Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday 11/05 A.M. Quickie:
Pats, Peterson, BCS, McFadden, NBA, More!

Today's Names to Know: Adrian Peterson, New England Patriots, Adrian Peterson, Antonio Cromartie, Adrian Peterson, Terrell Owens, Adrian Peterson, Ohio State, LSU, Kansas, Navy, Darren McFadden, Lute Olsen, John Russell, Adrian Peterson and More.

Pats dismiss Colts in Indianapolis: The Colts' reign as Super Bowl champs effectively ended last night, when the Pats left Indianapolis with the Colts' soul.

Now, the Pats have a clear shot at 16-0, and with home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs, it would be an upset if they DIDN'T go 19-0. What: Like the Colts are going to be able to beat the Pats in Foxborough in January?

Sure, the Pats didn't win as decisively as they had in the previous 8 weeks. But they beat their closest competitor -- if "closest" or "competitor" have any meaning relative to the Pats this season -- on the road and down late in the game.

UPDATE: Yeah, I missed the most interesting subplot of the game: That the Colts apparently piped in crowd noise. By the way, that's cheating. So let's end the holier-than-thou comparisons between the Colts and the Pats... or the Colts and everyone else.

More NFL: Rookie Adrian Peterson is the best running back in the NFL, and he set the single-game rushing record (296 yards) to prove it. (Oh, and he dominated his head-to-head match-up with LaDainian Tomlinson, if that symbolism could be any greater.) He also became the first rookie in NFL history with two 200-yard rushing games.

If you were starting a franchise today and could pick from any player in the league to start your team, there's a very good chance that Peterson would be the No. 1 overall pick -- which makes the fact that he was the No. 7 pick in last year's draft seem kind of strange.

More records: Antonio Cromartie set the NFL record for the longest scoring play in history, 109 yards on a TD run-back of a missed field goal. (And speaking of field goals, Sebastian Janikowski came thisclose to setting a new NFL record with a 64-yard try that hit the post.)

T.O., Cowboys beat Eagles: How nice was it to see that this game really didn't hit the radar, eclipsed by the Colts and Pats. TO had a huge game: 174 yards (on 10 receptions) and a TD.

Welcome back to relevancy, Jamal Lewis: The RB had 4 TDs in the Browns huge OT win over Seattle. By the way, it is no longer a joke: Derek Anderson is totally going to go to the Pro Bowl... and the Browns may have wasted a first-round pick on Brady Quinn.

Speaking of rookie RBs, how about Marshawn Lynch, who did it with his legs AND his arm? (If not for Peterson, Lynch would probably be the leading Rookie of the Year contender.)

CFB BCS Watch: Ohio State is 1, LSU is 2 and Oregon has a case worth griping about: Like the Ducks couldn't take on Ohio State on a neutral field and beat them handily.

Meanwhile, it's nice to see Kansas crack the Top 4, even if human pollsters continue to put Oklahoma ahead of them. What part of Oklahoma's resume do they point to: The Sooners' loss to unranked Colorado? The close win over Big 12 bottom-feeding Iowa State? The win over a Texas team that could barely survive Oklahoma State? Or maybe that early-season win over a Miami team that has proven to suck? The bottom line: Kansas has looked better than Oklahoma, particularly of late. (Despite KU's atrocious strength of schedule.)

CFB Weekend: That Navy win over Notre Dame was the most thrilling ending of the year. I was standing on my couch, rooting for Navy to pull it off.

BC and Arizona State are no longer contenders for the national title: On the other hand, how can you deny that Kansas is on the short(er) list?

My BlogPoll Top 25: I have LSU and Oregon at 1-2, with Ohio State at No. 3. Compare the schedules: LSU has no less than five wins that would be considered "stronger" than Ohio State's BEST; Oregon can say the same thing about three of their wins, minimum.

I appreciate that Ohio State is doing everything it can do, but that doesn't make them the best team in the country. I sort of hope they make the national title game against either LSU or Oregon, so we can see them exposed... but we already saw that last year. Why should Ohio State get to take up a valuable place in the national-title game again, when they aren't one of the top 2 best teams in the country?

(Ohio State fans, seriously: When you take a look at LSU or Oregon, do you really think you would win a game against either? Really? You do?)

Heisman Watch: Darren McFadden's candidacy was done, the victim of the Razorbacks' weak start to the season. But he single-handedly lifted himself back to the top with his performance Saturday night: 323 rushing yards, an SEC record. (Three team losses? Who cares?)

My current ballot:
(1) Darren McFadden
(2) Dennis Dixon
(3) Mike Hart
(4) Percy Harvin (yes, over Tim Tebow)

NBA: Ray Allen had 33 and a ton of 3s, including the game-winner in OT, showcasing that on any given night, any one of the Celtics' "Big Three" could explode as the star... Meanwhile, how far behind have the Cavs fallen as an NBA power (if they ever were)? Even without Amare, the Suns still beat them.

CBB: Why has Lute Olsen taken a leave of absence from Arizona? Is there a sketchier reason than "unspecified?"

MLB: Pirates to hire John Russell as manager. Extra points to any of you whose first reaction was "Who?"

MLB Hot Stove: Do you think anything will happen when the GMs meet in Orlando?

NYC Marathon: Radcliffe (6 months after having a baby!) and Lel win NYC Marathon, which will always be best-known to most people for the cameo in Seinfeld: "You're all winners!"

-- D.S.


futurelegendvinceyoung said...

You really are a hater aren't you Dan? Why don't we see how the rest of the season plays out and if Ohio St. takes on either LSU or Oregon then we will see what happens on the field. I commend Urban Meyer for outcoaching Jim Tressel in the title game last year, I think Ohio St. fans on this board can count on one hand how many times the Sweater Vest has been outcoached. I am not making excuses but if Ohio St. does not act a fool after Ginn's kick-off return to open the game it could have been different.

I have not watched this Ohio St. team play much this year but they remind me of the '02 team that nobody thought could beat Miami and they did. I have a feeling that Oregon and LSU will be losing one more before the season is over. LSU is just not that well coached and Oregon still has the Civil War to play. So Dan let's not suck LSU and Oregon's dicks just yet.

marcomarco said...

First post!

Perhaps. But, a Win is a win, and things will be much different during a New England January.

Officials definately had Indy +5.

I was slightly off of my 52-31 predicition. Couldn't imagine that both teams would've ran so much.

Indy's D is very good, probably underrated. That being said, the Pats D probably had their best game this season, penalties and all.

Evil Bill triumphs over Good Dungee. Eff Easterbrook.

"Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Dark Side."
- The Emperor, 1983.

marcomarco said...

Dang, vince beat me to #1

marcomarco said...

PS. I though Brady's post game interview claiming that the goal was to 'win the AFC East' was ridiculously funny. I don't know how he pulled that off with a straight face.

Pats magic number to clinch the AFC East is 5. (pats wins + bills losses) Jets and Miami are already mathmatically eliminated.

bkelly126 said...

LSU got 5 first place votes? how much pull does dan have? look all any team can do is win its remaining games and let everything sort itself out. Michigan would love nothing more than to eliminate OSU from not only the national championship but also the rose bowl. LSU has a trap game against the Mcfaddens. Oregon has the jekyll/hyde UCLA and Oregon State. Kansas has Missouri and, if they win that game, Oklahoma. As much as people gripe about the BCS, it always seems the best team win out in the end

Mcfadden is challenging Bo and Walker as the most explosive back to ever come out of the SEC.

anybody know what Brady was yapping about to the refs when he was taking a knee?

Darklawdog said...

I have seen all but 1 OSU game this year. I have seen LSU at least 3 times and I have seen oregon twice.

As an OSU fan I will take on either of those teams. So yes Dumbass Dan, as an OSU fan I completely expect to beat LSU or Oregan and pray we get either one of them in the National Championship game

Dan, how can you even make those stupid ass comments if you haven't even seen OSU play. You are a pathetic individiual and I am not surprised you cannot find a journalism job in sports.

Darklawdog said...

Also, do you still consider McFadden better than Peterson as you previously posted on this blog?

Matt said...

yes i really do think OSU would beat LSU or Oregon.

to be honest i would be more worried abouit playing Oregon than LSU.

LSU defense is not that good and they have needed luck to win a few of their games. Bama completely gave that game away. and you talk about OSU not beating anyone good...what the fuck has LSU beaten??? a bunch of 2 and 3 loss teams thats for sure....Oh but those 2 and 4 loss teams are in the SEC so those losses are good losses right?? give me a fucking break

Matt T said...

LSU continues to keep teams in games with them, and it might bite them in the ass again. The only reason that game was close was the turnovers and penalties.

Adrian Peterson is amazing. With what him and Lynch are doing this year, a lot of older backs in the league must be worried. McFadden will be pushing a vet out early next year also.

Darklawdog said...

Oh yeah and who has LSU beat. LSU has only beat 1 team with less than 3 losses and that is Virginia Tech.

If the national media didn't suck off the SEC, LSU would have 1 win against a ranked team.

Geoff said...

I see no reason why OSU couldn't beat LSU. LSU has been very unimpressive in a lot of their wins and OSU has been impressive in every one of their wins (save for maybe Akron). I think Oregon is better than either of them and Dixon is the best player in the country this year.

And my goodness, how great is Adrian Peterson? Gonna be awesome (and horrible) getting to see him play the Lions twice every year for the next decade. Also feeling pretty smart for picking him with a late draft pick in my fantasy football league.

Lions are 6-2. Thought it was worth a mention since Dan didn't bring it up. They absolutely destroyed the Broncos yesterday.

john (east lansing, mi) said...

Wow, marco - challenging Dan for "douche of the morning" status by claiming (unrealized) "Fr1st p0st!" AND pasting in your insightful commentary from yesterday.

Dan - we all know that OSU should and will get a chance to play for the national championship if they win out. Don't pretend last year's OSU team makes this year's team unworthy of the rank they have earned.
And don't pretend you have any reason to think LSU is a great team. Was it the loss to a lousy team, or the 3 eked-out victories over varying degrees of crappy teams, that put them over the top for you?
The SEC blows.

Oh, and have a great time at the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

Anonymous said...

In the last few minutes, I really thought my Friday prediction of Colts 27, Pats 24 was going to come true. Great game to watch, notwithstanding some lousy officiating.

I hope all Pats fans don't now pull the "we beat them in Indy, so we'll definitely roll them in New England in January" card. Yesterday's game could have gone either way, and my guess is the next one can go either way too. Unlike a few years ago, this year's Colts team (and last year's) are every bit as physical as the Pats, so it should be a good game every time they play.

pv845 said...

Yes, OSU would beat LSU

I say that every person who posts today start their post with "Yes, OSU would beat LSU" to show Dan how much of a SEC loser he is.

I like how Dan says something about KU being better than OU, but how about the Big XII and 3 teams in the top 6.

The Pats will not win the Super Bowl. Karma will show up and they will lose.

bkelly126 said...

Let's look at the bottom 5 teams for Mcfadden:
1) Miami - Ronnie Brown could come back and do what he was was doing before the knee injury or he could never recover. but they have more needs elsewhere
2) St. Louis - Are they sold on Jackson? hmmm
3) Jets - Thomas Jones is good, but Mcfadden probably will be better, but like Miami they have tons of needs
4) 49ers - Gore has looked great at times, but injuries are starting to pile up. They just might be one great (possibly) player away from being a good team
5) Cincinnati - when was the last time rudi made it through an entire season? If mcfadden slips this far, how could you not take him.

just some thoughts

pv845 said...

I know that it is a cop out somewhat, but Indy also didn't have 2 of its top 3 receivers for a good chunk of the game. I know that is an excuse, but you don't think it would have changed the game having a healthy Harrison available. Let him play in January and very well could be different.

CorrND said...

I don't think the Colts are as far from the Pats with Marvin Harrison in the lineup. How many Manning-to-Moorehead miscues/dropped balls would have been completions if it was Manning-to-Harrison instead?

marcomarco said...

@ john

That's excellent! We should institute that daily award. I'll happily claim it today.


CMFost said...

anybody know what Brady was yapping about to the refs when he was taking a knee?

Probably just letting out his frustration about how bad the referees were the entire game.

Unknown said...

Yep, just as I thought. Pats win by 4, and all Dan can do is pat himself on the back. He is been saying for weeks that the Pats are hugely better than any other team and would win by 30+ against the Colts... come on Dan, there is still a chance to save your journalist soul...

CMFost said...

pv845 said..."I know that it is a cop out somewhat, but Indy also didn't have 2 of its top 3 receivers for a good chunk of the game."

Yeah but they did have the officials for the game in there pocket.

CMFost said...

Ok, Since I am biased on this being a Patriots fan, I want ask everyone elses thoughts, Was the officiating of the pats_colts game as bad as I think it was?

David Kippe said...

i'm depressed.

CMFost said...

My Top 5 -

1. Ohio State
2. Kansas
3. Oregon
4. Oklahoma
5. LSU

marcomarco said...

@ corrnd & pv385

So, Manning loses without high profile recievers? Kindof ironic, or at least adds some ammo to the Brady vs. Manning ongoing debate.


Clinton (Indianapolis) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pv845 said...

@ CMFost: I thought it was about par for the course of an NFL with so many talented players. I mean on every play with Moss you could throw an offensive pass interference flag. On the other side, there is usually a person hanging on Moss that is committing defensive pass interference.

Luke said...

Trying to say that Oklahoma hasn't beat anybody and then trying to push LSU is a joke. Oklahoma did beat the current #7 Missouri and the current #14 Texas. LSU's best win is against #15 Florida, a team that has 3 losses. The SEC is a joke this year and currently so is Dan.

Natsfan74 said...

Yes, Ohio State can beat LSU on a neutral field or anywhere else.

LSU gave up 34 points to a crappy Alabama team that barely put up double digits against Florida State? They lost to a crappy Kentucky team. And, after picking them to lose last week-end, you now recant that comment to let them reclaim status as the best team in the land?

Ohio State is a better team this year than last. And, last year's team is not this team, so don't keep comparing the 2. Ohio State has 15 new starters! This Buckeye team can pass -- Boeckman probably throws the best deep ball in college football right now, has an amazing offensive line, runs the ball with speed and power (something they lacked last year), and has a great defense. Do you think LSU could move the ball against that defense consistently? Do you think LSU could stop that offense?

I was watching the LSU game on Saturday night hoping like heck they would win. I want to meet up with LSU on non-neutral turf in the Sugar Bowl. Then, OSU will prove on the field that they are legitimate. But, first, I really hope we can beat Michigan at the Big House. I'm a lot more worried about Michigan and Oregon (who will lose at UCLA) than I ever would be about LSU (who will lose to Arkansas).

Luke said...

Missouri is #6 not #7. My fingers don't seem to be working well this morning. The Big 12 has 4,5 and 6 in the current BCS Poll, whoever wins the Big 12 should have a good shot at the National Championship game.

john (east lansing, mi) said...

Well taken, marcomarco.

Sparty - thanks for the game! No thanks for guarding that statue all week. Hopefully there's nobody there this week....

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

The Big 10 is not bad. They just beat each other up.

Doesn't the SEC do this too? Yet they constantly get touted as the best conference? Didn't they get SMOKED by the Big East?

Technically, the Big East is the best conference then.

Tunsney said...

@ Sparty

I was actually pulling for you in the football game. I wanted Dan to have even more ammo against Ohio State. (Oh big deal, they beat a 3 loss Michigan team) But your basketball team? Ouch.

I am still pumped about the game Adrian Peterson had. I had 7 friends over to watch. I figured we would be concentrating on the pool tournament by the end of the half. I am glad I was wrong.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...


Cincinnati drafted Kenny Irons last year, who is out for the season with an ACL tear. They have Rudi Johnson (who they will cut after this year) and a very underrated Kenny Watson. No way they pick McFadden. It's Glenn Dorsey all the way.

Matt T said...

I thought the refing was horrible most of the game that game. Notably that PI call on Randy Moss.

Anonymous said...

cmfost - I thought the officiating was bad, but not too much worse than usual. I think we just noticed it more because it was such a big game.

Top five:
(1) Ohio State
(2) Kansas
(3) Oregon
(4) LSU
(5) Oklahoma

Dan - you know you're not required to have a Florida player in your Heisman top 5 every week, right?

Ed Chavis said...

Hey, everybody - doesn't Jen owe us a Studs/Duds this morning?

Coach Chip said...

Jim Nantz -
"Manning looking for Morehead"

Should Peyton's wife be concerned?

bkelly126 said...

hypothetically, what if LSU (or Oregon) and OSU meet in the championship game and LSU/Oregon wins. would dan claim OSU was never that good (thereby diluting the winner's accomplishment) or that LSU/Oregon was better (acknowledging that OSU is in fact a good team and beting them means something)? I wonder

The Mark Show said...


The 49ers first round pick belongs to the Pats, so McFadden isn't going to San Fran...

Matt said...

If it was OSU beating Bama on saturday Dan would probably say that the buckeyes needed luck once again to barely squeak by an inferior opponent and their defense is a fraud...

David Kippe said...


typical loss to Michigan, I knew that if we didn't stop them on the drive immediately after we scored to go up 10 i knew it was going to be a another hearbreaking loss.

the basketball thing, i i i got nothing.

eileen said...

I can't believe the Patriots ran up the score like that.

CMFost said...

Did anyone else notice how similar the play the Patriots ran to win the game was against indy to the one that the Patriots ran to make the score 45-0 against Washington? Hmm, another reason why you play to the end of the game, you get to run plays to see if they work at game speed which you can not simulate in practice.

CMFost said...

Was anyone else surprised BC stayed in the Top 10?

bkelly126 said...

@ matt
thanks, i was just looking at the bottom 5, i wasn't aware of any trades. mcfadden in the pats offense?! the bostonites would never shut up then.

just throwing this out there, every BCS champion has required a good deal of luck (see Buckeyes 02, tennessee 98). while the teams that cruise into the championship game (miami 02, usc 05, perhaps even buckeyes 06) end up being exposed in those games.

David Kippe said...

nice to see Bill completely ignore Dungy when he tried to say something to him when they shook hands. class act Bill, class act!

CMFost said...

interesting question from Mike and Mike this morning:

Navy beating ND for the first time in 43 years


Nebraska getting 76 points scored against them.

CMFost said...

Hey Sparty, Bill could care less about the other Coach especially any coach who questioned what the patriots did as far as to say they where like Barry Bonds.

All Bill cares about is winning and that is what makes him one of the greatest coaches ever.

eileen said...

Um, my last comment was a joke.

A couple of those PI calls were definitely questionable.

My favorite moment of the game was when Rodney Harrison smacked an official's butt during the first quarter. Did anyone else catch that? Hilarious.

Tunsney said...

Did anyone else see that little special they did with the '72 dolphins? That is further proof why we need (I cannot believe I am saying this) the Patriots to go undefeated. I hate those guys. I really do, but 19-0 would wipe that smug look off their faces in a hurry. Although, then we would have to deal with the priggish pukes from Boston. Hmmm, let me think about this for a bit.

David Kippe said...

Kellen Clemens was born on the day Roger Clemens was drafted by the Sox.

Geoff said...

"I was just laughing," Hart would later say about the crazed crowd when MSU was leading. "I thought it was funny. They got excited. It's good. Sometimes you get your little brother excited when you're playing basketball and let him get the lead, then you just come back and take it back."

You mean MSU is U-M's little brother?

"Yep. That's what they think, so it's what I think."

pv845 said...

@ Sparty: I just want to know if it is worse to lose to App State (I-AA) at home in a game that counts or to lose to Grand Valley (II) in an exhibition?

I would say that it is App State loss.

David Kippe said...

I didn't attack his coaching ability. He continues to prove he is a dick, like um, Barry Bonds.

David Kippe said...

we are not U of Ms little brother, we are its little bitch.

David Kippe said...

We actually struggled until the last two minutes to beat GVSU last year as well. This was a good thing because now Izzo will kick the crap out of the guys and get them ready for the real games.

pv845 said...

@ CMFost: if you coach in a professional sport and you care about anything other than winning, then you shouldn't be coaching. Bill is a very successful jerk.

David Kippe said...

he's a dick, a home wrecker and happens to be a great coach. of course only Norv Turner could screw up a team with this much talent. (not to discredit any past success by Belicheck either)

Geoff said...

I like the idea that caring about winning precludes you from caring about being a decent person.

David Kippe said...

anybody have the NFC v AFC numbers for this season?

The Boonies said...

God I wish Ohio State fans would quit harping on how everyone is hating on them. Saying that OSU would lose to LSU or Oregon has nothing to do with liking or hating them. I challenge all OSU fans to step back and look at the body of work of all 3 teams and then say who is most deserving of a top ranking and a title shot. OSU has NOT played a team in the top 20 and only 3 in the top 25!! Meanwhile LSU has played 6 top 20 teams and beaten 5. And Oregon has played 3 top 15 teams and beaten 2. Its insane that staying unbeaten against lesser opponents somehow is a measure of how good a team is. I sure hope we get a playoff system soon because the BCS is ruining college football

kenjab said...

Sparty -

20-19, AFC. Very close to .500

David Kippe said...

not as bad as last year right now.

pv845 said...

It is insane that LSU was beaten by a team with three losses and they make any claim at being number one. As for those vaunted wins, if the writers had any objectivity then the SEC would have only LSU and Georgia in the top 20.

As for those dominating wins, VT - 2 losses, USC - 4 losses, UF - 3 losses, Auburn - 3 losses, and Alabama - 3 losses.

patrick said...

ASU at 11 Dan? Okay, but Michigan above them? Now correct me if I'm wrong, Michigan gets DESTROYED by Oregon at home. ASU plays a tough game @ Autzen (where the score is not nearly a reflection of the game).

So because Michigan hasn't lost in a WEAK conference, you have them back in the top 10?


CMFost said...

We should not really be worried about LSU, they are #2 in the polls but they are in the bad luck spot. They will lose and upcoming game and Oregon or Kansas will replace them as #2

CMFost said...

Who is the best conferenced? Based on the # of teams in BCS Rankings the SEC. But based on quality of BCS teams you would have to say the Big12

Conf #BCS Ranked(# Top 10)
SEC - 7(2)
ACC - 4(1)
B12 - 4(3)
B10 - 3(1)
P10 - 3(2)
BE - 2(1)

Dave Kern said...

It's always the same argument in these comments. A bunch of Big 10 guys trumpeting the Big 10 at all costs and calling Dan a douche for his love of Florida and the SEC. Seriously, get a fucking clue.

I'm not going to say that last year's OSU team has anything to do with this OSU team, but I don't think it is unreasonable to think that the outcome of last year's NC game would have change your opinions as fans.

Seriously. Eat a dick and some humble pie while you are at it.

Last year it was the same thing on here. "The big 10 is so great. OSU should play Mich. in a rematch. The SEC is garbage. Florida doesn't deserve to be there. Blah blah blah."

You'd think after watching OSU and the Big 10 get SMEARED in the NC by a 1 loss team from the SEC you would calm the fuck down and wait to see how it all comes out.

As far as everyone who is dismissing LSU based on their are embarrassing yourself. Most notably whoever had the gall to point out OSU's only close win against AKRON! Are you kidding AKRON!?

The following is a list of teams that LSU has played and their ranking at the time:
V. Tech #9
South Carolina #12
Florida #9
Kentucky #17
Auburn #17
Alabama #17

Now, you can talk about LSU's poor coaching, or if you think they play a sloppy game or down to a lesser opponent's talent, but talking about them play NO BODY and the SEC sucking is just embarrassing.

You can't trumpet wins over
NR Mich. St.
#23 Purdue
#25 Penn State
#21 Wisc.

and then claim that LSU hasn't played anybody and that the SEC is garbage. Sorry, but you just can't.

Stop being a dick and and engage in civil conversation about it.

Geoff said...

"Stop being a dick and and engage in civil conversation about it."

Says the guy that can't make a point without swearing. I guess saying "eat a dick" is having a civil conversation though. Idiot.

CMFost said...

The following is a list of teams that LSU has played and their ranking at the time:
V. Tech #9
South Carolina #12
Florida #9
Kentucky #17
Auburn #17
Alabama #17

But what about know:
V. Tech #9(now 11)
South Carolina #12 (unranked)
Florida #9 (#15)
Kentucky #17 (#25)
Auburn #17 (#18)
Alabama #17 (#22)

So LSU has beaten 0 Top 10 Teams, 2 Top 15

pv845 said...

@ dwk: if you would have read my previous post before your drunk ramblings I did just that. LSU beat a lot of teams with a lot of losses. Again, OSU can say something that LSU can't - we won our games. LSU lost to a three loss team. Whoppee about the ranking at the time they played. Kentucky was a fraud. USC was a fraud. UF is a fraud.

Matt said...

DWK you get a fucking they were ranked that high at the time,,,where are they now? all with 3 or 4 losses. who the fuck cares what they were are at then.

the sec is a good not great conference with good not great teams.

you could say the same that OSU is a good not great team, as can be said for all of college football this year. could lsu beat osu or vice versa...sure

but to say that LSU is some amazing team because they beat some teams with 3 and 4 losses really doesnt hold water.

no one says the b10 i a great conference but osu has beaten every single team on the schedule and pretty handily at that. why does lsu get a pass for squeaking by teams they should be dominating?? because they play in the SEC..please.

Jingoist said...

Here's my thought... We all know the BCS is a sham. But how is it any more of a sham to cry foul on a year when a 1-loss team is more deserving of a title shot than it is getting an unbeaten exposed for cheating 4 years post-championship (when the BCS conceivably "worked")?

What it tells me is that it's not so much the BCS anymore. It's the amalgamation of 3 human polls, a computer poll, and the proverbial dart thrown against the board that every media monger throws up that simply all meet and combust into this dead-end argument of which system is right/which team is best.

Well here's the kicker this year... SOMEBODY with 1-loss will have to meet The Ohio State University in the title game. Let that team, whoever it is- LSU, Oregon, et al.- beat Ohio State on the neutral field and THEN we can say "told ya so". Until then, Ohio State- a Big 10 school with a legit D-1 program/schedule- has an undefeated record and should be listed #1.

I'm tired.

The Mark Show said...

Check out items 3 and 4 for Pro Football Talk's thoughts on the officiating in the Pats-Colts game as well as more fuel to the fire that the Colts could be pumping in artificial crowd noise...

marcomarco said...

I was looking forward to Bill 'Sissy-slapping' Dungee for kicking a FG on 4th and goal on the 1 in the first quarter and the Pats allowing Addai 8yds per rush.

those extra 4 would've come in handy.

I wish they had audio (or that I could read words) on the Bill-Tony half handshake. I imagined it to be something like:

Tony: Great game Bill. You're my Daddy.

Bill: Go dry hump a camera, phony.

Beetle said...

The reason Belichick blew off Dungy was that "Holier than thou" Tony was one of the people piling on the "cameragate" bullshit, basically saying that the Pats past accomplishments were tainted.

I don't know about you, but if someone is shit-talking behind my back, and then later tries to shake my hand and be all buddy buddy, that person is gonna get the same response from me that Tony got from Bill.

chipp said...

Hopefully OSU and Kansas will remain unbeaten and all the 1-loss fans can complain until the end of time (or until the next preseason) that they deserved to be in the CS.

The Boonies said...

CMfost nice try but where are Purdue, Penn State, and Wisconsin ranked? Did you find them yet? Yeah they're unranked. So according to YOUR fuzzy math OSU has beaten exactly ZERO top 25 teams. Get a clue pal.

Unknown said...

1. Kobe Bryant - 13/19 FG, 1/2 3PT, 6/8 FT, 5 REB, 3 AST, 3 STL, 2 BLK, 33 PTS
2. Steve Nash - 12/19 FG, 1/3 3PT, 5/5 FT, 4 REB, 10 AST, 30 PTS
3. Kevin Garnett - 9/18 FG, 5/7 FT, 13 REB, 6 AST, 3 STL, 23 PTS
4. Ray Allen - 11/16 FG, 7/11 3PT, 4/4 FT, 4 REB, 33 PTS (GW 3PT FG in OT)
5. Carlos Boozer - 9/18 FG, 5/5 FT, 12 REB, 6 AST, 23 PTS

1. Quentin Richardson - 0/2 FG, 0/2 3PT, 3 REB, 0 PTS, 30 MIN
2. Peja Stojakovic - 1/10 FG, 1/8 3PT, 3 REB, 1 AST, 1 BLK, 25 MIN
3. Rajon Rondo - 0/4 FG, 2 REB, 2 AST, 2 STL, 5 PF, 2 TO, 2 PTS, 27 MIN
4. Primoz Brezec - 1/4 FG, 2 REB, 1 AST, 3 TO, 3 PF, 2 PTS, 22 MIN
5. Raja Bell - 3/13 FG, 2/8 3PT, 5 REB, 8 PTS, 40 MIN

Ed Chavis said...

"On the morning after a tough loss, Colts head coach Tony Dungy is expected to go back to work today in another capacity, promoting his All-Pro Dad fatherhood initiative.

Dungy is expected to address the White House conference on Faith-Based Community Initiatives this morning at the Downtown Marriott.
Dungy, whose team suffered a 24-20 loss to arch rival New England on Sunday, is a scheduled to propose that more Indiana schools start All-Pro Dad's day chapters. The chapters have hour-long monthly breakfasts where fathers and kids meet with others to discuss issues ranging from peer pressure to public service projects for families.
Also scheduled to appear at the conference is Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels."

Gee - wonder what Belichick is up to this morning...

C.West said...

John Russell was a former Phillies Catcher and also one the catchers who caught on of the Nolan Ryans no-hitters.

CMFost said...

boonies the difference between OSU and LSU is simple, OSU has won all there games and deserves to be #1. IF and when OSU loses(probably the UM game) then we can debate who is #1. Until then OSU should be #1 and Kansas should be #2.

CMFost said...

Gee - wonder what Belichick is up to this morning...

working on preparation for the Patriots next game.

TBender said...

Belicheck once again proves how little class he has during the postgame exchange. Ask Dungy about winning versus anything else. Or how about Andy Reid?


If Kansas runs the table and doesn't get the BCS Championship appearance, then once again the BCS fails.

Matt said...

boonies PSU now currently 23rd in the bcs

Boomhauertjs said...

I can see Dan is going to give it to LeBron and the Cavs everytime they lose, yet there is no mention of his beloved Agent Zero and the Wiz's 0-3 start, including another of Gilbert's undelivered guarantees.

I would still take Joe Thomas over Adrian Peterson. Thomas is a big reason why the Browns offensive is so successful, and a left tackle will last a lot longer than an RB, especially an injury prone one like Peterson.

Dex said...

I bet Belichick is up to winning more football games, and not being a fundamentalist gay hater.

/hates Patriots
//still thinks Belichick is an awesome coach

Allen Wedge said...

This coming from Baton Rouge and an LSU fan... LSU is hardly above anyone else in the top 5 right now. I think all this weekend proved was just how much better of a college coach Nick Saban is than Les Miles.

Miles continues to squeak by in games he should dominate and the talent is simply saving him time after time. Seriously, look at the players that LSU has showered the NFL with in the past 2 years and the ones that will go this year as well (I think they had more guys in the first 3 rounds than most conferences had last year)... with all that talent, how in the world is Miles not going for a 3rd straight title game with that ridiculous talent (11-2 and 11-2?? and possibly another 11-2 coming?)

At the same token however, all the arguing about who is #1-5 is moot, once again proving that we absolutely need a playoff because there is no way to compare any of the top 6 (outside the two big 12 teams) because none of these teams have anything remotely close to similar competition...

Dave Kern said...

The Boonies said...
"CMfost nice try but where are Purdue, Penn State, and Wisconsin ranked? Did you find them yet? Yeah they're unranked. So according to YOUR fuzzy math OSU has beaten exactly ZERO top 25 teams. Get a clue pal."


The heroin sheik said...

I don't know if OSU would beat LSU but if Dixon is healthy I don't think they could beat Oregon. Still it is inevitable that if they win out they will play in the NC game. I really don't know if it is so much the SEC being weak this year or if all the teams are very close in talent. All the teams seem to make bad mistakes that get capitalized on.

My fiance brought up a good point yesterday. Who would get home field if the Pats had gotten a tie yesterday and both teams won out.

I don't think we need Jen to do a studs n duds for the NFL today as it is pretty obvious who the studs were yesterday. Has there ever been a weekend with as many mind boggling performances as yesterday in the NFL?

Matt said...

so LSU beats teams with 3 and 4 losses and the only reason why they still are ranked is because they are in the SEC and that makes them better????

what great logic lol

a 3 loss team is a 3 loss team and it doesnt matter what conference they play in. u lose 3 games, you aren't very good

Jen said...

Yes, OSU would beat LSU

mr. ed~ Hey!!! It was my idea, but I said I wasn't volunteering to do the studs & duds for football! LOL

the boonies~ I don't hear many people bitching that OSU isn't getting any love. People are bitching because of Dan's hatred towards all things scarlet and gray.
Hmmm, I can't decided which is worse: Dan slamming who I like, or if he were to be jumping on the bandwagon of a team that I like.

Tunsney said...

Wouldn't it be great to have OSU play Kansas and LSU vs Oregon in the Semi-finals? This needs to happen. Make it 6 teams with the top two getting a bye. You can still use the top BCS bowl locations and rotate where that championship is at. How does that lose money for the other bowls? Why is this so difficult? Sure you would have controversy on who the top 4, 6 or 8 would be but it is still better than a damn computer and "what-ifs".

The Mark Show said...


What's your point? Is it that Dungy and Reid spent so much time coaching that they neglected their kids so much that tragically one committed suicide and the other two are in jail for drugs? How is that a knock on Belichick? I'm confused.

Everyone makes way too big a deal out of the post game handshakes when judging "classiness." Belichick isn't paid to be a diplomat. He's paid to win football games. And I love that the bashers seem to forget that the week before the Super Bowl, Belichick called Manning to wish him luck. But yeah, let's spend a bunch of time overreacting to a stupid postgame handshake.

The Boonies said...

That is a much better argument, and unfortunately that is just the way things are under the BCS. Rewarding teams for staying undefeated against mediocre competition is ridiculous. I would love to see the OSUs play the LSUs or Floridas or whatever top team. BUT, where is the incentive for playing top competition when one loss to a good team torpedoes your entire season. This is why every team that has clue (read not Notre Dame) loads up on cupcakes for a non-conference schedule, because it's so hard to survive with that kind of schedule I know perfection in college football is hallowed ground, but with there being so much parity in college football now the system just isn't what it could be.

Michael said...

I don't mean to take anything away from Purple Jesus but as a former O-Lineman I feel like I need to give the boys up front some credit for setting the table. That may be the best run blocking group in the ga

Jingoist said...

Is it me, or was the Patriots' team record for penalty yards in a game just about the most obvious example of deplorable officiating in the NFL this season?

I know the Patriots probably should not get any "gift calls" this season, but to make some of the calls that officiating crew made against them was an injustice. This is an undefeated team that is in the top 1% of mentally-disciplined teams in the league. The next-largest penalty yards game this season for them was in Week 2 (vs. San Diego) where they had 7 penalties for 75 yards.

Seriously? Double that for 1 game yesterday? Heading into yesterday's matchup, the Pats averaged just a shade over 5 penalties per game and almost 39 penalty yards per game.

So where do you get 10 penalties and almost 4x the penalty yards?

That is abysmal officiating. You could even see the looks on the head referee, almost like he had no clue what was going on and was simply defenseless by the end of the game when Brady was just lighting him up with verbal abuse.

What does it say when a team racks up 146 yards in penalties, on the road versus an undefeated team and still wins? That's testicular fortitude right there.

Unknown said...

Navy beating a 43 year consecutive game losing streak was huge.

Peterson getting the all time single game rushing record in the era of passing is phenomenal.

Colts and Pats proved they are by far the best two teams in the league. You can easily see a healthy Marvin Harrison being able to account for the 4 pt deficit not to mention Indy was missing their left tackle. The Colts and Pats will meet again in Foxboro for the AFC title.

Ohio State deserves to be #1 - period. Michigan lost a chance at the national title with the loss to App State. Since then App. State has lost to two other Div IAA teams. Still, Michigan gets the Rose Bowl if they can run the table including beating Ohio State.
How did Kansas become a football power?

Imagine 10 years ago if you said Nebraska, Notre Dame, Florida State and Miami were all unranked and Kansas was in the top 10.

Even know can you believe we though USF might be the #2 team in the country?

chipp said...

@ Michael:
The best Tackle-Guard combo in the NFL is Steve Hutchinson and whoever is next to him.

And people wonder why Shaun Alexander sucks so much now and Walter Jones doesn't look very good.

The heroin sheik said...

The officiating in the Pats game wasn't as bad as in the Bucs game. Zona had been moving the ball on us when Warner threw a pick. Only problem was the the guy who got the pick (Kelly I think) was clearly out of bounds but since Zona didn't have any timeouts left they couldn't challenge and there was still 3 minutes in the game. I just think the officiating in the NFL sucks in general.

Natsfan74 said...

Boonies, I am going to partially agree with you as I make this argument.

Team rankings should not be based on the team's conference - Period! The ranking should really focus on what that team does outside its own conference. Fine, the SEC has 8-10 good teams and they beat eachother up every week which creates 3 and 4 loss teams. The same parity happens in the Big 12, Big 10, ACC.... etc. So LSU beating all of the SEC teams means nothing to me. LSU beating Virginia Tech means a lot more. Alabama losing to FSU (and scoring 20 less than they did against LSU) is another data point. Otherwise, the Sunbelt conference could load up on cupcake non-conference games, then have 3 teams go 10-2 or better and claim they are so great but conference losses are the difference....

Looking at non-conference games -- The Big 10 has a bunch of wins against Notre Dame -- which used to mean something but doesn't this year. Ohio State won on the road at Washington, a week after UW beat Boise State at home. Michigan lost to Oregon, but at least the game was on the schedule. Illinois' lost to Missouri (top 6 BCS).

Outside their own conference, the SEC East has played Ok St, CAL (big loss), UNC (but USC has Clemson remaining), and Louisville. Florida has FSU remaining. The SEC West has played VT (big win), Auburn lost to USF, Alabama lost to FSU, Arkansas has played no one, MSU got crushed by West Virginia (then beat Kentucky and Auburn?).

Ohio State played Texas for 2 straight years (with the winner finishing in the top 2 in the nation both years). They play at USC next year. In the next few years, they also have VT and Miami on the schedule. USC has played non-conference games with Arkansas, Virginia Tech, and Nebraska in the last few years, and they pick up Virginia, Ohio State, and Boston College in the next 2 years. Good teams want to play good teams. SEC teams want to live in their shell and call themselves good without going across the country to find the best competition!

Matt said...

perfectly stated natsfan...

but SEC homers will try to use the "sec teams re just that good" logic to say when they lose to each other it is because they are soooo good

The Mark Show said...

From, stating a similar opinion to my post last week about the Pats running up the score...

Maybe the reason the Patriots have been running up the score so blatantly in recent weeks is that by keeping the throttle mashed down in the fourth quarter, they were preparing for this day, when the would need to score late to win. The Patriots said they knew they couldn't have a letdown at any point in this game, so not letting up on their eight out-classed opponents was the best way to practice.

The heroin sheik said...

natsfan I can't really speak for the rest of the SEC but if you consider Florida's schedule I think it is comparable with any team in the country with the possible exception of ND. Sure we play a cupcake or two every year at the start of the season but we have to play FSU every year and we play UM I think every four years home and away. When you combine that with the extra league game because of the Championship game I think it balances out to a team like OSU playing texas or USC. Is it UF's fault that bobby bowden is senile and wont retire or that Miami just sucks these days. Then again with the way UF's run defense has been this year I wouldn't want to play in the Big10 where it seems all you do is run run run. To be honest I think it would be easier for a team like UF to beat up on OSU who run a balanced offense than it would be to play a team like UI who just run all day long. Looking at how we have done against teams like UGA and LSU who run first UI would destroy us which would be Zooks ultimate revenge. I hope that there is some way we can play them in the Outback bowl because I don't see us getting in a better on e any mroe this year.

Dave Kern said...

No, SEC homers will point out that teams in the SEC play the best teams in the country every year. They just happen to be on the conference schedule.

The SEC is brutal. The SEC has won two of the last four national championships and don't forget how Auburn got jobbed out of their shot too.

To disregard a team's in conference schedule is all fine and well, except that it assumes that the level of play in every conference is the same. Which of course, it isn't.

Dave Kern said...

Oh, yeah. In the SEC, you're fighting for the right to get to the conference championship game. To actually go anywhere, you still have to survive that one extra game.

Anonymous said...

With so many people noting that LSU has beaten 3 and 4 loss teams, its worth noting that for each of those teams, one of the losses came to LSU (UK excepted).

It seems unreasonable to expect the Bayou Bengals to play an unbeaten every week only to leave a trail of 1-loss teams in their wake.

bkelly126 said...

wow...according to the NCAA (based on past and future opponents), OSU has the 32nd hardest schedule and LSU has the 33rd hardest. Oregon has the 6th hardest schedule, kansas 72

By conference,
SEC - 22.5 (avg)
Big 12 - 32
Big 11 - 40.4
Pac 10 - 37.5
ACC - 40.1
Big East - 40.9

take from that what you will.

ToddTheJackass said...

My random points for today:

1) Dan's College Football analysis is once again questioning why I even read the Quickie anymore. Seriously Dan, you're in all likelihood losing readers with your outrageous homerism, and weird hatred of OSU. For the record I'm an ACC guy, so I really don't have any biases in that whole debate, but your SEC crush really interferes with being able to take your analysis at all seriously. Basically I was planning on boycotting the blog today, but didn't because I enjoy most of the other commenters.

Dan, last year's OSU team has no bearings on this year, just like you and Tony Kornheiser should realize that this Florida team is not as good as last year's team. Just because OSU got exposed in a game 8 weeks after their last game last year doesn't have any bearings whatsoever. Get that out of your head.

2) I really don't think the Patriots definitively showed they were the better team yesterday, and I say this as a Pats fan. Marvin Harrison did not play. That makes a huge, huge difference. I really thought that for most of the game, the Colts O-Line and D-Line definitely outplayed the Pats.

3) The Pass Interference calls were really ridiculous in the Pats/Colts game, including the one on the Colts that got declined by the Stallworth catch. And with the Randy Moss one, he does push off a lot, but he really didn't on that play oddly enough... the Ellis Hobbs (he got tackled by the Colts receiver) call might've been the worst call I've seen since Matt Hasselbeck got flagged for tackling the opponent after an INT in the Super Bowl. Unlike that Super Bowl though, at least this game's outcome wasn't decided by the refs.

4) This is a bit out of left field, but I haven't heard anyone else say it, so here goes. Honestly, I have to say, I don't feel bad for Andy Reid. In fact, he's definitely part of the problem with what's going on with his kids. What do we know about an NFL coach? They're practically never home, they sometimes don't come home at all, etc. Now this isn't saying that Andy Reid (or Tony Dungy), are bad people, but just that the lives of NFL coaches are perhaps just not suited to being good parents. I really have no doubt in my mind that being in a profession that essentially requires you to never see your family cannot be overlooked in all of this. Therefore, I just don't feel bad for Andy Reid. He sort of put himself in this mess by never being there for/with his kids (in all likelihood).

Dan Shanoff said...

Really: (1) Am I really that crazy to discount Ohio State's unbeaten record this season, specifically as it relates to how OSU compares to LSU or Oregon? (2) Is it really so crazy to look at last year as an analogue to the same type of over-inflated poll bias that resulted in the No. 1 team being exposed?

This may have something to do with SEC bias, but I'm no Pac-10 fan, so that falls apart when you consider that I put Oregon ahead of Ohio State, too.

Really: Is it so crazy to doubt Ohio State as the No. 1 team in the country? I don't think so.

The heroin sheik said...

Wow Tiki is playing with midgets on the today show. What happened to him.

Tunsney said...

Despite how the commenters criticize you, you shouldn't try to belittle them with your reply's. State your reason for why you make your choices but don't give them the third grade lame SNL "really" treatment. They are the reason you have a voice.

pv845 said...

It is crazy because you are looking to last year to make and argument for this year. Second, the only reason that LSucks and the Crappy SEC looks good at all is the human bias in the polls. If you were to put up the records for that conference in front of peopl and they didn't say it was the SEC people would laugh. Instead the Polls and you think it is a great conference. That is why it is crazy.

bkelly126 said...

to doubt is fine, but if you look at my previous post, OSU statistically has a tougher schedule than LSU so that debunks your "who have they played" argument. OSU has one clear advantage over both LSU and Oregon in that they haven't lost. If they lose, they'll have a lead weight around their neck in terms of rankings, which will leave things wide open for LSU and oregon. if they go undefeated could they possibly be exposed like last year? sure, but until they lose they should be number 1. and this is coming from a tennessee fan

Jingoist said...

@ toddthejacka$$:

I second the whole Andy Reid thing. It starts with parents and Reid is another example as is this... My wife is a high school teacher and she teaches both honors classes and low-level classes.

At Parents' Night last week (as happens every year) she had "standing room only" attendance by the Honors students' parents, and barely a handful of parents representing her low-level students.

You want to know how to tell which kids are the best adjusted in life? See which parents are home after school, at night, on the weekends, etc. I'll lay the money on those every time.

Jingoist said...


The Writers' Guild of America is on strike. Tiki must be writing his own material. (Helps him feel lees insecure to be playing with people shorter than he is I guess).

The heroin sheik said...

Look at me I'm the king of all fuckups and my parents were never around when I was younger. If they weren't away on business they were on vacation. Hell I had more discipline when my parents threw me in boarding school when I was 12 than I ever did at home. Of course I still like to blame my bad choices on simply not giving a fuck instead of bad parenting.

Matt said...

dan the only thing about using last years team as a barometer for this year is if the same them is in place...with the offense at ostate so many playmakers are now gone...

the defense needed to step up and they did

and i can count 2 times tress has been out coached and that game (fla) was one of them.

i am not taking away from UFs win but tress was out coached and who knows what could have happened with ginn still in

todd said...

Wow, am I really the only one who is getting some satisfaction out of the fact that Brady Quinn will never get off the bench in Cleveland? And nice job by the personnel staff, there is no way they are going to get equal value when they trade him compared to what they gave up to draft him.

Anonymous said...


There's nothing wrong with doubting any ranking in a year that saw USF controlling its destiny to play for the BCS title. I do not think that tOSU is a strong #1 by any means.

Unfortunately your doubt is severely tainted by the fact that you admitted on Sunday that you didn't watch the Bucks and the fact that you flip-flopped and refused to give any credit after their win @ Happy Valley.

Just take the top 8 teams and extend the season by 3 weeks already... put an end to this nonsense.

Although I'm not sure I could handle the "inevitable" repeat of the SEC championship game.

Jen said...

Dan, Ohio State started at what, #10 this preseason?? Possibly lower, I can't remember. They have kept winning while those above them have lost. For the past three weeks you have said that they were going to get tested, they were going to lose, whatever, and they have won soundly. The losses that those top teams had were not to superstars either. When you have a number under the "L" column, it makes a team fall. When there is a "0" there, it keeps you up. Simple. Big School Bias, historical bias, whatever you think, that's how it goes. You are entitled to your opinion and this is your blog, but you sound absolutely absurd when you say that you haven't watched an Ohio State game yet show such bias against them.

Allen Wedge said...

Everyone should just stop arguing about fictitious things. We DON'T know if any of these teams beats anyone else on a neutral field... remember last year when everyone thought Florida didn't stand a chance?

ITs simple instead of arguing about hwo "deserves" it more everyone should be arguing for a playoff which is easily the only solution... I'd say the 11 Conference champs get auto bids 5 at-larges. (and yes I realize teams who get jobbed by that system still have complaints but it'd do a lot in the way of breaking the un-parity of college football, plus basketball and baseball have 64 each year and still have complainers, its impossible to avoid..)

Who wouldn't want to see a 16 team tournament? And it'd still finish before January 7th...AND better yet you can do the games at all the regular bowl locations but more importantly, they'd ALL sell out

The heroin sheik said...

Jingoist that was funny but I think there was a promo for the Fred Claus movie. Either that or he has a thing for midgets. My life must suck I sit around all morning watching the today show and arguing over something none of us will ever solve NCAA rankings.

ToddTheJackass said...

Dan, yes, you're wrong for using last year as a barometer in any circumstance. Especially as it uses lots of revisionist history. Ohio St. was and should have been the #1 team in the nation entering the National Championship game last year. They absolutely were the #1 team entering that game. Did they leave that game as being the #1, of course not, but there's no one in their right mind that could've honestly suggested that OSU was not the #1 team in the nation ENTERING the NC game.

If Ohio St. had scraped by and barely won a few games over some mediocre teams, etc., then I'd be more sympathetic to the argument that they shouldn't be #1. But they've handily beat pretty much everyone they've played, and Oregon lost to a very mediocre Cal team, not to mention that LSU lost to a 3-loss (sub .500 in conference) Kentucky team, and did in fact scrape by Florida, Auburn, and Alabama.

Dan I have no attachment whatsoever to OSU, but I gotta say, I think you're just wrong on this one, and being too stubborn/blind to admit it.

Natsfan74 said...

Sheik -- I agree with you on the FSU vs UF game. That game used to always have top 5 ranking at stake. It's not their fault FSU sucks now. Just like, I give OSU credit for playing Washington, even though they suck this year. They don't always suck. Last time OSU played at UW, they were both top 10.

And, teams need creampuffs too. I understand that. OSU plays 1 hard game, 1 other Ohio school, and a few creampuffs every year. I don't mind Florida beating Troy or La Lafayette when they have FSU looming. And, as I said, I give LSU ultimate credit for beating VT. But, the rest of that conference either lost their non-conference game (Tenn, Miss St, Auburn, Alabama), or they didn't play a good one (Georgia, Arkansas). But, the SEC cannot cling to their "my conference is harder than yours" scheduling. Until they beat someone good (they started 0-2 vs. the Big 10 in bowl season last year even), they will continue to live on with ESPN-Hype and over-inflated rankings!

Beetle said...

Regarding Pats-Colts.
I don't want to hear anything about injuries.
Last year in the AFC title game the Pats played without Richard Seymore or Rodney Harrison (who gives Peyton absolute fits on the field).
Injuries are part of the game.
Deal with it.
Also, and the Refs should absolutely be ashamed of themselves.
Ellis Hobbs has PERFECT coverage of Wayne in the end zone, then when he makes a move for the pick, Wayne tackles him. The Result? PA on Hobbs for 40+ yards.
Absolutely the worst call of the year.
Finally, big props to the Colts D.
They are WAAAAAAYYY better than they have ever been before.
That is the type of D that CAN succeed in January in NE for the AFC title game...if it comes to that of course.

scb said...

hey dan, where's that 30 point victory?

you're not even going to mention how far off you were?

Geoff said...

Yes, Dan, it is crazy to look at last year as any sort of analogue to anything that has taken place this year. This has been the craziest college football season in recent memory. It compares to absolutely nothing. So using 1 game that happened last year as a basis for anything that might happen this year is absurd.

It isn't crazy to doubt OSU, but it is crazy to totally discount what they have done this year.

BTW, I effin hate OSU.

Matt said...

i wonder when OSU became a team that almost everyone who isnt a tOSU fan universally hates them and for no good reason

Tunsney said...

Tough day so far for our fearless leader. Fearless as in not afraid to look like a fool with his picks.
49ers over at Falcons-WRONG
Bengals over at Bills-WRONG
Broncos over at Lions-WRONG
Panthers over at Titans-WRONG
Packers over at Chiefs-HEY!
Chargers over at Vikings-WRONG
Jags over at Saints-WRONG
Redskins over at Jets-HEY!
Cards over at Bucs-WRONG
Seahawks over at Browns-WRONG
Pats over at Colts (by 30+)HALF WRONG!
Texans over at Raiders-HEY!
Cowboys over at Eagles-HEY!
Steelers over Ravens (MNF)-TBD

Geoff said...

"Pats over at Colts (by 30+)HALF WRONG!"

Yeah, those people who picked the Pats to win by 30+ were pretty foolish and/or complete homers. Kind of the same thing I guess.

bkelly126 said...

@ matt
probably due to herbie's smugness on gameday and the countdown to OSU/Michigan last year which seemed to trump every other game prior to that.

personally, I went to college in Ohio, so I had to watch Big-11 football week in and week out and listen to my friends talk up OSU each and every week.

marcomarco said...


See the :29 second mark

Dave Kern said...

@ matt and bkelly

I think the little t before OSU doesn't help. :)

Allen Wedge said...

Hardly cheaters, Cowherd on ESPN has already confirmed it doesn't show up on either the Pats or Colts radio broadcasts.

Matt said...

the little t is a part of the name of the isnt Ohio State University...its The Ohio State University.

bkelly126 said...

yeah why is it "THE" Ohio State University? afraid Ohio University was stealing some of your thunder?

marcomarco said...

@ mcwedgie

Oh well, that one could've been a fun Pot-Kettle moment.

Unknown said...

Wow, Dan. PERCY HARVIN?? Your blind fandom has almost reached "unbearable." I've read your stuff for a long time, but your ridiculous statements about an adopted team are really reaching my breaking point. I think I'm about done reading.

Jen said...

bkelly~ Yes, I went to Ohio University and so many people thought I was a Buckeye. I always heard
"Oh, you go to Ohio State?"
"Noooo, I go to Ohio University, about an hour south."

I think the "THE" in kind of funny. I like how the NFL players on MNF will pronunciate wholeheartedly. I guess that's part of that smugness the haters can't stand. Since I'm a fan, I think it's humorous.

marcomarco said...

Arod-Boras Damage Control

Please don't hate me

Anonymous said...

Where's cumfast?

ToddTheJackass said...

I don't really have a huge problem with Ohio St., but I think it's just that any team that has had a lot of recent success will draw a lot of hate and ire. The Red Sox, Patriots, Florida, USC, are all definite examples of this.

But yeah, the tOSU is pretty lame. Not as lame as "The U", but pretty lame from a distance.

CMFost said...

Marco, I really hope he does not sign for the Red Sox. It will be the first time in a long time that they will have a player that i could not root for. I really hope Theo is smarter then that.

The Mark Show said...

You could and you would root for Arod if the Sox sign him, give me a freaking break. What are you gonna do? Root for him to make an out every time he comes to the plate or boots every ball hit to him? Of course not, you'll be rooting for him to help the team and therefore rooting for him. It's completely fine to hope they don't sign him but STFU with this "I couldn't root for him" crap.

Jingoist said...

I can't wait for an NFL player to introduce himself as having played at his former high school (as they now often do) and use "The" in front of it.

"Tom Brady, Quarterback, 'THE' Junípero Serra High School."

wolverine425 said...

I think Tim Donaghy was the head referee last night. And of course he had the colts +5.5...

CMFost said...

I think there was a couple of times yesterday when one of the other officials came to him with a call and the look on his face "your kidding right"

Travis said...

for marcomarco

If Buffalo loses this week to Miami (not totally out of the question) New England can clinch the east on the 18th when they play the Bills.

Mathmatically at that point the Bills could still tie the pats at 10-6, but New England would own the tie breaker having won the season series.

Travis said...

The 49ers wont get McFadden, their nice high 1st round pick belongs to the Patriots.

CMFost said...

The Buffalo - New England game has been move to the Sunday Night Game on the 18th.

Jingoist said...

So, the question is who do the Pats take with that super high (Top 5?) 2008 pick?

That's not even fair, is it? The League (aka Goodell) whacked the Pats' their #1 pick and they still get the upper hand thanks to the deal with the 49ers.

I say they trade out and pick up a low 1st (where they OWN the draft) and an extra 2nd or 3rd rounder, where they lock up guys "on the cheap" for 5 or 6 years before said player pulls a Deion Branch.

Incidentally, how did that deal work out for Branch? Have we even heard his named mentioned this season? Oh, that's right, he hasn't played since Week 5.

Travis said...

most likely scenerio is they trade the 1st rounder for a late 1st rounder this year and a first rounder next year. basicaklly same deal they made with SF.. Unless theres a defensive changing ready to impact now player available.

marcomarco said...

@ travis

So, the magic number is actually 3. Sweet.

CMFost said...

Jingo the deal for Branch worked out great for the Patriots, it is basically what allowed them to get Moss. When they traded with SF they gave up a 1st for a 4th round pick and this years 1st round pick.

They traded the 4th rounder to oakland for Moss.

So they basically traded branch for Moss and a #1 Pick

Jingoist said...


I was rhetorically (and sarcastically) asking how Branch made out in the deal (not how the Branch deal worked out for the Pats).

But thanks for the play-by-play.

Looks like the real cm is back!

(This too is sarcasm.)

Unknown said...

of course nobody is going to read this but...

did you think OSU had a chance against Miami in 2002?

Travis said...

yes MArco, only if they beat the bills though cause that gives them the tiebreaker, technically its 4.

Lets assume the Bills win the remaining 8 games that puts them at 12-4 New England needs to win 4 games to be 13-3.

If they both finished 12-4 Buffalo would actually win the division because they would have atleast the same Div record (5-1) and Buffalo would have the next tiebreaker common opponents 9-1. To lose 3 games New England only has one game remaining against a team whos not a common opponent so the best they could do is 8-2 in the common oppoents games.

However its safe to assume Buffalo wont go 12-4.

Lets root for Miami this weekend :) Added bonus for a Miami win, it only helps making that SF pick higher :)

setherton22 said...

Let's look at this whole SEC-Big 10 thing obkectively the only way we can: head-to-head in bowls (the only time these two conferences play):

Since 1998 season:

Outback Bowl: SEC 5, Big Ten 4
Capital One Bowl: Big Ten 6, SEC 3
Music City Bowl: Big Ten 2, SEC 1
Sugar Bowl: SEC 1, Big Ten 0
Fiesta Bowl: SEC 1, Big Ten 0
Orange Bowl: Big Ten 1, SEC 0

So by this math, since 1998, the Big Ten leads the SEC 13-11 in bowl matchups. Those are the facts. No debating, no disputing, over the last 10 years the Big Ten has proven it's on the same page as the SEC among bowl caliber teams.

setherton22 said...

Oh, and I don't know if Ohio State could beat LSU or Oregon on a neutral field, but I'm very confident that they would NOT lose to Cal at home or to Kentucky away (there would be 20,000+ Buckeye fans there).

And also, Todd Boeckman would start for ANY SEC team other than Florida or Kentucky. And Beanie Wells would start for ANY SEC team other than Arkansas.

danwise1856 said...

I seem to remember a Florida team getting crushed by Nebraska in a National Championship game and yet winning the National Title the next season.

Oh that's right, Dan was not a fan back then so he would not remember this logic.

Should we begin to talk about the credibility of that UF National Title since they got wasted by Nebraska???

Unknown said...

I'll probably repeat this tomorrow...but it should SHAME you Dan! lol

On the ESPN power 16...only Colin Cowherd and Rod Gilmore have LSU #1. Cowherd believes as you do, that Oregon is #2.

Shanoff, that's just horrible!

Johnny b said...

Yes Ohio State's real name is The Ohio State University

at the same time Penn State's real name is The Pennsylvania State University

I have never heard anybody use the 'the' in that regard and I have never seen tPSU in my life

The reason it's silly

FantasySportDork said...

You can see what a joke Dan is by looking at his BlogPoll. He adds a 5-4 Navy team at 25 after they beat Notre Dame (1-8)?? I guess ND's win over UCLA really impressed him. Or maybe he just ranks the teams he watches. Also this Navy win knocked out an undefeated team in Hawaii. I guess since none of his "vaunted" SEC teams are undefeated he feels the need to knock all other undefeated teams.

BTW...I am no OSU fan in the least as i am a huge Michigan fan. But i would put by top 5 at this:

1. OSU & Oregon
3. Kansas (Big 12 has 3 top 10 teams)
4. LSU
5. Oklahoma
48. Florida

Travis said...

CURTain Call?

The Red Sox and Curt Schilling are close on an incentive based extension for 2008.

Nelvis said...

Pats left with the Colts soul? Dont make me laugh. The Pats celebrated that game like Oklahoma St will Saturday when they beat Kansas (it will happen).

Maybe I'm crazy, but the Colts impressed me Sunday. That defense is the best its ever been, and the Colts played great ball control off. Nobody wants to admit this, but the Colts missed their future Hall of Famer in Marvin Harrison.

Oh yea the Pats first loss will be in December 29th in the Meadowlands vs the Giants. The whole NFL playoffs are gonna be fun this year for the first time since the 90's.