Friday, November 23, 2007

LSU Loses! BCS Mayhem!

Doesn't anyone want to play in the BCS title game? LSU is d-o-n-e, and the Missouri-Kansas winner still has to get past Oklahoma. West Virginia seems to be on deck, but still has to win twice. Ohio State suddenly might not have to back their way in...

Les Miles Watch: I'd say this loss means he's as good as gone to Michigan (since he won't have a national title to play for). LSU fans are left wondering if their team was either distracted - or just plain caught looking ahead. Neither is good.

Meanwhile, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Darren McFadden vaulted to the top of the Heisman list, where he started the season. What a signature game/win.

And there's still a lot of weekend to go for even more mayhem. Amazing. What an unexpected turn of events.
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mirthywvu said...

no more mayhem necessary...Go Mountaineers!!!

thank you Razorbacks

Maximus said...

The Heisman should be McFadden's. He's shown up in all the big games for his Razorbacks, leading them to an upset of the #1 team in the country and an 8-4 record. Tebow, on the other hand, has taken the reins of the defending national champions and led them to an 8-3 record so far. Which is more impressive? Plus, McFadden unselfishly shares carries with Jones and Hillis. Tebow gets all the throws and most of the carries for Florida. I think it'll come down to what Tebow does tomorrow.

danwise1856 said...

This was a perfect trap game for LSU. All the distractions, getting over confident, and looking ahead.

Perhaps this year having the Big Ten finish so early will be a blessing. Either a WVU loss or OK win in the Big 12 Champ and the Bucks are back in it.

Either way, all those SEC fans are no going to cry play-off. All these teams control their own destiny and if they do not win, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Dan Shanoff said...

Agreed on all comments so far. I could live with WVU-OSU in the NCG and a McFadden Heisman.

David Kippe said...

You could live with OSU in the national title game, yet when they were undefeated you questioned their validity as a true number 1?huh? what? come again?

jhawkjjm said...

A&M also beat Texas, meaning Texas will not get an at large bid, opening up even more room for Hawaii-Boise St winner?

I have no problem with giving McFadden the Heisman after this game. (Career award like it was for Crouch)

For those complaining about KU not playing Texas nor Oklahoma, that's now two teams that KU has beat that have beaten Texas.

Johnny b said...

i agree sparty; if i was eating something when i read that i would have choked

Blakers said...

I'm going to assume SEC pundits will once again tout this LSU loss as proof of the "strength of the conferece."

....I'm also going to assume Ohio State still won't be afforded the same luxury after losing to Illinois, claiming," see, no one in the Big 10 is that good.."

Maher said...

So where are all the Stewart Mandel's and all the other EXPERTS out there now? You know, the morons who said all season that LSU is FAR AND AWAY the best team in the country, and Oregon is right there with them.



Maher said...

As someone who hates the BCS, I will admit that with the system as it is now, some of the schadenfreude from LSU's loss would be lost, HOWEVER, there is no fair way to decide who plays in the NC this season, and the BCS has to go away in favor of a playoff, this season reaffirms it.

The BCS cabal is praying to whatever dark lord they worship that Mizzou takes down Kansas tomorrow and OU takes down Mizzou next week, cuz if the Big12 doesn't sort itself out, we are REALLY close to having one spot left for two teams at 11-1, both of which who lost conference games to opponents who finished 9-3.

If we are going to let coin flips and percentages decide who gets the chance to play the for the trophy we might as well just sim the season on my ps3 and save a whole lot of ACL's.

Johnny b said...

dan you may want to start giving hawaii some respect

Kevin said...

It is hard to believe how fast Dan is juming off the Florida bandwagon and on to the OSU bandwagon, but of course he has been a Big Ten fan since he went to Northwestern and roots for the ocnference teams.

He is probably picking a new basketball team since Florida lost tonight also. How about it Dan, do you now pledge your fandom to UCLA since they are ranked #1.

Michael W said...

Ug, Maher, what a douche you are. Oregon would be sitting easy at #1 if Dixon doesn't go down like he did. Yeah, all those sportscasters are "morons" for not predicting a college career-ending injury. Douchebag. For all the crap you guys fling at Dan, you tOSU fans are worse.

Matt said...

here we got buckeyes!!!! fuck the sec fuck em good!!!!

go buvke here we go to the champ game fuck the sec cant even beat arkANSAS SOOOO GOOD RIHT!!!


TSOU 34 WVU 13 thats it and thats thaat

Matt said...

here we got buckeyes!!!! fuck the sec fuck em good!!!!

go buvke here we go to the champ game fuck the sec cant even beat arkANSAS SOOOO GOOD RIHT!!!


TSOU 34 WVU 13 thats it and thats thaat

Unknown said...

I'm not sure how they'll do it, because the BCS is so awful, but WVU would get in over OSU if they won out and Oklahoma lost in the Big XII title game, right?

Who gets in besides OSU if Oklahoma DOES win the Big XII and WVU loses? Is LSU really done for?

jhawkjjm said...

Here's current conditions (Saturday morning) in KC:

Snow in the morning, only up to an inch. Cloudy all day, kickoff temp of 30 degrees.

Advantage: KU running game. It will be interesting to see how the passings games go.