Saturday, December 01, 2007

Saturday 12/01 (Very) Quickie

Who else is bummed that it's the final Saturday of the CFB regular season?

Meanwhile, the Les Miles situation is crazy: Is he staying or going? The latest is that he's staying at LSU, which is an upset, unless you consider how much more cash LSU is willing to pony up than Michigan.

It has to be a slap in the face for Michigan fans. Who's number 2 on their Want list? For LSU, it's fine, but admit that you were intrigued that they might have been able to "trade up."

Meanwhile, it's D-day for the BCS. All eyes on Missouri and West Virginia. More later...

- D.S.
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The heroin sheik said...

I am hoping that there is at least one crazy upset today to bookend what has truly been the most bizarre season I can remember. I know no one really has paid him much attention this year but Kevin Smith of UCF looks like the real deal. I have no idea if he will ever make it as a pro but if he comes back to UCF they could be a legit top 20 team.

No mention of Evel Knievel Dan. I know you are roughly the same age as me and you gotta admit knievel was the man when we were kids. I bet you even had the lunchbox, I know I did. I was watching the Tao of Steve this morning and it struck me that kneivel should have been named Steve. The world is a much more boring place without him around.

Mega said...

Remember when contractyear said this yesterday?

"ContractYear said...

How can you even begin to discuss VT before BC? BC beat VT at VT. On top of that, They will beat VT in Jax so even a light consideration of VT is nonsense. Hawaii makes more sense than that."



Johnny b said...

dan I know I don't comment too often but at least on the weekend can you lift the comment moderation purely because you won't be around

Lowlife said...

So much for WVU being a sure win. This game could go either way. Same with OU. What a fitting end to the season that it's still up in the air with an hour and half to go until the end of the day.

GoesDownSmooth said...

Man, the refs tried their damnedest to give WVU that game. Too bad they couldn't make a single play in the 4th quarter. Thanks for blowing the Big East's chance of a national title boys.

Josh said...

Hail to Pitt, Hail to Pitt every loyal son!
Hail to Pitt, Hail to Pitt, til the victory is won!
The blue and gold shall wave forever, on high through fair and stormy weather
We'll sing our praises far and wide until the end of time!
Hooperay, hooperay for dear old U-N-I!
We'll give a grand ole "alleghenee-genac-genac-genac"
We'll fight and cheer for many a year and sing our songs out loud and clear for our university!

Unknown said...

Dan, I don't know who the worse prognosticator of college football is: you or Skip Bayless.