Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday 12/16 (Very) Quickie

Rich Rodriguez to coach at Michigan, leaving West Virginia: This is huge. Coach Rod represents the absolute best-case scenario for Michigan fans -- the absolute best coach available.

Instantly, the Keystone Kops routine of the last month is forgotten... and so is Les Miles. Rodriguez will bring a sizzling offensive system to a stagnant Michigan program (and a Big Ten conference that needs the boost of energy).

One quick observation: Lumbering 6-6 QB Ryan Mallett, next year's presumptive starting QB, does NOT seem to fit in Rodriguez's system. He's already got a controversy! Anyway, that's for the spring game.

For now: Congrats to Michigan fans (and, yes, AD Bill Martin) on a HUGE score.

49ers beat Bengals
: The ultimate symbol of Cincy's lost season? Meanwhile, this was the game that 49ers fans had been waiting for: QB, RB and WR all clicking.

But it wasn't Alex Smith: It was backup Shaun Hill (in his first NFL start), who passed for nearly 200 yards, throwing and running for TDs. Plus: Frank Gore had a season-high 138 yards rushing. Darrell Jackson had 8 catches for 86 yards.

It was enough for 49ers fans to say: Hmm, maybe next year. (Although giving up that first-round draft spot to the Pats in '08 will make the leap slightly tougher. By the way, how bummed are Pats fans to see the 49ers win the game and slip down the draft board? "Bummed," of course, is relative; they're still picking in the top 10.)

Andy Pettitte admits using HGH: Pettitte understands the climate in a way that buddy Roger Clemens doesn't; players named in the Mitchell Report are better off getting out in front of this story by 'fessing up and showing contrition. You can 'fess up and probably be absolved (but tainted), or you can deny and -- truthful denial or not -- spend the rest of your life battling. If a player sincerely didn't use PEDs but were named, I do feel bad for them. But I seriously question how many names on the list were falsely accused. No, I do not believe David Justice.

CFB Title Games: Wisconsin-Whitewater beat Mount Union in the D-III title game; Justin Beaver had 249 yards and a TD... Carroll beats Sioux Falls for the NAIA title; shout-out to my former Quickie editor and proud Carroll alum David Schoenfield.

CFB Coaching Carousel: Norm Chow to interview at UCLA; here's hoping he gets the job. Meanwhile, per MGoBlog, it looks like Rich Rodriguez is staying at West Virginia; another slap in the face for Michigan.

CBB: Arizona State with a nice quality win over Xavier... Oregon lost to Nebraska... Louisville lost to Purdue in Indianapolis... Tennessee got a challenge from Western Kentucky...

HS Football: Northwestern (Miami), the No. 1 team in the country, won its state title and likely locked up a national championship. Pretty dramatic turnaround season, given that the team was almost folded due to off-field scandals.

Waiting for the Pats-Jets game. Just got a new HDTV (my first ever, actually) and excited to see what NFL looks like on it.

In the first minutes of hooking it up, I turned on the D-III championship game last night and was blown away by the viewing experience.

(And people are right about hockey in HD: The league really blew it by not defining itself as "The Official Sport of High-Def.")


WuzUpG said...

I believe it is a better marketing move for users, such as Pettitte (and Giambi before), to admit to using. However, it might have an opposite effect for Clemens and Bonds, since they are in the record books, hence they have much more to lose, if they were to admit to using.

Jared said...

Do you really consider Petite's admission an apology? He had so many qualifying statements and excuses, it hardly sounds like he's legitimately owning up to his misconduct. All the "ifs", and doing it "for the team", and only doing it twice, and only doing HGH... it's bullshit.

Unknown said...

The #1 quarterback of this years recuriting class has already gone on record as saying that Michigan is one of his possible schools since RR is going there. (Terrelle Pryor)

If Michigan does happen to get him... It wouldn't surprise me at all to see him start next season with Sam McGuffie as his freshman starting mate (Sorta like Hart and Henne)

I also expect to see Mallet transfer.. but that's nothing but a guess, coupled with the fact that he is without a doubt the anti-RR quarterback.

An exciting day for a michigan fan :>

Michael W said...

To Baltimore: a big screw you. First you managed to screw the pooch and let New England win, and then you screw up Miami's perfect season! Sheesh, we wanted one of those, and not the other, and Baltimore is gonna get the blame for both.

mirthywvu said...

Screw Michigan fans...for 29 years I have hated no one more than Penn Michigan is going to do that, and I didn't think that possible.

What the heck happened in WVa for RRod to leave?? I'm a native West Virginian and I can tell you that the state has more collective pride than any other place I have been. People are proud to be West Virginian like they are proud to be an American or Italian, Irish, etc. Having one of our own leave like this after last year's temptation to Alabama makes him seem like such a dick. Let's just say I doubt he'll be attending his high school reunions anymore, haha, he turned his back on the state and they in return will do the same.

Enjoy Beilein and RRod Michigan...and like I said yesterday, who do you want next, women's soccer?? gymnastics?? bastards!

**a very sad, disheartened, and depressed lifelong West Virginian**

jhawkjjm said...

don't forget Valdosta St beating Northwest Missouri State. This was NWMSU 3rd straight loss in the Div II title game.

David Kippe said...

Mallet, transfer to East Lansing!

BobbyStompy said...

Sept 14, 2006

"Here's my prediction about WVA coach Rich Rodriguez:

It's going to take all of one WVA rout tomorrow night -- combined with one more Michigan shit-laying against Charlie Weis and Notre Dame -- to put Rodriguez at the top of every Michigan fan's list to coach the team next year, even if WVA doesn't end up in the BCS title game.

(I heard an awesome piece of inside dope a few weeks ago that Those Who Decide the Fate of Michigan Coaches have one non-"Michigan Family" name on their short list: Rodriguez. It made sense even before I heard that, but it's an interesting little piece of gossip.)"

Dan, this isn't Deadspin, and here, in a saner, less harsh commenting world, I'd like to be the first to give you props for NAILING that prediction over a year ago.

Unknown said...

Thanks for shouting out my Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, we gave UT a run for their money and would have won if our 2 top scorers hadn't been in foul trouble. We will be a sexy Mid-Major pick.

I'm wondering how the stuffy Big Ten will deal with RR'S run all day offense? I will definitely be watching more Big 10 games for once, I agree that he will bring some sizzle to the conference.

Geo B said...

Yo DS - yes you are right, NHL is great in Hi-Def, you should sell that marketing idea to them!

PS - how about a shout out to Penn State Women's Volleyball National Champions!

PS - mirthywvu - WVU hasn't played Penn State in how long and you still showing that much hate?