Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday 12/15 (Very) Quickie

Appalachian State: "DynAAsty!" Three straight college football I-AA titles, capping a dream season where App State beat Michigan in Ann Arbor and never looked back. Sure would look good in, say, the ACC.

Michigan meets with West Virginia's Rich Rodriguez: Now THIS would be a hire worth waiting for. I thought he wasn't interested, but I guess he is.

This either ends with Michigan landing the absolute best coach available on the market (meaning: not Carroll, Stoops or Meyer) or yet another humiliating defeat for AD Bill Martin.

MLB Hot Stove: A's trade Dan Haren to the D'backs for a bunch of prospects. Doesn't it feel like Oakland could have done a little better? Meanwhile, Arizona's 1-2 punch of Haren and Webb (or is that Webb and Haren) is the best pair of top-of-rotation starters in the NL.

More NL West: Is Jim Edmonds headed to San Diego?

Celtics set team record for home record to start a season: Given the history of the franchise, that's saying something pretty impressive.

MLB Mitchell Report, Cont'd: Doesn't it already feel like everyone (except hysterics and cranks) have kind of moved on?

NHL: Says it doesn't have a PED problem. (Psst: EVERY sport has a PED problem, don't kid yourself. Hockey is so irrelevant they can't even desperately attach themselves to the sports-wide steroid problem correctly.)

CFB Coaching Carousel: Tennessee OC David Cutcliffe to Duke. At least he will provide a little sizzle. And, hey, in the lightweight ACC, you never know. For the Blue Devils, a 4-win season would be cause for celebration. (6 wins and bowl-eligibility? A dream season. Wow: With expectations like that, it sure beats the SEC.)

CBB: Villanova can score. Keep that in mind when you're filling out your brackets in March.

College Soccer: Wake Forest vs. Ohio State for the men's title. You know how I feel about Ohio State teams in men's college championship games. (Maybe because they aren't playing a team from the SEC, the Buckeyes will actually have a chance to win. Kidding!)

-- D.S.


Brian in Oxford said...

Wow, Dan, Cutliffe to Duke. ANOTHER blow to Michigan.


mirthywvu said...

ugh Rich that would break my heart. Could a West Virginia alum leave for Michigan...hell why doesn't Michigan just take our women's soccer coach and basketweaving teacher too...or better yet, we could just switch campuses. I didn't realize Michigan had such WVU envy. Alright, done ranting, I'm a little frustrated!

David Kippe said...

ok ok ok...

I am going to pull a cmfost and tell ya that I told ya so with a crazy prediction. I said that by game 20 of the Celtics season, that Ray Allen would go down with an injury, not sure which post it is in, but if you research dans past comments, you will find it. Now he missed game 21 due to lingering ankle soreness. Not a full blown injury (yet) but something Celtic fans should have some concern with and monitor.

However, I do hope he is back for the Pistons game this upcoming week. That should be a fun fun game.

Unknown said...

EVen as a Syracuse fan, I would hate to see Rich Rodriguez leave WVU for Michigan. It comes down to economics and Michigan can fill a 100,000 person stadium along with TV revenue. If they give RR a few million increase, can he turn it down? Probably not. Also WVU can't probaby match it. The weird thing to this point is that Michigan hasn't been willing to pony up the cash for the big name coach.

Other than Joe Paterno and Jim Boeheim, they are all in it for the money. (I am sure there are more in that category though.)

Unknown said...

Another thing Dan, place a big permanent link so that new readers can get to dscommentors page on your site easily.

Unknown said...

how can you mention top college coaches and not mention jim tressel? a 73-15 record and 5 BCS games in 7 years at OSU? only pete carroll can be considered close to that.

Matt T said...

This Georgia fan is glad to see Cutcliffe leave UT. 0-9 against UT with him calling plays.

That's a good hire for Duke, and further proves how silly Ole Miss looks for firing him 3 years ago.