with the Hokies in Blacksburg...but you don't think there's a chip on their shoulder for being underdogs against a team that they dramatically beat on the road, on Thursday night, in sideways rain with a pair of Offensive Line changes?

I don't think it's an inevitable Hokie win...that's all.

jhawkjjm said...


I've put up with way to much crap and over inflated egos from all the Missouri people I work with. They all conveniently forget that the only reason they were in the Oklahoma game to start with was the two OU turnovers in the first half in their own territory that lead to Missouri touchdowns (just like the media does). I want to see them all bitching and whining on Monday and see what excuses they all come up with. For the record, I'm one of two KU people amongst about 10 Missouri people where I work.

The Mark Show said...

Post-roids Bonds has be Ving Rhames or Michael Clarke Duncan.

Would the comissioner even allow a trade like that for Santana? I still think he ends up with the Yankees, eventually.

It's been awhile since Favre was the top QB in the NFC. Romo is just the latest guy to surpass him.

New comment system, eh? Interesting.

Greg Nilsen said...

My vote is for either Ving Rhames or Michael Clark Duncan to play "current Barry", and Jaleel White (the guy who played Steve Urkel) to play "early Barry).

Darklawdog said...

Dan's NC pick at the beginning of the year was VA Tech. Of course he wouldn't mind them playing for the NC

Get Aaron Rodgers some playing time!!! Is that even how you spell his name?

This should be a fun weekend of football, as I am a Buckeye fan rooting for the Sooners and a Bengal fan playing the HATED Steelers.

ContractYear said...

How can you even begin to discuss VT before BC? BC beat VT at VT. On top of that, They will beat VT in Jax so even a light consideration of VT is nonsense. Hawaii makes more sense than that.

patrick said...

Anyway Pedro Serrano/President Palmer could go back in a time machine 10 or so years to play Bonds?

Beetle said...

I think the Sox are dangling players in front of the Twins in ways that are not quite good enough for the Twinkies to approve.
The reason? They want Hanky Boy in NY to panic and give up Joba.
The Sox saw all they needed to see with Joba to know that they do not want to tangle with him for 19 games + playoffs every year.
Joba will become the Yankees' Papelbon.
Please Hank...panic and give up Joba.

Ken Dynamo said...

another thing to keep in mind is one season of santana is MAYBE more valuable than reyes but all youre getting is one year of santana and reyes is locked up for 4 more at a very reasonable price. i think you'll see santana go for less than a lot of people expect, if he moves at all.

Y-Town Pride said...

Who Plays Barry?

In the early years it would be the Wesley Snipes from Major League 1. "Say 'hey!' Willie Mays Hayes here!"

The Barry today would be Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile).

bkelly126 said...

@ken dynamo
you have to lock up Santana long-term so he'll waive his no-trade clause in order for any trade to go through.

pootietang said...

Dan - Can you please justify the statement that McFadden is better than Adrian Peterson? Less injury prone? Maybe. Peterson is bigger, stronger, faster, and is/was tearing up the NFL. Not to mention what he did as a freshman at OU before the injury plagued next two years. Oh, and don't bring up McFadden as QB...there will be no "Wildcat" formation in the NFL. I'll take Peterson any day.

pv845 said...

How about Bob Sapp or Ernesto Hoost to play Barry Bonds?

Unknown said...

If Dan's new comment system is anyway "Digg" related (where all of us can essentially say how much we liked someone's comment), then Greg, you definitely have my digg for the Duncan-Urkel-Bonds scenario....

Mills said...

Knicks are terrible. Blow up the team, and move them to Des Moines.

Mills said...

Please explain what you meant by that jab at Osborne. If I recall his last 5 years at Nebraska looked like this:

1993: 11-1
1994: 13-0
1995: 12-0-Greatest.College.Team.Ever
1996: 11-2
1997: 13-0

I know he has been out of coaching for 10 years but if he did decide to come back do you really think he would look like Bowden has the last 5 years?
I agree. I will take 5 years of TO and then another retirement.

wonkisports said...

other notable story lines: Louiville redeems itself against Rutgers, the team that made Brohm stay another year and eventually hurt his draft status. Second, what a bad game plan by McCarthy? Lastly, can someone teach T.O. to catch with his hands, um, like Jennings?

Unknown said...

Snipes alrready played Bonds in the Fan

Beetle said...

Ken D,
I agree re; Santana.
The reason team are not offering up their A prospects is that getting Santana means either a 1 year rental or a $25 million 6+ year contract.
A smart team would wait and hope Santana hit FA next year and then make a money move to sign him.
If that scenario doesn't pan out, said smart team can sit back and be comfortable knowing that they still have their top prospects and an extra $150 million in their war chest.
For $25 million a year, a team can build an entire top to bottom bullpen that would be the best in baseball.
Which is worth more, 1 great starter who effects every 5th game, or a dominant bullpen that effects all 162 games?

verbal97 said...

THANK YOU DAN for picking VT to beat BC, now they'll put the BC in BCS.

Allen Wedge said...

CFB: I just got word from a friend of mine who works in the USM AD, apparently Southern Miss is "this" close to making Jimbo Fisher the new head coach; apparently his big demands are not for personal salary but for a large sum of operating expense so he can bring in the assistants and do the long range recruiting he wants.

Beetle said...

Who plays Barry.
What is that wrestler Zeus doing nowadays?
Oh wait, he was Deebo in Friday!
Yeah, Deebo is definitely Bonds.

jbiz said...

I like the ideas of Michael Clark Duncan and Ving Rhames for late Bonds, but what about the guy from Scrubs? He's got a huge forehead and he's so goofy, when you add the high pitched voice it would really mock Bonds the way he should be mocked.

I'm glad to see the Reyes for Santana trade dying down. Reyes may have finished poorly, but he's one of the most exciting players in the league to watch on a regular basis.

chitown italian said...

Are you going to pay us to post? That would be intriguing. Really it would.

Here's to Mizzou and WVU losing this weekend just to screw the system and prove that a playoff is needed but I truly believe both teams will win.

Booty! Booty! Booty! --- I have no doubt USC will dominate tomorrow. They are not going to lose again after last year's debacle. The team is healthy. Booty is making good decisions. The only question is which RB will take the rock and run like a mad man. Chauncey? Stafon? Joe? Now if I can only get my daughter to watch the whole game all will be good.

chitown italian said...

I just finished reading the earlier posts. As for Paterno's glasses, I think those are BCG's (military reference let me know if you guys need an explanation).

As for who plays Barry now.....hands down - Terry Tate Office Linebacker (I like the Erkel reference for Barry in Pitt - Good stuff).

Toby said...

Gumble + Packers/Comboys game last nights = Worst.Announcing.EVER.

Josh said...

Bengal fan? All the Bengal fans I know quit on the team around week 6.

And keep sleeping on the Pitt Panthers. They are going to pull off one more shocker to end the craziest regular season ever. Hail to Pitt!

Tunsney said...

I was able to see the Green Bay/Dallas game last nice. I have one thing to say. Bryant Gumbel is the worst announcer I have ever heard. That is, when you could actually hear him. I have a feeling the producer was embarrassed for him and was slowly turning his microphone down until he was cut off completely. How do people without a sports background keep getting high profile jobs. Gross.

Beetle said...

Thank You!!
Bryant Gumble should NEVER EVER be allowed to do play by play.
I didn't even watch enough of the game to analyze whether he was a good or bad announcer, it's just his voice. Good God! It's awful to listen to.
It's like the old joke; "He's got a face for radio?"
Well, Gumble's got a voice for throat cancer.

Jingoist said...

Nothing says "You're Fired!" like a historic beat down from a traditional rival that turned their fortunes around in 1 off season. Something poor Ike couldn't do. Bye Bye Isiah.

The big story this week in New England was if the Pats are a teensy bit vulnerable on "D" this week with the loss of Rosie Colvin to IR. Now they have to keep a core of Bruschi, Vrabel, Seau, and Thomas in more often and folks are concerned their age may begin to show. Worth tracking...

mirthywvu said...

should be a fun one tomorrow...I don't think WVU rolls all over Pitt, just because so much is on the line and it's so much of a rivarly game. If my boys can keep the ball however, it could be a thrashing!! Go Mountaineers!!!

Poor Pitt, they haven't been relevant since they left Pitt Stadium...they returned 3000 tickets to WVU. When WVU plays in Pittsburgh, there are always the real blue and gold spread throughout the stadium. In Pittsburgh it seems to rank:
1)Steelers 2) Penguins 3) Pirates and 4) Pitt...anything behind the Pirates is sad sad sad!

Josh said...

Pitt basketball will still beat Huggins criminals twice this year.

Be careful in Morgantown, with Huggs thugs roaming in the city. No one is safe.

Fan Equity said...

As your resident Auburn reader, I feel like I need to chime in. The drama going on in Auburn right now is pretty sickening and a lot of our fans have been revealed. I'm a big Tuberville supporter myself and I hope he stays for a long time, but he is risking a lot of goodwill right now. I think he is using this opportunity to wrestle a little power from the hands of several Auburn board of trustee members who weild far too much (and who tried to get rid of him in 2003). I do not think he is "sick of Auburn" (I think he really wants to stay for many reasons, mostly family) and I know most of Auburn is not "sick of Tuberville." Some of the powers that be seem to be, however, and that could lead to a big fat mess. I think Tuberville is one of the most underrated coaches in all of college football and we will be far worse off if he leaves.

P.S. Of course my Auburn bias is coming into play here, but I fail to see how Arkansas is a step-up from Auburn in any way. It's a lateral move at best. Auburn has consistently been one of the best teams in the SEC since 2000 and much of it goes unnoticed by the national media. If Arkansas didn't have McFadden the past couple years they wouldn't be on the radar for most fans. Hell, the two top recruits in the state last year (Lee Ziemba and Kodi Burns) signed with Auburn.

Allen Wedge said...

P.S. Where is all the media rage about the Celtics running up the score on the Knicks?

Eric said...

USC in the NC

The president of a local alumni association did the math and here is how it could work out:

I've done some math, and here is the scenario, we beat UCLA in a good ol' fashioned butt-whomping, Missouri loses to Oklahoma, Boston College beats Virginia Tech, Tennessee knocks off LSU, Pitt beats West Virginia, Ohio State is the site of a massive Alien Abduction with the entire student body transported to the Zarquon 7 Sector in the Crab Nebula, Kansas secedes from the Union thus making them ineligible and Georgia realizes that its not really a university to begin with, so it drops out of membership in the NCAA, setting up a GOLDEN matchup with USC and Hawaii for the national championship.

It could happen right, right?

Credit to someone named Jennifer posting on

Beetle said...

Great post.
The funny thing is, it had me going right until the Ohio State part.
Boy I feel dumb.

Beetle said...

Looking at the Celtics schedule, I don't see a game that I think they will lose until 12/29 at Utah.
Of course, they will lose at least 2 or more before then mostly likely, but still....that is crazy.
Their schedule is EASY.
Detroit 12/19 and Orlando 12/23 will be tough games, but both are at home where the Celtics just look absolutely unstoppable thus far.
Average margin of victory at home through 8 games....21.6 points!!!

Natsfan74 said...

Almost no mention of the biggest game being played tomorrow. Army vs. Navy is the best rivalry in sports. Yes, both teams are irrelevant (and one of them sucks), but the game itself is awesome. The tradition and pageantry is enough to make even a casual football fan interested. The intense loyalty to service and school draws fans from all over. That game will be the most watched college football game tomorrow, drawing fans across all 50 states and multiple countries.

Go Army! Beat Navy!

And -- Auburn signing the two best players from Arkansas is exactly why Nutt had to go and Tuberville could be a great coach there. It is imperative for a coach to lock down his own borders and sign the state's top talent, especially in 1-big school states like Arkansas and Ohio. If Tuberville can recruit the top players away from Arkansas, think what he could do within the state. Think Mustain would still be a Hog?

PatriotsNation said...

SNY is reporting that the Mets have acquired Brian Schneider and Ryan Church from the Nationals for Lastings Milledge.

Darklawdog said...


Yeah, I'm a Bengal fan since I can remember. First football game I ever went to was at Riverfront stadium. I was 5 years old. The Bengals played the Steelers. All I remember was it was really cold, I had a bunch of fun and the Benglas won.

Doing the math, I've been a fan for 22 years now (I even survived the 90's)

Ed Chavis said...

Where is everybody today? Sparty? Jen? CMFost? Guyinthecorner?

Is this the surprise? The blog is being abandoned?

Anonymous said...

WaPost confirms the Milledge for Church and Schneider trade. Great trade for the Nats. I always liked Church, but they never thought he was more than a 4th outfielder. So they traded a 4th outfielder and a solid defensive catcher with no offensive skills for a young OF with a very high ceiling. And they saved some money on the deal.

wolverine425 said...

3 things I learned from watchin the game last night: 1 - Rodgers has the best mullet in Wisconsin. 2 - Wade Phillips is a puppet coach. Waltzed into one of the top coaching jobs in the NFL with Romo and TO as the cornerstones. Seriously, I wanted to throw something through my TV everytime they panned to him and he had a shiteating grin on his fat face. Jerry Jones has an earpiece embedded into Phillips ear and everything goes through him first. 3 - The Packers really do have their QB of the future. Rodgers will be fine there.

wolverine425 said...

One more thing... 4 - Bryant Gumbel and Cris Collinsworth are the worst pair of announcers EVER. F#%@ the NFL Network. Also -- Get a hot sideline reporter if you want any credibility at all...

The Mark Show said...

CMFost is too busy, uh, treating his body like an amusement park, to the thought of Santana on the Red Sox to comment today.

Natsfan74 said...

I'm excited for the Milledge trade. Church was a DC fan favorite, but never a favorite of the organization. Frank thought Church was a sissy and didn't play through pain (probably true). Manny thought Church wasn't a good situational player.

Schneider is good defensively, but a liability with the bat (at best). But, now we need a back-up catcher, as we are turning the reins over to a 2nd year Rule 5 player. All in all, I am excited to see an OF of Wily Mo Pena, Milledge, and Austin Kearns. If Nick Johnson returns this year (big IF), we'll be solid in the outfield and at the corners. This saves the money we could have spent on Andruw Jones, reduces our payroll by $6M, and gives us more money and flexibility to go after a starting pitcher. But, I guess this takes the Mets out of the Santana sweepstakes (unless Reyes is back on the table).

Ken Dynamo said...

@bkelly - exactly. locking up santana long term is harder than it sounds, so even if a trade goes down and you have your negotiation window, a deal is still far from being done, and you still have to pay FA money for those years, santana is not taking a discount. so basically its a ridiculous package for 1 year and whatever advantage you would get with a negotiating window, which i dont think will be much, which is why i could definitely see him going for less than people think or not going at all.

either way, bowden just raped the mets. wtf. this is horrible. congrats nats fan, you actually have something to cheer for, besides a doughy looking zimmerman. good luck with matt chico as your staff ace.

Geoff said...

There must be more than meets the eye with Milledge... I can't see Omar trading him for 25 cents on the dollar if there wasn't something wrong, though this could be a chemistry move. They were definitely a team with clubhouse problems, and two of them - Mota, a juicer who fought Mike Piazza, and Milledge, a talented player but with his head in his butt - are now gone. I don't see them making a big splash with any trades, because they just don't have the chips. Are they going to just hope that Humber/Pelfrey/Mulvey pans out?

chitown italian said...

RIP EVEL. Had your toys growing up.

Joey said...

"Looking at the Celtics schedule, I don't see a game that I think they will lose until 12/29 at Utah."

I don't know, they do have the Cavs again on Sunday, but it is at Boston. LeBron isn't playing tonight vs Toronto but if I had to make a call, I'd say he will play at Boston.